December 23, 2002



MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Franc DiBari, Barbara Key, David Randle, Rob Sauerwalt


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Mary Norbech - HRW Inc., Connie Friedline, David Kester, Tania Trbovich


CALL TO ORDER:                          The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 6:05 p.m.




The October 28, 2002 minutes were approved with modification to the financial report.  Motion to approve, Rob.  Second, Franc.  Approved unanimously.




No residents brought issues to the open forum.







-The resident who submitted CV172 raised some issues concerning the architectural review process.  Franc reported that CV172 was approved and that HRW was notified.  The recent ice storm delayed the Architectural Review Board (ARB) meeting.

-Barbara will write a letter to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) stating that members of the ARB should not attend ARC meetings.  This is the same policy that the Board of Directors adopted concerning Directors attending committee meetings.  The reason for these decisions is that what individual Board members say is often taken as the word of the Board itself.  This proves confusing for some committee members.

-Franc will draft an outline of the architectural review process for the January newsletter.







Barbara reported that there are no issues for the Board and that the committee continues to look for new members and a new Chair.




-David reported that Sandra Haecker has replaced him as the new Communications Committee Chair, and that Ted Karl is the Vice-Chair.  No issues for the Board.

-Tania asked that a calendar be considered for the newsletter.

-David will create a banner for the newsletter asking for a new Pool Committee head.




-Franc reported that David Kester has replaced him as the new Grounds Committee Chair.

-Fontaine Landscaping removed trees that fell into the common areas during the ice storm.

-Fontaine Landscaping will replace bulbs in the lights at the main entrance at cost unless a special trip is needed (special trips will be billed at $5 each).

-Southern Stump will remove trees that have been marked along the common areas.

-Franc recommends that we establish a contract with Southern Stump (works with Fontaine Landscaping) to be the first company that we call for tree removal.

-Drees Homes will try to replace the Styrofoam cap on one of the lights at the main entrance that was hit by a falling tree during the ice storm.

-Franc made a motion to pay for the removal of large branches that fell from a property bordering the pond on Castleburg Dr. into the common area.  Rob provided a second.  Passed unanimously.  David Kester will work with Fontaine Landscaping.

-Barbara is working with Ed Raines who works with Drees to fix/replace lighted columns at the main entrance.  She will pass information to David Kester.




There was no report from the Pools Committee.




-Tania asked that the Board consider creating guidelines for committees including items like policies for fundraisers.  The Board will ask committees to bring questions to the Board.  Each committee can maintain guidelines specific to that committee.

-There was discussion about when fundraisers are needed and how events might be funded.

-Tania reported that Social Committee members have been covering costs for community events.  Rob says to send him bills for expenses related to these events.  Committee members do not have to cover costs for community events.  The committee should use the budgeted money.

-Tania reported that the Social Committee volunteered to assist with the neighborhood directory.

-     They are looking at resources for funding the directory and are targeting January for pulling the directory together. 

-     Barbara suggested that a form for gathering information for the directory be distributed with the January edition of the newsletter. 

-     David suggested getting advertising for the directory to help cover costs and that the Social Committee and Communications Committee work together.  David asked Mary if there are any considerations for advertising.  Mary replied that you just need to make sure to include the advertising if you collect money.

-Tania asked if money budgeted to the Social Committee could be used to pay for an appreciation gift for past officers.  Mary says that the officers cannot receive any form of compensation.  Franc passed along that Brett Etter suggested holding a cross-committee meeting thank you and sign-up each year.  Rob said that the Board should arrange this.

-Connie asked about issues related to funding the recent Charleston Village Ladies Night and fundraising in general.  Rob replied that the Social Committee is not a fundraising entity and that events funded with HOA money must be open to everyone in the neighborhood.  Mary said that the purpose of the HOA is to maintain common areas, etc.  The social functions do not generally meet that purpose.

-Tania asked if the Social Committee could produce another Charleston Village cookbook.  Rob said that this can be done, but the Social Committee should send a proposal to do this to the Board if it will be a fundraiser.  The committee should first try to use the budget, external advertising, etc. to pay for the cookbook.


Board of Directors Will Act as Advisors to Specific Committees


Each committee will have a Board contact assigned to them.  This should help with communication.  Here are some of the pairings:

Architectural Committee—Franc

Clubhouse Committee—Barbara

Communications Committee—David

Grounds Committee—Franc

Pool—will be assigned

Social Committee—Rob





-Rob reported that one CD rolled over and recommended that the 12/26 CD be rolled over.

-The recreation lot assessment ended.

-Rob reported on the water and sewer variance Franc mentioned at the October Board meeting.  The variance appears to be due to the drought and normal fluctuation.

-We are making improvements in reducing the bad debt section.  There are 24 units down with 8 with bad credit.  We need to maintain a bad debt allowance of 3%.

-Merge account code 5560 into 5160 Util. Tele and Rec. Tele.

-Rename account 4530 from Newsletter to Communications.

-We are transferring only $505 to reserves.  Need 3%. 

-Rob asked the Architectural and Grounds Committees to solidify budget requests.  Specifically, provide line item detail.

-Rob made a motion to move $667 back to reserve.  David seconded.  Approved unanimously.

-Rob said that we have enough (3%).  Franc made a motion to approve the budget.  David seconded.  Approved unanimously.  The 2003 budget will be made available through HRW.





Mary asked to move items in the report to closed session.  Approved.





1. Tree removal in common area.  See Grounds Committee report.


2. Power washing common area steps, fences, and gazebo.  Mary submitted a proposal from HRW Home Repair Services.  Rob made a motion that we get more bids for the February meeting.  Franc provided a second.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.


3. Bulletin Board.  Mary submitted a proposal from HRW Home Repair Services.  Barbara suggested that we request a bid from the contractor who built the gazebo.  Rob made a motion that we table this issue until the February meeting.  Franc provided a second.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.




1. Proposal to clean clubhouse. 

-Mary presented a bid from Socaz Cleaning & Painting.  Rob made a motion that we get more bids.  David provided a second.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.  We do not have to have bids in by the February meeting.

-The Board decided to provide inspections before and after clubhouse rental.

-Barbara will bring a proposal for clubhouse management.

-Rob and Franc say that a committee chair can reserve the clubhouse for a community event.  Others desiring to hold a community event can contact the Board.  Barbara made a motion to approve.  Rob provided a second.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.


2. Approval 2003 Budget.  See Financial Report.


3. Write-off resolution for bad debt.  Rob made a motion to approve.  Barbara provided a second.  Motion carried by unanimous vote.



Executive Session:


The Board entered executive session to discuss

-corporate gift,

-pool business, and

-Grounds Maintenance contract


The Board emerged from executive session.

-The corporate gift is a portrait session and, if used, will be used for photographing a community-related item.

-The pool business was discussed in preparation for a future meeting.

-Rob made a motion to approve the Grounds Maintenance contract with Fontaine Landscaping with the addition of the agreement to replace bulbs (See Grounds Committee report).  David seconded.  Rob, David, and Barbara voted to approve the contract, and Franc abstained from voting as he secured the contract.  Contract approved.




The next meeting will be Monday, February 24, 2003, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.




Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association