October 28, 2002




MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Franc DiBari, Barbara Key, David Randle, Rob Sauerwalt


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Mary Norbech - HRW Inc., Joe DiBari, Brett Etter, David Kester


CALL TO ORDER:                          The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 6:15 p.m.




The August 26, 2002 minutes were approved as is.  Motion to approve, Rob.  Second, Franc.  Approved unanimously.




David Kester asked if HRW finds it useful to receive weekly yard inspections.  Mary replied that the standards that David uses are stricter than the standards that HRW uses and that she would not likely use them.  She inspects properties twice monthly.  She says that our contract does not support more regular inspections.  Barbara and Franc told David that he does not need to continue with yard inspections.  Franc suggested that David might monitor the common areas.  If David thinks that the landscaper is falling behind, he could report this to HRW.  That will help the Grounds Committee.







Joe DiBari reported that Tim Ruff has replaced Joe as the new Architectural Committee Chair.  No issues for the Board.




Barbara reported that there are no issues for the Board and that the committee continues to look for new members and a new Chair.




-David Randle reported that Charleston Village has a new website and site design at  E-mail accounts and forwarders have been set up for the Board as a whole and individual Board members.

-At the next Communications Committee meeting, David will step down as Chair of the committee, and the newsletter publication schedule will be set.




-Franc DiBari reported that the committee continues to look for a new Chair.

-Community members plan to stain the Holt Rd. fence on Nov. 2, weather permitting, and if a contract to powerwash, seal, and stain/paint all of the wood structures in Charleston Village is not in the works.

-The Board asked Mary to get quotes for powerwashing, sealing, and staining/painting all of the wood structures in Charleston Village including the stairs going down to the clubhouse, the retaining wall at the clubhouse, the various fences along roads and greenways, the picnic tables, and the gazebo.  David asked Mary to ask bidders to describe the schedule for powerwashing, sealing, staining/painting as time needs to separate these processes to allow for drying.  Franc said that a company named either Waterworks or Waveworks did the work for the development across Holt Rd. and might be included when seeking quotes.

-The committee would like to paint a crosswalk from the sidewalk along Templeton Gap to the opposite side of Castleburg.  This will require cutting the curb on Castleburg.  The committee is working with Tim Donnelly of Apex.  Tim will review the proposed changes.  The committee plans to ask Drees Homes to assist in modifying the curb.

-The committee is looking into adding a sidewalk from the sidewalk around Templeton Gap to the greenway trail.

-There is a new “Children at Play” sign on Templeton Gap.   The Board discussed finding out what it took to get that sign and trying to repeat this in other sections of the neighborhood.

-Barbara asked Mary to ask Fontaine Landscaping to place the trash and recycle bins at the curb on Mondays.  Mary says that she has sent this request before.

-The committee will seek bids to aerate the pond and use the same pump to irrigate the common areas.  A plumber and architect will most likely be needed in addition to a landscaping contractor.

-Franc asked the status of the irrigation system.  Specifically, he says that the trench with the irrigation line needs to be filled in for safety reasons.  Mary will look into this with Apex.

-Mary says that Apex cut down all of the trees growing along Holt Rd. and the berm next to Sumter Glen as general maintenance.  A resident wanted to know if the HOA did it.

-The Board asked that the committee look into pond maintenance contracts.  Brett says that there is a Wake County Pond Management group.




There was no report from the Pools Committee.




Britt Brown has stepped down as co-Chair.  The Social Committee will elect a new member at the next regular meeting.




-Rob made a motion that Barbara serve as President, Franc serve as Vice-President, Rob remain as Treasurer, and David serve as Secretary.  David seconded the motion.  Approved unanimously.

-The President and member at large will serve on the Architectural Review Board (ARB).  As the member at large is Dave Hausfeld of Drees Homes, who is not attending Board meetings, the Barbara nominated Franc DiBari as temporary Chair the ARB.  Rob seconded the motion.  Franc accepted the nomination.  Approved unanimously.

-Barbara Key made a motion that Joe DiBari serve as the resident Architectural Review Board member.  Rob seconded the motion.  Joe accepted the nomination.  Approved unanimously.  




-Rob asked Mary for more prompt and regular financial reports.  Mary said that HRW Accounting had to wait for checks to clear, and that reports would be sent the second week of the closed month unless HRW Accounting encountered difficulty.

-Rob said that on 11/24, the first CD needs to be rolled over for three months.  Rob expects a rate of between 1.74% and 1.98%.

-Rob asked if the separate CDs could be “lumped into a single line” for the balance.  Mary said that HRW Accounting probably has to keep that separate.

-Rob says that we had positive cash flow for September.  This is mainly because Rec. Lot monies have been collected.  Rob says that we have achieved a $3,000 deficit vs. a projected $5,000 deficit for this period.

-Franc asked Rob to check the water and sewer variance.  It went down.  Franc wants to know why.




Mary has nothing to report that is not in the management packet.






-Barbara asked for some kind of illustration showing the proposed bulletin board designs.  There was a discussion about who gets a key.  Suggestions included HRW, the Communications Committee Chair, Board members, each committee chair, etc.  No decision was finalized.

-Jack Jones, who did some of the Rec. Lot landscaping, bid on the Grounds contract.




1. Political Signs.  Barbara will check with Apex to see if there is a limit on the duration after an election that a political sign can be displayed.  If there is no local, county, state, or federal limit, the Board will set the limit at two weeks.


2. CAI Membership.  Mary recommended CAI Membership.  Should be around $185 per year, but will check as based on number of lots.  Franc relayed positive experience with having CAI Membership in another community.  There was discussion about what membership includes.  David said that many of the listed benefits were free.  Rob made a motion to approve joining CAI.  Barbara provided a second.  Rob, Barbara, and Franc voted to join CAI.  David voted not to join CAI.  Motion carried.


3. Board Approval of 2003 Assessment.  Rob will make a few necessary adjustments (pool furniture change) and send changes to the Board.


4. The Board presented Brett Etter with a certificate of appreciation, a plaque, and a gift certificate to a local restaurant for serving three years on the Board and the most recent year as President.


5. Franc, Barbara, and Brett are working on starting a Community Watch program.  They will check on what we need to do to start a community watch with Apex, Wake Co., the State, and then the Federal Government.  Various safety issues were discussed including setting up a community event for education and to encourage participation.  Rob suggested including a pool safety session at the start of the pool season.


Executive Session:


The Board entered executive session to discuss edging of private lots/lawn maintenance.  The Board emerged from executive session and removed the item from the agenda.  No changes to the Architectural Standards and Specifications are required.  The Board will rely on HRW to inspect yards.  The Board feels that the open session addressed this issue.




The next meeting will be Monday, December 23, 2002, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.




Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association