Charleston Village

Charleston Village, in Apex, NC, is a community of 329 families. Our neighborhood is enhanced with amenities including a pool, clubhouse, playground, gazebo, two ponds, greenways, professional landscaping, and natural buffers between some properties.

Ideally located off the beaten path but with quick access to major roads connecting points throughout the region, we are two hours from both the beach and the mountains. We are close to regional business centers, major shopping centers, sports venues, parks, museums, art centers, and more.


June 7, 2017 – If you would like to receive email communications from the Board of Directors about important news and events in the neighborhood, please sign up using this form. After signing up, you may opt out at any time.

Board meetings are typically the third Monday of each month at 6:30 P.M. at the clubhouse. An open forum is generally held at the beginning of each meeting. Minutes are available as provided by the Board Secretary. Contact our management company with any questions and to verify meeting times.

Charleston Village is on Facebook! Check out our public site or log in to participate in our private group site.

Please submit articles for the newsletter to the Charleston Village Chatter Editor.

Current and back issues of the newsletter are available on the newsletter page. Contact our management company with any questions.

We have a voice broadcast system that allows us to broadcast messages to the neighborhood via telephone. Anyone wishing to add, edit, or remove themselves from the phone list should send an e-mail to CV Phone Mail. We hope that you will find this useful.

The Communications Committee has collected names from residents for a number of lists you may find helpful including a babysitters list, a housesitters list, a petsitters list, a lawn care list, and a handyman list. Residents can get a copy of these lists or add their name to a list by contacting Gail Goldstein. These lists will not be posted to the Website.

Residents can obtain a copy of the current neighborhood directory by contacting our management company. The directory will not be posted to the Website.

One of the best things about Charleston Village is our location. In Apex, NC (Number 1 in Money Magazine's 50 Best Places to Live, America's Best Small Towns! of 2015)...

  • We have easy access to major roads that literally connect the region.
  • We are about two hours from the mountains and the beach for a relaxing day trip or a great vacation.
  • Our local schools are some of the highest rated schools in Wake County, which is recognized as a national leader in education.
  • We are near a number of hospitals known for medical research and advances including hospitals at the University of North Carolina and Duke University.
  • And we are near but not on top of major shopping centers and business centers with a lot of possibilities for dining, entertainment, shopping, employment (Wake Co. ranked #12 in Where the Jobs Are for 2013 on, and more.

A contributor to our online forum describes our location as “nearby enough to be perceived as ‘convenient’ and too far away to be perceived as a liability.”

Criteria for making national lists and factors used in ranking change each year, such as population, job growth, home prices, education, healthcare, etc., but Apex and the surrounding area continue to rank favorably in the nation and state when compared:

2015 - Apex ranks #1 small town nationwide in the Money Magazine ranking of 50 Best Places to Live, America's Best Small Towns! Read the writeup on

2014 - Apex is named in the 10 Best Towns for Families by Family Circle. See the writeup on

2014 - ranks Apex #5 Happiest Suburb in America. Neighboring Cary ranks #10. See the blog post on

2014 - Apex ranks #7 safest suburb in America just behind neighboring Cary at #6 by Check out this blog post on

2014 - Raleigh lands the No. 2 spot on the list of America's 20 Fastest Growing Cities. See the full story on (Click this link again if you see the Welcome page.).

2013 - Apex ranks #1 in NC and #9 nationwide in Money Magazine's 50 Best Places to Live, America's Best Small Towns! Read the writeup on

2013 - Wake Co. ranks #12 in Money Magazine's Where the Jobs Are.

2009 - Apex ranks #1 in NC and #44 nationwide in Money Magazine's 100 Best Places in America to Live (Small Towns).

2009 - Apex ranks 3rd in the top 25 places to move to in America! (2009) Neighboring Cary came in at number 8 in America. See the full story on

2007 - Apex ranks #1 in NC and #14 nationwide in Money Magazine's 100 Best Places in America to Live (Small Towns).

Here are more area accolades collected by the Town of Apex.

For more information, contact the CV Webmaster.
Property managed by R S Fincher.

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