April 28, 2003



MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Franc DiBari, Barbara Key, David Randle


MEMBERS ABSENT:                    Rob Sauerwalt (excused), Dave Hausfeld


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Mary Norbech - HRW Inc., Connie Friedline, Dawn Bradley


CALL TO ORDER:                          The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 6:05 p.m.




-           Connie Friedline raised an issue about the safety of curbside storm drains.  Many are large and open.  Mary says that the drains are open to prevent debris clogging the drains.  Franc will ask the Town of Apex for more information.

-           Dawn Bradley says that Fontaine Landscaping is running equipment (weed-eater) at 7:30 A.M. and that the noise level is disturbing.  Franc says that a lot of contractors, including the builders, start at 7:30 A.M., but he will ask Fontaine Landscaping to start a little later during the summer.




The February 24, 2003 and March 24, 2003 minutes were approved without modification.  Motion to approve, Barbara.  Approved unanimously.






-                     There was no report from the Architectural Committee.




-           See the last item of the Social Committee report concerning the Clubhouse Committee purchasing tables.

-           Barbara says that Erika Sauerwalt is the new Clubhouse Committee Chair.  New members are Tania Trbovich and Mimi Stapleton.





-           There was no report from the Communications Committee.

-           Barbara will contact Alison Hall about getting file copies of the newsletter to HRW.




-           Barbara reports that the painting (gazebo) and sealing (wood fences, steps, picnic tables) project is complete.

-           Franc reports that Drees Homes will replace the two crepe myrtles on the island at the front entrance.  Mary needs to cancel the work order with Fontaine Landscaping for the same work.

-           Franc reports that the lights at the front entrance have been fixed.  He sent the request to Ed Rains, who then spoke to Dan Burns, who then talked to Dave Hausfeld.

-           Franc says that the street patches at the front entrance are sinking.  Drees Homes will not touch the patches.  Franc will call the Town of Apex.

-           Franc says that Fontaine Landscaping says that there is a lot of standing water behind the gazebo that is interfering with lawn maintenance.  Franc will call Jack Jones, who installed the irrigation system, directly for service on the irrigation system.  This fall, Franc will talk to Fontaine Landscaping about grading the area unless the Board or Grounds Committee think of an alternative.  Barbara suggests that we plant trees in the mulch beds this fall as originally planned but delayed when the recreation lot was converted.

-           Franc reports that a resident is organizing cleaning up construction debris accumulating at the lower pond at the end of the greenway that parallels Templeton Gap Dr.

-           Mary says that the pond maintenance contract has not been kept up.  She talked to Fosters, a pond maintenance service.  Franc asked for two additional independent bids.  Mary says that there are not many companies in the pond maintenance business and that this may be hard to do.

-           Franc will talk to Fontaine Landscaping about clearing trees that fell in the greenway property outside of the walkable area.  This is mainly in the greenway section furthest from the front entrance.

-           Franc says that there is interest from some of the residents in leading a project to add access to and around the ponds.  Franc says that Apex will allow a “non-permanent” trail made of something like mulch.  See the trails around the West Park subdivision for examples of what is being considered.  This project is likely a year out.

-           Franc says that pedestrian crossing signs are coming to complement the new crosswalks.  The crosswalks will eventually be striped.  The machine that does this is broken at present.

-           There is no more information on speed bumps.  Tim Ruff will arrange a meeting with the Apex Chief of Police.  Mary says that homeowners pay the full cost of the speed bumps.  David says that this may be true for Cary, but that Apex pays a portion of the cost and that HOAs have to pay the full cost only if the speed bumps are granted and then the HOA wants them removed within a certain number of years.  This discussion will be tabled until the meeting with the Chief of Police.

-           The Grounds Committee meets at 7:30 on the third Wednesday of the month.  We are still looking for a new Grounds Committee Chair.




-                     Dawn Bradley reports that the pool should open May 15 or May 16 assuming that it passes inspection.

-                     Dawn will e-mail the pool-opening letter to Mary by Wednesday.

-                     One of the new pool rules is that plastic pants must be worn over swim diapers.  David suggests that we have some plastic pants on hand in various sizes and that we should just give them to residents as the cost will not likely be prohibitive.  Franc, Barbara, and Dawn support that we charge for them.

-                     Dawn reports that the pool chairs bleached back to near white in the sun.  They were covered with mildew and residue from suntan oils.  We can hold on buying more chairs.  Barbara suggests that we build replacement costs for pool furniture into the budget.  Franc says that there is $500 for pool furniture in the budget.  Dawn says that Penny Fields looked at pool chairs similar to ours in other neighborhoods.  The chairs that were stored for the winter were discolored.  The chairs that were not stored were not discolored.  Barbara suggests that we ask the manufacturer for information on how best to care for and store pool furniture.  The contact is Barney who is with the Fred Hight company.

-                     Dawn says that two umbrellas and a six piece set of pool furniture have arrived.

-                     Dawn will order an aluminum sign like the warning sign that will list the days when the super chlorination takes place and the pool will be closed.

-                     Dawn is organizing cleaning the underside of the lounge chairs.  Having the pool company do it will be expensive.




-           Connie Friedline reports that the Easter Egg Hunt was a success.  Only 16 residents, however, attended Adult Night.   In general, the events involving children are better attended.  This may be due to a lack of babysitters in the area.  Some events, like the Spring Luau, are well attended.  The Social Committee will continue to monitor participation and will adjust offerings to best fit the needs of Charleston Village.

-           The neighborhood directory will be produced with a different binding.  The Social Committee hopes that this will help to avoid the need to solicit advertising.  No contact has been made with the Communications Committee regarding advertising.

-           Connie reports that membership on the Social Committee has dropped to 4-6 residents.

-Connie says that more tables are needed.  Barbara says that purchasing the tables is a function of the Clubhouse Committee, and that the budget should cover the tables.  The tables cost about $40.  The Board generally agreed that the Clubhouse Committee should go ahead and buy a few tables.




-           Franc asked Mary how we are doing on collecting assessments.  Mary says look at the monthly delinquency report.  Barbara and Mary say that the assessment is all paid.

-           Related to the delinquency report, Mary asked if we issue pool passes.  We do not.

-           Franc asked if mailing the pool rules is necessary.  Yes, it shows that everyone should have received a copy.

-           Franc asked about a variance showing that we are over budget by $72.00.  Mary says that the end-of-year numbers matter.  The variance will be offset by collections through the end of the year.

-           Barbara asked for details of Hope Carmichael’s (Jordan-Price) legal charges.  Franc asked that the Board packets include copies of legal bills.  Mary says that delinquent homeowners pay legal fees for collection.

-           Franc asked about the CDs.  Mary says that she will arrange for Smith-Barney, the investment firm that we are using, to meet with the Board.

-           Franc asked why the Developer’s Advance is negative.  Mary will check.  David suggested that the negative may be due to a liability as Drees Homes may have prepaid.  Franc wants a breakdown from Accounting.




-           Mary reports a Request for Action to remove debris from behind 2446 Castleburg Dr.  Mary will send a response to the homeowner saying that the request will be referred to the Grounds Committee.  Mary says that HOAs often do not clear debris.

-Mary says that the original irrigation work was apparently not approved by the Town of Apex.  Mary went to Drees Homes with the cost--$40.00.  Mary says that Dave Hausfeld says that Drees obtained a permit and that Drees will not cover the $40.00.  Barbara and Franc say that we should not chase the $40.00.

-           Mary will send mail to 2014 Catskill Ct. regarding the small reflecting pool and landscaping recently added to the property.  An architectural request needs to be filed.




A. Vote to accept the protocol for handling resident complaints/concerns.

Franc motioned to accept the protocol as written.  Approved unanimously.







A. Review and vote on proposed guideline changes from Architectural Review Board (ARB).

  1. Decks

-           Franc read the proposed change that was included in the Board materials.

-David asked why this change is necessary.  Franc says that the ARB wrote the change to allow some stained decks.  Some proposals for stained decks have been recently denied while many stained decks where homeowners did not seek approval already exist.  The ARB wants to provide clarity and broaden what can be done in order to meet the needs of residents.

-           David asked if the ARB considers this change similar to the issue with having a white fence.  The ARB says that the difference is that the deck is attached to the house and will not extend beyond the dimensions of the house.  The deck will not directly affect neighbors along the property lines and, as it is attached to the house, which is already painted, will not affect the natural beauty of the property.

-           Mary says that the declarant has architectural control over new construction.

-           David made a motion to accept the changes as written.  David and Barbara voted in favor of the motion.  Franc abstained.  Motion passed.

-           Mary will mail a notice of this guideline change to residents.

  1. Mailboxes

-           Franc read the proposed change that was included in the Board materials.

-           David suggested that the changes include a picture and dimensions to help homeowners.  Add contact information for reaching the company that supplied the mailboxes or at least have it on hand with the management company.

-           David made a motion to accept the changes with a picture and dimensions and contact information in the guidelines or with the management company.  David and Barbara voted in favor of the motion.  Franc abstained.  Motion passed.

-           Franc will alter the guidelines and e-mail Mary.  Mary will mail a notice of this guideline change to residents.



B. Discuss formation of Nominating Committee

     Tabled until May 26 meeting.


C. Tape recorder for Board meetings.

     Franc motioned that the Board budget $100.00 for a tape recorder and tapes so that Board meetings can be taped and so that the Secretary can better participate in discussions.  Approved unanimously.


D. Canopy for the pool.

     Franc asks if we can purchase a canopy for the pool as there is not much shelter for residents at the pool.  This issue needs to be researched by the Pool Committee.




The next meeting will be Monday, May 26, 2003, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association