November 6, 2003



MEMBERS PRESENT:                           Franc DiBari, Barbara Key, David Randle, Rob Sauerwalt


MEMBERS ABSENT:                             Dave Hausfeld


OTHERS PRESENT:                              Dawn Bradley, Connie Friedline, Wanda Hanley, Herman Jaffe, Ted Karl, Laura Linton, Ron and Sheri Fincher


CALL TO ORDER:                                 The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6:30 P.M.



- Herman Jaffe presented research on purchasing materials for a shade cover for the playground.  The bid from Custom Canvas was low enough at about $9,500 that a special assessment would not be needed.  Herman proposed three to four covers, a fourth if a sandbox is installed.

- Ron Fincher mentioned that a less-expensive option to the shade cover that would keep the rec. lot equipment cool would be to buy slides made of a material that does not absorb as much heat.



- The September 22, 2003 minutes were approved as written.  Motion to approve, Rob.  Approved unanimously.



- Barbara is preparing a speech for the annual meeting.



- Draft 2004 Budget—Rob did not have a consolidated budget but says that he will put one together by November 7.

- $40,000 in cash was transferred from HRW to R S Fincher.

- Sheri reports that there has been no transfer of title for the CDs.  There is some cash that needs to be reconciled as well.  These will be reconciled with the end of October statement.

- Rob reports that we are slightly over budget for the month due to pool expenses but that the pool expenses are within the year’s pool budget.

- Rob reports that 16 of 21 units that are behind in payments are only one month behind.

- Rob says that the numbers in the budget look good and that we should not have to raise dues for 2004.

- Reimbursement Form—David asked for an electronic copy of the new reimbursement form for the website.  Also, he asked for an electronic copy of the “pre-event check request form.”  Copies will be brought to the Tuesday night annual HOA meeting.

- Reserve Study—Ron will put together a reserve study and give it to Rob.





- David made a motion that the architectural approval process be changed so that the Architectural Review Board, and not the Architectural Review Committee, reviews and approves/denies architectural requests with appeals going to the Board of Directors.  Franc and Barbara were the only other Board members present for the motion (The Architectural Committee presentation was moved to the end of the committee reports.), and it was voted down two to one.

- Franc reports that the Architectural Review Committee recommended denying a request from Drees Homes for a fence near the front entrance.  The Architectural Review Board approved the fence on the condition that it would be screened with 3-foot tall trees.



- Barbara will continue to show the clubhouse through the next few months with the Board or new Clubhouse Committee taking over from there.



- Ted Karl discussed items that he plans to include in a speech at the annual HOA meeting.  He is gathering information from Alison Hall about the newsletter and David Randle about the website.



- Franc will ask Fontaine Landscaping to take the clubhouse trash to the curb along with the recreation lot trash.

- The Board reviewed a bid for grounds maintenance from Fontaine Landscaping.  Franc will talk to Kevin Fontaine about adding more floriculture and cutting more of the common area along greenways.  Franc made a motion to approve renewing the grounds maintenance contract with Fontaine Landscaping if there is no price increase over the bid that was presented in light of the additional requests.  Approved unanimously.

- Ron will pursue filing an insurance claim for money to cover damages from the tree that fell on a light post at the front entrance.

- Ron presented a bid to construct signs at the two Charleston Village entrances along Holt Rd.

- Franc made a motion to approve a bid from Fontaine Landscaping to fix the irrigation at the recreation lot.  Approved unanimously.

- Ron will replace the 60-watt bulbs in the front entrance light posts with 15-watt bulbs.



- Dawn Bradley reported that the Pool Committee recommends that the Board sign a contract for summer pool management with R & P Pool Management.  Sheri will work with R & P Pool Management to clarify points in the contract such as the pool opening and closing dates.  The Board would like the contract to address the possibility and fees for, at the Board’s option, opening the pool earlier in the season than planned or closing later in the season than planned.  The pool budget should be set high enough to cover an extended season.

- Laura Linton reported that the Pool Committee has investigated a keycard system for the pool gate and the clubhouse and will ask All-Safe Lock & Key to contact R S Fincher to discuss details of supporting the system.  A suggestion was made that keycards would only be activated when residents sign and return a document saying that they have read and agree to abide by the pool rules.

- Laura Linton presented information about three alternatives for shade structures at the pool including a rollout shade structure, a retractable awning, and a permanent structure added to the clubhouse with a pergola.  Dawn will send electronic copies of the information to the Board.

- The Pool Committee is working on revising the pool rules and hopes to have them approved by March.

- Dawn will submit a proposal for a form for paying to use the pool for private pool parties.



- Connie Friedline says that the Social Committee does not plan to hold regular meetings anymore.  Connie will get David information about the more relaxed schedule and members.

- The CV directory is targeted for completion for after the first of the year.  Connie estimates that the cost will be about $500 and separate from the Social Committee budget.

- Franc told Connie that the Apex Fire Department has a free child safety seat check service that we may be able to request for a future safety fair.



- Submitted with Board package and integrated with committee reports.



- Before the annual HOA meeting on Nov. 11, the budget needs to be finished and voted on by the Board.

- David sent a message to committee heads stating that they need to prepare a short presentation on their committee’s activities for the year and plans for 2004.

- David responded to a letter from the Sutton Place developers.  There is an informational page on about Sutton Place to help CV residents and the larger community.  David has attended several meetings regarding Sutton Place and is working with residents and the developer.



- The next regular meeting of the Board will be in January.  There may be an interim meeting to finalize the budget prior to the annual HOA meeting.

- Discussion on shade cover for the recreation lot from the open forum will be tabled until the January meeting.



The next regular meeting will be Monday, January 26, 2004, at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,


David Randle


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association