February 4, 2002




MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Brett Etter, Dave Hausfeld, Barbara Key, David Randle



OTHERS PRESENT:                     Mary Norbech - HRW Inc., Joe DiBari, Margo                                                                                                            

                                                      Bills, Herman Jaffee


CALL TO ORDER:                          The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 6:15 p.m.





Minutes from the meeting on October 18, 2001, were read and approved, providing two clarifications were made concerning the clubhouse rental and clearing trees on the greenway. Dave Hausfeld and David Randle gave first and second motions to approve the minutes.








Margo Bills, chairman, ordered more pool furniture, four tables and chairs and 18 lounge chairs.  Furniture will be here by the time the pool opens.  She will wait and take inventory on umbrellas to see what we may need.  The fence will be painted by the time the pool opens.  The Board asked her to check prices on replacing entire fence to solve the “rebar” situation.  The Board thought that the painting and repairing of the fence may cost the same as a whole new fence.  Margo will email the Board with her findings and recommendation.




Joe DiBari needed to discuss with the Board a fence request, #122 for lot 231.  Lot 231 wants a fence; however, there may be drainage issues to be addressed before fence installed.  The Board decided to approve the fence request, noting to the homeowner that it may be in their best interest to resolve any drainage issues with their neighbors first.  Dave Hausfeld said Drees will see if a drainage issue is something they may be able to remedy.


Property is not being maintained along Holt road and the Sumter Glen section of the neighborhood.  The “hill” is overgrown and sometimes littered with trash.  After research, it has been verified that the land is owned by the homeowners; therefore, their responsibility for maintaining.  Mary will send reminder letters to those 10-12 residents to mow those areas.  Once the growing season starts, other letters will be mailed.  Fontaine Landscaping has given a quote to mow and clear the area, but we will give the residents the opportunity to clear it first.




Discussion was brought up concerning some irrigation repairs and issues surrounding a path around the pond in Ashley Meadows.  No one was present from the Grounds committee to discuss in detail, so issues were tabled until the next meeting.




A resident, Heman Jaffee, spoke to the Board about NC WARN and the group’s concerns about the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant.  He wanted the Board members to attend a Town of Apex meeting to help push for changes to be made at the nuclear plant.  The Board declined attending a meeting.  They suggested he hold a community meeting at the clubhouse to recruit residents who may want to join the cause.  He agreed to hold a meeting.




Mary Norbech said she is receiving numerous complaints about parking on the street.  She recommended we adopt a resolution stating that fines will be imposed for those not abiding by the no parking rules.  The Board voted and unanimously accepted the resolution.  Mary will send a memo and a copy of the resolution to all residents.




Mary Norbech said we had a resident on Battlewood that had not paid dues from April 1999 – January 2002.  At the resident’s closing, they were not told of the homeowner’s dues.  They have now paid $1141 in back dues, but have not paid the $50 into the  work-in-capital fund.  Brett made a motion to waive the $50 for the homeowner and all others agreed.


The missing funds from the “Playground Fund” will be paid back to Charleston Village from HRW.  HRW will continue their own investigation into what happened to the funds.


A resident would like to pay the Recreation Lot Special Assessment at a rate of $10 per month.  If there is a special hardship, we will allow this one resident this payment schedule.  If no hardship, they must pay $25 per month and have the entire balance paid by March 2002.  When the assessment was passed, those were the conditions.


A resident on Castleburg had a trampoline complaint.  The trampoline has since been moved to the back of their house.  With no specific guidelines in our Covenants, we will let the issue go.  The trampoline may remain as is.


The social committee is concerned where the proceeds of last fall’s cookbooks have been allocated.  The funds are not specifically in their budget for 2002.  We will notify the committee that the funds, since not used in 2001, were rolled into the general funds for 2002.  The committee may access these funds by providing expense receipts to the Board for reimbursement.  They may work this out with Rob, the Treasurer.





The next meeting will be Monday, April 29, 2002, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.




Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Key


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association