March 24, 2003



MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Franc DiBari, Barbara Key, David Randle, Rob Sauerwalt


MEMBERS ABSENT:                    Dave Hausfeld


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Dawn Bradley


CALL TO ORDER:                          The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 6:00 p.m.




A. Pool Committee

  1. Plans for Pool Opening

-           Dawn Bradley asked if changing the sand in the filters (~$250/filter) is part of the budget.  This has to be done or the pool will not open.  Rob will check the numbers in the budget to be sure and get the information to Dawn.  The Board voted unanimously to approve this as part of the budget if it is not already included.

-           Dawn asked if 5-7 additional hours for the pool attendant have been previously approved.  Rob will check the numbers in the budget and get the information to Dawn.

-           Dawn will talk to Penny Fields about opening our pool early for people who might want to swim laps early.

-           Dawn is arranging for the YMCA to offer swim lessons.  The YMCA wants three lanes.  Dawn will look into meeting this request.

-           Dawn made a motion to modify the pool rules to include prohibition of boogie boards, requirement for plastic pants when swim diapers are used, and that breakables are not allowed near the pool.  Barbara provided a second.  Approved unanimously.

-           Highlight that only homeowners in good standing/current in dues may use the pool.

  1. Discuss Process for “Rule Infractions”

-           Barbara suggested that we pass on costs to residents directly rather than setting fines.  Make the bill fit the incident.  Someone from the Pool Committee must ask for the Board to authorize billing a resident.  Rob says that fines discourage behavior rather than merely cover costs.  Franc suggested that the same thing can be achieved through denial of service.  Rob asked how this will be enforced when the attendant is not on site.

-           Rob says that we can use a simple tiered system of fines, not a “price sheet” of fines.  Barbara says that she is concerned about violations that can shut down the pool like something breaking near the pool.  The tiered system alone might not cover the real cost.

-                     The Board discussed residents sending notice of an incident to the HOA management company or the pool committee.  The pool committee will attempt to substantiate the claim.  The pool committee chair will give the management company information about any substantiated incidents for inclusion in the Board packet.  The Board will decide on the outcome.  Barbara made a motion to approve.  Approved unanimously.

-                     The Board discussed making alterations to the pool-opening letter.  Include the following fines for rules violations: $75.00 + cost of cleanup for first violation, $150 + cost of cleanup for second violation, loss of privileges for the season and associated costs for cleanup for third violation.  Include a paragraph that states that cleanup costs vary greatly and could be in excess of $7,000 for draining of the pool.  Rob made a motion to approve.  Approved unanimously.  Dawn will draft this.


B. Meetings

     Barbara motioned that the Board meet monthly.  Approved unanimously.




A. Clubhouse Cleaning Contract

After the Board considering a number of bids for the cleaning contract, Barbara recommends Universal Cleaning at $100/month, month-to-month, rate guaranteed for 12 months.  They cannot change the air filters as they do not have a ladder.  They will clean the air filter grills from the outside.  (We need to pursue getting a heating and air contractor to service equipment regularly.  Residents have been changing air filters.)  Barbara says that Universal Cleaning has good references and cleans other clubhouses.  Rob motioned to contract Universal Cleaning.  Approved unanimously.


B. Fiscal Policy and Use of Social Funds

     If the social committee wants to collect or disburse funds, the specifics need to be in the approved budget.  There is no legal reason to be inclusive; however, Board members expressed that inclusiveness will likely weigh heavily on any vote.  Committees can solicit work, but the management company will sign contracts to execute work.  Barbara motioned to accept this as fiscal policy.  Approved unanimously.


C. Washing/Staining Fence, Gazebo, etc. Project

     Barbara recommends Caristo Property Maintenance.  Rob made a motion that we contract with Caristo.  Approved unanimously.  Barbara will add that we would like the stairs near the pump house stained.




The next meeting will be Monday, April 28, 2003, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association