June 23, 2003



MEMBERS PRESENT:                 Franc DiBari, David Randle, Rob Sauerwalt


MEMBERS ABSENT:                    Barbara Key (excused), Dave Hausfeld


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Mary Norbech - HRW Inc., Connie Friedline, Tim Ruff


CALL TO ORDER:                          The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 6:15 p.m.




-           Connie Friedline says that residents using the recreation lot have asked that the HOA either open the pool restrooms for use by people at the recreation lot or install restrooms for the recreation lot.  Franc and David said that the Board has been having ongoing discussions about making the pool restrooms accessible to residents using the recreation lot.




-           The May 26, 2003 minutes were approved as written.  Motion to approve with the change, Rob.  Approved unanimously.




-           Table distributing the fiscal policy to committees.




-                     Tim says that about 10 architectural requests have been approved since the last Architectural Review Committee (ARC) report to the Board.

-                     Tim passed on that some members of the ARC would like the Architectural Review Board (ARB) to include the members of the ARC.  The Board will consider appointing one ARC member to the ARB.

-                     Franc will present a revised Architectural Request Form to the Board on behalf of the ARC and ARB next month.






-           There was no report from the Clubhouse Committee.




-           David reported that Sandra Haecker has resigned from chairing the Communications Committee and serving as Webmaster as of July 1.  David says that Ted Karl is the Vice-Chair and was supposed to become the new Chair in September.  David will ask Ted if he is willing to assume the role of Chair July 1.  David will return to serving as Webmaster until a new Webmaster is found.  A resident has contacted Sandra and David about assisting with the Website.




-           Franc resigned from chairing the Grounds Committee.

-           Rodney Signs in Apex made the sign at the front entrance.

-           Franc sent in a bill for $65.00 for a site survey for signs for secondary entrances.

-           Erika Sauerwalt is doing research on signs.  Will contact Apex and check easements.

-           Rob will check on masonry work costs.

-           Franc will get Jack Jones who installed the irrigation system at the recreation lot in touch with Fontaine Landscaping to resolve irrigation/landscaping issues.

-           Franc replaced a broken floodlight at the front entrance.




-           There was no report from the Pool Committee.

-           There is a drink machine at the pool now.

-           Mary will ask Doris Bowen to attend the next Board meeting to discuss the pool motor options and pool staffing.




-Connie Friedline says that the neighborhood directory is moving along.

-           The Fall Festival is going up in cost.  The same polka band we had last year has been hired.

-           Close to 50 participants attended the Luau.  This seems to be lower participation than last year.

-           The pizza party next month may be cancelled due to recent low participation in social events.




-           Rob says that we are doing well financially.

-           Rob does not want any of the CDs rolled over until pool decisions concerning replacing/repairing the pool motor are made.

-           Rob asked HRW for transaction details for 1797.

-           The pool maintenance accounting issue has been corrected, and the funds are attributed to the Paint & Maintenance item.

-           Rob noted that there are two maintenance items for Management.  Both vouchers are dated 5/23 and marked for Properties.  Mary will research transaction 10668.

-           Payments and arrears are within guidelines.

-           The Board received e-mail from a resident concerning comments at last year’s annual HOA meeting.  The resident misunderstood the tax resolution to carry forward excess operating funds to the next meeting forward of 12/31.  The resolution allows the HOA to avoid paying taxes on the excess operating funds and has to be voted on by the membership.  Mary will e-mail this to the resident.




1.   Nominating Committee.

-      Rob will chair the Nominating Committee.




1. Rob suggested that we look into costs for the addition of a kiddie/wading pool.

2. Open pool bathrooms to the outside.

-      Consider card readers for locks.

-      Consider adding a building by the pool with bathrooms either open to the outside or to the pool with the current bathrooms open to the outside.  The building would be a multi-purpose building, maybe a picnic shelter for shade or in part a weight room.  Rob will ask Erika Sauerwalt to find out what the building easements are around the pool.




The next meeting will be Monday, July 28, 2003, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association