May 26, 2003



MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Franc DiBari, Barbara Key, David Randle


MEMBERS ABSENT:                    Rob Sauerwalt (excused), Dave Hausfeld


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Dawn Bradley


CALL TO ORDER:                          The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 6:24 p.m.




-           No items were presented during open forum.




-           Barbara noted that item A.2. under New Business concerning Architectural guideline changes for mailboxes contains an item from section A.1.  The item needs to be removed.

-           The April 28, 2003 minutes were approved with the above modification.  Motion to approve with the change, Barbara.  Approved unanimously.






-                     There was no report from the Architectural Committee.




-           There was no report from the Clubhouse Committee.





-           There was no report from the Communications Committee.




-           Franc will call Apex about a sunken drainage grate.

-           Drees Homes replaced the two Crepe Myrtles on the island at the Old Jenks Rd. entrance that were recently destroyed.

-           A light at the Old Jenks Rd. entrance does not work.  A timer is broken.  This happened when the light columns were replaced.  Franc is arranging for this to be fixed with Drees Homes.

-           The water meter (i.e. service) was removed by the builder accidentally when the light columns were replaced.  Drees Homes will replace the meter/re-connect service with Apex.  Franc is monitoring this daily and will watch plantings to make sure that they do not die as the irrigation system is out.

-           Fontaine Landscaping suggests that we buy tree gator bags for the Crepe Myrtles at the front entrance to help with watering.  Franc will investigate cost.

-           Franc reports that Drees Homes will not put in an access ramp at the intersection of Castleburg Dr. and Templeton Gap Dr.  Barbara will call Custom Concrete who did the concrete work at the recreation lot for a bid.

-           David reports that David Kester suggested at the last Grounds Committee meeting that a three-way stop be installed at the intersection of Castleburg Dr. and Templeton Gap Dr. to slow traffic on Castleburg Dr.  Franc will bring this up with the Apex Chief of Police.

-           Thomas Hull of Templeton Gap Dr. has volunteered to head up an effort to create a pond trail.

-           We need to maintain creek beds in the greenways.  Franc will see if Fosters Pond Management and others can bid on this work and will check on rules for working near the creeks with Apex.  We apparently have a beaver dam in Beaver Creek near Old Jenks Rd.  Franc called Wake Co. about removing the beaver dam.  Wake will remove the dam when funding is available.

-           We recently had a snake (a kingsnake) caught crawling under the main gate at the pool.  Franc will talk to Fontaine Landscaping about trimming the bushes near the pool and making the area less inhabitable for snakes.

-           Franc would like to get bids to replace trees that were removed from the greenways because they were dead.  David says that the Apex Appearance Commission may match funds for buying and installing trees in the common areas up to $500.

-           Franc will obtain bids on signs for the two Holt Rd. entrances.  Aztec Masonry charged $2500/lit post at the front entrance.

-           Franc will look into fixing the drainage problem by the back left corner of the fence.




-                     Dawn Bradley reports that a 6 ft. kingsnake was found at the pool entrance trying to get in the gate.  It was destroyed.  We need to check the perimeter of the pool for nests.  Penny Fields has found baby snakes in the pool skimmer and wants us to check around the pump room for snakes, too.  The pine straw and shrubs make a good habitat for snakes.  Franc will get bids for snake control.  David says that there is a free snake removal services that are sometimes advertised in the Penny Saver.  See the second to last item under the Grounds Committee report for more.

-A Coke machine was once at the pool during part of the year.  There was no Coke machine last year.  The Pool Committee is considering buying a Coke machine and keeping it stocked.  Maybe distribute water as well.  We could have the machine all year.  Maybe use proceeds to pay for an awning, etc.  Would it recoup costs?  David says that the Pool Committee should investigate whether a machine would be covered by or increase our insurance, whether a vendor license is required, etc.  Franc says that the Pool Committee can call Apex for permit costs, taxes, etc.

-           Swim Team in Charleston Village?  This will need to be pursued by a Swim Team Committee.  David suggested putting something in the newsletter asking if anyone is interested in serving on a Swim Team Committee.  David asked Dawn to forward information from Elizabeth Schmedding on starting a Swim Team.  David notes that insurance is again a consideration.

-           Dawn asked if $250 in “discretionary money” is gone at the end of the year.  Franc says yes.  Barbara says in general to buy what is really needed, one more table and umbrella, pay to repair any vandalism, etc. as the Board can approve going over budget.  Barbara notes that the $250 (05590) is not just for the pool but for recreation in general.

-           The Pool Committee is considering freeing up a large table and umbrella by buying a small table and umbrella for the pool attendant station.  The Pool Committee will look into this further.

-           Dawn reported situations at the pool where there was some confusion about dues payment and young children naked at the pool.  The Board will discuss specifics in executive session.

-           The Pool Committee will try a rotation schedule of who is “on call” to investigate issues at the pool.




-           There was no report from the Social Committee.




-           The following was submitted prior to the meeting by Rob Sauerwalt and is unanimously accepted into the minutes:


Sat, 24 May 2003 16:04:12 -0400

Balance Sheet Comments:

We have aprox. $60k in operating cash. Mary, please purchase two additional CD's, one for 20K, and have it due in November. The second for 10K that is due in October. Once the purchases are complete, please send me an updated status on all CD's being held with current expiration dates.

I would also like a trial balance on both liability accounts, 2015, and 2100 to dig into the register entries.

Operating Statement Comments:

As I have noted to Mary in emails, it appears as if we have miss-postings on accounts 05550, and 05600. She will get these corrected. I would also like to make the board aware that we have overspent our annual legal budget already. Fiscal year allowance was $750 and we have accrued expenses of approx 1200. Just something to keep in mind as we move forward for the remainder of the year.

We are in a positive financial position exiting april.

General Comments:

The financial reports that you have in front of you are for the closed period of April. I would like to request that HRW provide me closed financial statement at the end of the first week of the period following. Receiving the financial information 3 days before the meeting does not allow me to get responses on the questions that I have in time for the meeting. Receiving earlier would allow me to make a more comprehensive report at the monthly meeting.




1.         Nominating Committee.

-   Barbara and Franc suggested that we table this until Rob can be present.

-   David suggested that we start talking to people about serving on the Nominating Committee now.

-   Franc suggested that we might encourage interest by holding something like a “Meet the Board” pizza party.  Talk about what we do, etc.  Barbara will contact Connie Friedline about piggybacking on a Social Committee organized function.

-   A suggestion was made to get commitments to projects and not necessarily to a specific committee or the Board.


2.         Monthly Lawn Inspections.

-   In light of recent letters mailed to a number of residents after a week of weather conditions not conducive to mowing, that mentioned fines in the initial letter, and that were considered by many to be very terse, Franc motioned that no letter should be mailed by HRW without the CV Board President approving sending them.  Approved unanimously.

-   Barbara will contact homeowners who received letters and let them know what is being done to change the process.




1. Proposal for Pond Maintenance.

-      The Board would like to seek more bids.




The Board entered executive session to discuss pool situations including confusion about dues payment and young children naked at the pool.  The Board emerged from executive session with the following:

-           There is no need for a formal pool rule about nudity at the pool at this time.  Franc will call the state, Wake Co., etc. to see if there are rules or health regulations related to this that Charleston Village needs to observe.  Franc and Barbara will talk to the parent about the costs of an accident, which might include super chlorination, etc.

-           The pool attendants should check to see if dues have been paid as they do now, but, rather than confront residents and ask them to leave, the attendant will hand them a letter written by the Board stating that dues need to be paid to use the pool.  The resident will be allowed to enjoy the use of the pool the first day or weekend.  The pool attendant reports the name to our management company (the letter says as much).  The letter also may ask them to call management to get their name off the unpaid list or bring some proof of payment to help us clear up any misunderstandings, but it will say that they will not be allowed in the pool if dues remain unpaid.  We will have a folder of printed letters about dues from the Board so that the pool attendant does not have to do more than hand it to the residents that show up with unpaid dues.  Barbara will draft the letter.  We feel that this will help us avoid situations like the current one where the resident paid their dues after being late but the list of who had not paid was not up to date.

-           The Pool Committee had considered keeping a list of people who have a history of not paying dues and need to be checked regularly among other things.  Barbara will tell Dawn that the Board wants to not use such a list and instead use the alternatives from this meeting.




The next meeting will be Monday, June 23, 2003, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association