September 22, 2003



MEMBERS PRESENT:                           Franc DiBari, Barbara Key, David Randle, Rob Sauerwalt


MEMBERS ABSENT:                             Dave Hausfeld


OTHERS PRESENT:                              Dawn Bradley, Connie Friedline, Wanda Hanley, Herman Jaffe, Ted Karl, Ron and Sheri Fincher


CALL TO ORDER:                                 The meeting at the clubhouse was called to           order at 7:20 P.M.



- Herman Jaffe asked the Board to hold a vote at the annual meeting for a special assessment to purchase materials for a shade cover for the playground.  Franc DiBari asked that Herman get three bids on the shade cover.  The Board will review the bids and decide whether a proposal for a special assessment will be presented at the annual meeting.

- Connie Friedline asked the Board to consider reducing or eliminating buffers around the perimeter of Charleston Village.  The buffers were 30 ft. when the development was started, and the Town of Apex has changed the buffer requirement to 35 ft.  Connie says that Apex says that homeowners can’t even plant grass in buffers, but that the buffers can be reduced or eliminated by the Homeowners Association once the builder is done.  Franc says that we will discuss the issue with our new management company.

- Wanda Hanley says that Fontaine Landscaping is not cutting grass the full 10 ft. on either side of the path along the greenway.  Franc said that the property was very likely too wet but that he would contact Fontaine Landscaping.



- The July 28, 2003 minutes were approved as written.  Motion to approve, Franc.  Approved unanimously.





- Franc DiBari reported that the Architectural Review Board is reviewing two Architectural Requests forwarded by the Architectural Review Committee.



- Barbara Key reported that HRW forwarded copies of contracts related to the Clubhouse to Barbara and that she will put together a Clubhouse Committee/Operations budget as the Clubhouse Committee has disbanded.



- David Randle introduced Ted Karl as the new Chair of the Communications Committee.

- David, as interim Webmaster, reported on updates to the website and that addresses on the website will be masked to a address so that resident addresses will be better protected from spam in that personal addresses can be disconnected from the addresses.  Masking the addresses also provides continuity as there is a consistent address for the Board of Directors, Social Committee, etc.



- Franc presented two bids for landscaping the recreation lot for a vote during the general session.

- The Charleston Village sign at the Templeton Gap entrance was vandalized.  Franc is collecting bids for a replacement sign to match the one at the main entrance.  The bids will include an option for lighting.  The winning sign company will check sign easements with Apex.

- Franc will ask the sign companies to also bid on replacing a cracked Styrofoam cap on one of the columns at the front entrance.  The cap was damaged during Hurricane Isabel.

- Franc reported that on the day after the hurricane Fontaine Landscaping removed trees that fell across the greenway.  Fontaine Landscaping says that they will need to call in a tree expert to remove a large tree that has fallen from the greenway toward 2009 Ironsides Ln.  The tree is leaning against another tree and is unstable.



- Dawn Bradley says that J. Chase Pool Management will no longer work with Charleston Village as of September.  Dawn presented two bids for winter pool maintenance for a vote during the general session.

- Dawn reports that she released pool equipment to J. Chase as requested as she cannot tell that Charleston Village was billed for the equipment, and J. Chase claims ownership.

- The Pool Committee is soliciting bids for pool security systems with an option for extending the system to the clubhouse.

- The awning company has not returned calls about purchasing an awning for the pool deck.  The Pool Committee is no longer actively pursuing information about awnings.  Alternatives will be explored.



- Connie Friedline reports that the Fall Festival is on for Sept. 27 and that 184 adults and 39 children plan to attend at this time.  There was some related discussion about the Social Committee budget.  Connie says that the caterer and company providing the canopy want payment within the week.  HRW will not cut checks requested after 5:00 Monday, tonight.  Rob will make sure that the companies are paid within the week and will collect from HRW.

- Connie asked if the band and food service can have tip jars.  The Board replied yes to the band and no to the food service as a 15% gratuity is included in the food service bill.

- Connie will post committee sign-up sheets at the Fall Festival.

- Connie will complete a Social Committee budget.

- Connie asked if the committee can request that homeowners bring candy to the Halloween parade.  The Board replied yes, at the homeowner’s option.  The Social Committee should buy what they can up front and let the homeowner contributions supplement.



- Rob Sauerwalt reports that we are no longer rolling over investments until the management company transition is complete.  There are 3 outstanding CDs.

- For the month, the Recreation Pool Attendant item is slightly over.  This is under review.

- For the year, we are $7600 positive, a $1900 variance.  The Insurance item is over because the Board determined that we were lacking in insurance.

- Franc asked about getting a reserve study.  Ron Fincher says that R S Fincher will help us do our own rather than pay the $5-7,000 for an engineer to do the same.  Sheri Fincher says that we are required to have a “best estimate.”



1.    No unfinished business.



1.  Barbara reports that Bob and Colleen Griffin on Patapsco Dr. are receiving notices concerning progress on Sutton Place and will keep the Board updated.

2.  CAI Publications.  The Board will review copies of the publications.

3.  David asked that we take steps to repair the asphalt on the greenway entrance near the clubhouse parking lot prior to the Halloween Parade as it is a potential hazard.  Also, there is damage on the same path where it meets Castleburg Dr.  Trucks from Apex caused the damage.  Franc will pursue related to the Grounds Committee.

4.  Vote on contract to landscape the recreation lot.  Rob made a motion to approve the August 25, 2003 bid submitted by Fontaine Landscaping.  Approved unanimously as this bid matches the plan recommended by the Recreation Lot Committee.  Franc will talk to Fontaine about eliminating the $145 per irrigation as the recreation lot has an irrigation system.

5.  Vote on contract to maintain the pool over the winter.  Franc made a motion to approve the bid for winter maintenance submitted by R&P Pool Management.  Approved unanimously.

6.  Drees Homes position on the Charleston Village Board of Directors.  Dave Hausfeld will maintain a voting position until after the annual meeting.

7.  Vote on contract for general management of Charleston Village.  Rob made a motion to approve a bid from R S Fincher & Co., LLC as previously discussed.  Approved unanimously.  The contract was signed.  Sheri Fincher has negotiated turnover of management responsibilities from HRW to R S Fincher for October 1, 2003.  Sheri presented an introduction letter that will be mailed to CV residents for review.  Barbara asked that R S Fincher hours of operation be added.  Otherwise approved.  Sheri will send David an electronic copy of the introduction letter for the website.

8.  David started discussion of simplifying the architectural review process so that architectural requests go directly to the Architectural Review Board.  The Architectural Review Committee would no longer be directly involved in the architectural review process.  Tabled to October meeting.

9.  The Board and R S Fincher will review calendars and confirm a date for the annual meeting—November 11.



The next meeting will be Monday, October 27, 2003, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association