Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


January 26, 2004



Members Present:                                Franc DiBari, Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff,  Rob Sauerwalt, Dawn Stokes


Members Absent:                                 None


Others Present:                                    Ron and Sheri Fincher, Mark Sistare, Ted Karl, Brooks Depro, Mike Rubes, Danny Peeler, Matthew Stokes, Margo Bills, Becky Stiles, MaryAnn Gunshefski, Bradley Bone, John and Connie Friedline, Michelle Hale, Bobbiann Waterson


I.   Open Forum:

-          Becky Stiles expressed concerns regarding water backing up from creek, across walkway, onto her property (1908 Castleburg Drive) and a concern regarding a rock pile on common area behind her home.

-          Brooks Depro inquired about the policy for renting the Clubhouse.

-          Connie Friedline questioned procedure regarding appointment of new board members at annual HOA meeting and read letter (copy provided for Board and attached to these minutes) expressing her viewpoints.

-          Bobbiann Waterson expressed concerns regarding election of officers.

-          Michelle Hale stated that “We need to work together as a community”.



II.  Call to Order:                                  The meeting at the clubhouse was called to order at 6:45 P.M.


III.  Establish Quorum:                         Quorum established.



IV. Minutes Approved:

-          The November 24, 2003 minutes were approved as written.  Motion to approve by Rob Sauerwalt; seconded by Franc DiBari.


V.  President’s Report:

-          Due to absence of Barbara Key and David Randle, it was recommended that their recognition for prior Board membership be postponed.  Motion made by Rob Sauerwalt, seconded by Franc DiBari.


VI. Treasurer’s Report:

-          Dawn Stokes provided detailed review of the Treasurer’s Report.


VII. Committee Reports:


Architectural (ARC)

-          Matt Stokes reported that six Architectural Request Forms have been reviewed; four recommended for approval, two not approved.



-          No Report.



-          Ted Karl reported that due to minimal input, there would be no Newsletter for January 2004.

-          Ted officially assumed Website from David Randle.

-          Franc DiBari offered to provide Ted with whatever information he receives from the Town of Apex for inclusion in future Newsletters and updates to the Website.



-          Franc DiBari reported that final landscaping for the Rec lot has been completed.

-          Fontaine Landscaping installed new mulch around all beds and also hung the wreaths for the Holiday season.

-          Franc contacted the Town of Apex and the DOT to address issues with creek in front of the sub-division and with streams throughout the complex as well.

-          Ron Fincher added that beavers have constructed a dam, contributing to the problem in front of the sub-division and will try to get assistance from the town/county.  Removal fee for each beaver is $35.00.   This problem needs to be addressed right away, as this can result in a severe problem.

-          A bid was sent out to repair the column recently damaged by a fallen tree near the entrance on Old Jenks Rd.



-          Franc DiBari reported that per a telephone conversation with Wanda Hanley, she will chair the Pool Committee and that she has plans to solicit the community for new members. -           



-          Connie Friedline reported that the last function was our annual Halloween Parade and was a huge success.

-          She also dispelled rumors that “No, the Social Committee has not dissolved”.

-          The food drive conducted this past Fall was a success, with our community donating 900 lbs of food for the food bank in downtown Apex.

-          Another food drive is scheduled for this Spring.

-          Four committee meetings are planned for 2004, with the next meeting scheduled for March 1, 2004.


VIII.  Manager’s Report:

-          Submitted with Board package/included in the Agenda for the January 26 meeting.  Brief summary as reported by Sheri Fincher:

-          All CD’s have matured; needs to know what the Board wants to do with them?

-          Sheri suggested rolling over 30 -> 60 -> 90 days.

-          Motion to roll over by Rob Sauerwalt; seconded by Joe DiBari and motion carried.

-          Motion to remain with North State Bank by Rob Sauerwalt; seconded by Tim Ruff and motion carried.

-          Franc DiBari expressed concern regarding cash flow.

-          Covenant violations were discussed.

-          Discussed outstanding invoice from Rodney Signs of Apex.   Franc DiBari will investigate.

-          Card key for pool:  Sheri Fincher will finalize quotes.

-          Clubhouse; carpets have been cleaned and roof repaired.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned that all committee chairs and function heads should have a key to the clubhouse.  Motion seconded by Dawn Stokes.   Motion carried.


IX.  Old Business:

-          Franc DiBari motioned to discuss the proposed Pool Shade Structure at the February meeting; motion seconded by Rob Sauerwalt and motion carried.

-          Ron Fincher discussed ownership of double pond on Battlewood Drive.   He stated that we are not paying taxes on them.   Franc DiBari suggested contacting Dave Hausfeld about this.  Ron Fincher will handle this.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to table the pond maintenance contract until the pond ownership issue is resolved.  Motion seconded by Franc DiBari and motion carried.

-          Franc DiBari requested Ron Fincher to check into the possibility of a walkway around the pond on Weehawken.

-          Franc DiBari motioned to accept the AC contact.  Motion seconded by Tim Ruff.   Motion approved 3 to 2.

-          Discussion regarding the entrance sign on Holt Road.

-          Rodney’s Signs came in with a very high quote.  Franc motioned to table the purchase; seconded by Joe DiBari.   Motion carried.

-          Request to obtain two more quotes.

-          Motion by Rob Sauerwalt to obtain three (3) quotes for all expenditures over $500.00; minimum of two (2).  Seconded by Joe DiBari.   Motion carried.


X.  New Business:

-          Regarding appointment of new Board Members, Sheri suggested the Board misunderstands the Proxy process.   We may need to reword the current Proxy Statement.

-          There was a suggestion that maybe we do away with appointments and call a special meeting?

-          We need to agree on changing/updating our current documentation.

-          Franc DiBari suggested involving the Nomination Committee per the By-laws.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to delegate Nomination Proposals to the Nomination Committee.   Motion seconded by Franc DiBari and motion approved unanimously.

-          Brooks Depro volunteered to chair the newly formed Nominations Committee.

-          Rob Sauerwalt and Tim Ruff will represent the Board.

-          There were also two additional volunteers; Mark Sistare and Brad Bone.

-          Discussion regarding new ARB members.  Tim Ruff nominated Margo Bills and Dawn Bradley.  Rob Sauerwalt seconded Margo’s nomination.  Motion approved unanimously and motion carried.  Franc DiBari seconded Dawn’s nomination. Motion approved unanimously and motion carried.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to remove the Board President from the ARB.  Motion seconded by Franc DiBari.  Motion approved unanimously and motion carried.


XI.  Adjournment:

The next regular meeting will be Monday, February 23, 2004 at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse.  There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  Approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Joe Di Bari


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association