Charleston Village Homeowners Association, Inc. Annual Meeting

November 3, 2004



Board Members Present:                     Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff, Rob Sauerwalt, Dawn Stokes


Manager Present:                                Ron and Sheri Fincher, R.S. Fincher representatives


Homeowners Present:                         24 homes represented in person


Present by Proxy:                                53 proxies recorded


I.   Call to Order:

-          Rob Sauerwalt, President, called the annual meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.


II.  Introductions:

-    All current Board members introduced themselves


III.  Quorum Established:

-          A minimum of 33 homeowners must be in attendance in person and/or by proxy.  77 homes

      were represented at the meeting.  (See breakdown above)


IV. Approval of 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes:

-          Joe DiBari motioned to approve the 2003 annual meeting minutes; seconded by Tim Ruff.  The minutes were approved as written.


V.  President’s Report:

-          Rob Sauerwalt recapped highlights from the past year:

-          Rob extended a cordial welcome to all in attendance.

-          All in all, 2004 was a very productive year for the community.

-          We had a fantastic pool season and the pool committee was acknowledged with a special ‘thank you’.

-          A new sign was constructed at the Holt Road/Templeton Gap entrance.

-          The shade structure for the pool area was approved with construction scheduled to begin this month.

-          The 2005 budget was approved; our treasurer, Dawn Stokes will discuss later in her report.

-          The reserve study was completed with the help of R.S. Fincher and Dawn Stokes.

-          A shade structure for the rec lot is under current consideration.

-          A card key system has been installed for access to the pool area and clubhouse.

-          There was a very active clubhouse rental during 2004.

-          A ‘draft’ copy of the revised Architectural Standards and Specifications is available.

-          The Architectural Committee (ARC) and Architectural Review Board (ARB) have been combined to save time and paperwork.  Being that there is only one review now, this will speed up the approval process.

-          Rob acknowledged candidates for the two current open Board positions.

-          Rob requested volunteers for all committees.

-          Rob commented that changing our Community Management Company, from HRW to R.S. Fincher was a change for all of us and a growing experience.   


VI. Treasurer’s Report:

-          Dawn Stokes, Treasurer, reported.

-          As we enter 2005, we have a tremendous budget.

-          Cash carried over for 2004 allowed funding for the new card key system, pool shade structure and the entrance sign at Holt Road and Templeton Gap.

-          The Totals and Reserves have increased.

-          We have $62,000 sitting in Reserves.

-          2004 will finish under budget.

-          Areas exceeding budget:  1) Telephone expense, due to the phone line required for the new card key system and 2) AC Maintenance at clubhouse due to new maintenance contract.

-          The grounds maintenance special project  was over, but does not affect the budget.

-          Collection of dues; it was a great year.  At most, thirty homeowners were behind at one time.

-          Dawn thanked the committee chairs for working within their budgets.

-          The Reserve study has been completed; the next Reserve study is scheduled for 2010.  Homeowners may obtain copies from R.S. Fincher.  This will show major items we have to maintain and an analysis of life span of  items to determine amount of money required  to put in Reserves every year.

-          Homeowner’s dues will increase by $5.00 beginning January 1, 2005.   This will result in an extra $20,000 a year.

-          The increase was necessary because contracts are costly, money must be available for emergencies and for general maintenance.

-          Upcoming big budget items:  1) need to repaint pool ($9,900 from reserves)  2) possibility of replacing carpeting in clubhouse and 3) possibility of shade structure over rec lot (would be a capital improvement with money coming from capital funds).



VII. Questions from Homeowners:

-          Hermen Jaffe: Expressed concern about shade structure over the rec lot.   He had obtained 94 signatures supporting the structure which will cost $12,000.

-          Kenton Cowick: What issue will result in some utility costs going down?   Dawn acknowledged that this was an error and drop reserves by $1,000.

-          Unidentified homeowner:  Will rec lot shade structure be voted by the Board or the community?  Rob addressed.  Also noted there is no extra maintenance in 2005 budget for rec lot maintenance.

-          Kenton Cowick: Is there a maximum dollar amount for improvements that requires Board or community approval?

-          Darrin Dexter:  Numerous questions about the budget.  Also asked why we were $22,000 over budget in June, but now we’re okay?  Dawn Stokes addressed.  Corrections were made during review with R.S. Fincher and Margo Bills.

-          Darrin Dexter:  Asked about the $12,000 for the rec lot shade structure.  If it’s not in the budget, how would we pay for it?   Dawn Stokes explained that money from capital improvements could be use…if the shade structure is approved.

-          Patty Baker:   Questioned why we are raising dues to pay for a rec lot shade structure?  The explanation was, we are not.   Dues are being raised to increase our reserves.  Rob Sauerwalt quoted directly from the 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes regarding monies to be used for projects.

-          Brooks Depro:  Expressed concerns with what we are doing with carry over funds?

-          Kenton Cowick:  Had suggestions for use of capital improvements/expenditures.

-          Barbara Key:  Commented that our former Board president, Brett Etter, had said five years ago, that we would have to increase our dues by 2005/2006.   Barbara also reiterated that we have a lot of amenities for only $30.00 a month.  She also complimented R.S. Fincher for doing a great job for us.

-          Brooks Depro:   Asked what the carry over for 2005 is?  The response was the carry over is $15,000 (includes Money Markets).

-          Tom Molthen:  Asked R.S. Fincher how our reserves compare with other communities?   Sheri Fincher responded saying that she doesn’t recommend we ‘relax’; we should continue building our reserves, using Waterford Green as an example.

-          Doug Linscott:  Commented that based on his work experience, we get a lot for the dues we pay, compared to other communities.    


VIII. Committee Reports:


Architectural Review Board (ARB)

·         Tim Ruff reported:

-          The Architectural Committee (ARC) and Architectural Review Board (ARB) have been combined to save time and paperwork, i.e., one stop shopping.  Membership was increased to 7 members.

-          To date, 72 Architectural Requests have been reviewed for 2004.

-          The Architectural Standards and Specifications are in the process of being re-written; to be finalized in December, 2004.

-          Sam Mullis asked who votes on changes to the Architectural Standards?  The response was, the Board.

-          Darrin Dexter asked about political signs.  Rob Sauerwalt responded that this subject has already been discussed by the Board and proposed changes submitted to the ARB for inclusion in the Architectural Standards.  



·         Penny Field reported:

-          The Clubhouse committee is looking for volunteers.

-          Supplies have been ordered for 2005.

-          To date there have been 25 rentals for 2004.

-          As part of the Clubhouse rental, a member of the committee will conduct a walkthrough with the renter before and after the event.  The rental fee is $50.00 and a $250.00 returnable deposit.

-          Penny requested all committee co-chairs to please label whatever supplies they store in the clubhouse.

-          The website needs to be updated with current Clubhouse committee information.



·         No formal Chairperson reporting, however, the following was presented by Rob Sauerwalt:

-          Rob announced that David Randle is resuming maintenance of our website.

-          There was a request for volunteers for our Newsletter and a chairperson for the Communications committee.



·         Anton Callaway reported:

-          Anton was appointed as the chairperson in September, 2004 and the committee now has 6 active members.

-          Currently working on resurfacing of the rec lot.  They are looking at ways to extend the life of the surface.

-          The committee is also working on numerous issues within Charleston Village, i.e., 1) floods in low lying areas 2) localized drainage issues on common properties 3) drainage/algae problems on sidewalks along Templeton Gap 4) greenway repairs;  looking for quotes and 5) looking at landscape improvements.

-          Anton provided an e-mail address to contact the Grounds committee directly.



·         Wanda Hanley reported:

-          There was a request for volunteers on the Pool committee to represent all streets in Charleston Village which currently has 11 members.

-          7 meetings were held during the year.

-          During 2004, lap hours were implemented, the new card key system was installed and the annual pool party was a success.

-          Scheduled improvements for 2005:  pool shade structure, research slip proof floors for restrooms, resurface pool in the Spring and repair broken chairs.

-          Next committee meeting is scheduled for January, 2005.

-          Wanda announced that she will be stepping down as chairperson, but will continue to solicit for new committee members.



·         Donna Mullis reported:

-          All committee members were thanked for their involvement.

-          Events held during the year:  Easter egg hunt, pool party, yard sale, Fall carnival, and the Halloween parade. 

-          The annual food drive is coming up.

-          The Social committee is looking for volunteers.

-          The next scheduled meeting is December 7, 2004.


IX.  Introduction of Nominees / Nominations from the Floor:

-          The Association needed to fill two Board positions. Three candidates were nominated and introduced themselves:

-          Donna Mullis:  Represent voice of the community.

-          Connie Freidline:  Resident of Charleston Village for 3 years, active on Social committee, has previous HOA experience, wants people to say Charleston Village is a great place to live.

-          Anton Callaway:  Will bring balance, empowerment and transparency.

-          Rob Sauerwalt asked for any nominations from the floor; there were none.


X.  Open Forum:

-          Wanda Hanley made a suggestion that as a benefit for being involved in our community, Board members and committee members should be entitled to one free clubhouse rental.

-          Jennifer Dexter expressed that she was not upset with the dues being raised, but was confused as to how it was presented at the last HOA monthly meeting and how it was communicated.

-          Herman Jaffe proposed that Wanda Hanley’s suggestion be approved.

-          Barbara Key pointed out that homes along Beaver Creek are now in a flood plain.  Affected homeowners should  refer to the State website for more information.  Barbara will provide the State website to David Randle for posting on our website.

-          Barbara also spoke to the attendees, stressing that we need to respect R.S. Fincher and their hard work, compared to the negligence of HRW.   R.S. Fincher is here to help and protect us.  Barbara exclaimed she was surprised that homeowners have issues with R.S. Fincher.   They are doing what we are paying them to do.

-          Barbara stressed that the Board is there to make decisions for us.  Reminded homeowners that the Board is made up of volunteers with no personal agenda and that they work for the community.

-          David Randle advised the Board to contact him regarding e-mail accounts on our website.

-          Tom Molthen expressed concern that solicitation is a problem in Charleston Village.  Ron Fincher responded that if we see any solicitors, call him and they will send someone over right away.

-          Darrin Dexter asked if we can post financials on our website every month?  Tim Ruff suggested contacting R.S. Fincher; we will not post on our website.   We could have a copy available at the HOA monthly meeting.  David Randle will look into a protective website.

-          Wanda Hanley asked what the law is regarding motorbikes on our greenways?  Ron Fincher said they are not allowed.

-          Dawn Stokes, speaking as a homeowner, not as a  Board member, loves Charleston Village as a community.  Recent tragedies have pulled everybody together.   However, she sees us breaking apart; a lot of contention.  Would like to see it the way it once was.


XI.  Announcement of Election Results:

-          Donna Mullis and Anton Callaway were elected to the Board of Directors.



XII.  Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made by Joe DiBari to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Rob Sauerwalt.  Motion unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 9:03 PM.



Election of Officers:

-          After the meeting, Board positions were voted upon/agreed by the Board members as follows:  Donna Mullis, President; Tim Ruff, Vice President; Dawn Stokes, Treasurer; Anton Callaway, Secretary; Joe DiBari, Member at Large/ARB Chairperson.




Respectfully submitted,



Joe Di Bari


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association