Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


March 29, 2004



Officers Present:                                  Franc DiBari, Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff,  Rob Sauerwalt, Dawn Stokes


Officers Absent:                                   None


Others Present:                                    Patty Baker, Carolyn Cuany, Ron and Sheri Fincher, Anders and Marie Hakansson, Wanda Hanley, Jason Horner, Hermen Jaffe, Ted Karl, Matt Stokes


I.   Open Forum:

-          Hermen Jaffe provided informational handouts from the Shearon-Harris Power Plant for distribution to new CV homeowners.

-          Hermen also informed the Board that he is waiting for additional specs regarding the Rec Lot Shade Structure.



II.  Call to Order:                                  The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:10 P.M.


III.  Establish Quorum:                         The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.



IV. Minutes Approved:

-          The February 23, 2004 minutes were approved as corrected.  Motion to approve by Rob Sauerwalt; seconded by Tim Ruff.


V.  President’s Report:

-          Rob Sauerwalt acknowledged and extended his ‘thanks’ to R.S. Fincher for their contributions and efforts since officially assuming the role as our Management Company.


VI. Treasurer’s Report:

-          Dawn Stokes provided detailed review of the Treasurer’s Report.

-          No major expenses to report.

-          Incorporated budget line item ‘Builder Assessment’ into line item ‘Builder/Developer Fees’.  Moved budget line item ‘Rec – Telephone’  from ‘Utility Expense’, back to ‘Recreation Area Expense’.

-          $40,000 of current assets  was deposited into a Money Market Account.

-          Dawn reported that we are doing well on Homeowner Association dues.

-          Dawn and Sheri Fincher will conduct a study of our Reserves.

-          There was discussion regarding the possibility of ‘rounding down’ and/or writing off single dollar amounts on the Homeowner Balance Summary.  Sheri Fincher will be looking into each account.


VII. Committee Reports:


Architectural (ARC)

-          Matt Stokes reported that three (3) Architectural Request Forms have been reviewed and four (4) violation letters submitted to R.S. Fincher and the ARB.

-          Review/rewriting of the current Architectural Standards and Guidelines is currently in progress.



-          No Report this month.



-          Ted Karl reported that there haven’t been too many updates to the website.

-          Requested updated committee rosters

-          Looking a possibility of creating an e-mail address for each committee.

-          Discussion regarding lack of input for CV Newsletter and that this is the 2nd consecutive time a Newsletter had not been sent out.  At a minimum, we should at least get an article from each committee. 

-          Dawn Stokes will contact Allison to get a Newsletter out to at least keep homeowners up todate.



-          Franc DiBari reported that the Grounds Committee would meet the 1st Wed of each month.

-          The old sign at the Hold Road/Templeton Gap entrance has been dismantled/removed.  Still waiting for permit to break ground for the new sign (should be this week).

-          R.S. Fincher will get quotes for electricity for the new sign.

-          Repairs for damaged column at main entrance schedule to start ASAP.

-          Franc had Fontaine look at grass around Holt Road/Templeton Gap entrance.

-          R.S. Fincher will get quotes for electricity for the new sign.

-          Ron Fincher has met with the Army Corp of Engineers to discuss blockage of wet area by the Rec Lot and Old Jenks Road.   Construction equipment cannot be taken in there because it is a designated wetland.

-          Discussion regarding obtaining quotes for new wood chips for the Rec Lot.  R.S. Fincher needs to know what material for the chips.  Franc to provide type of material to R.S. Fincher. 



-          Wanda Hanley reported the last meeting was held on March 9th.   Items discussed:

-          Pool Committee now has 9 members; 4 streets not yet represented.

-          Lap hours will be implemented.

-          Still discussing guest limit policy and Birthday Party policy

-          Pool Hotline / Answering machine.

-          Possibility of whiteboard outside by the pool.

-          Need to replace HRW signs around pool area.

-          Pool Committee voted for permanent shade structure vs. temporary structure.

-          Next meeting scheduled for April 13.



-          Patty Baker reported:

-          Flyers were distributed for the annual Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 3.  Nicole Ridout is coordinating.

-          Laura Linton is coordinating the annual Summer Pool party.   Plans are to have pizza delivered.

-          The Annual Fall Festival is scheduled for Sept 25, 4:00 – 8:00PM.

-          Next meeting is scheduled for May 3.


VIII.  Manager’s Report:

-          Submitted with Board package/included in the Agenda for the March 29 meeting.  Brief summary as reported by Sheri Fincher:

-          Financial Records for 2003 have been sent to the CPA for audit.

-          Taxes have been filed for 2003.

-          Forty violations letters will be mailed out to homeowners.

-          On site inspections are conducted by R.S. Fincher  every Thursday.

-          Rec Lot gate has been repaired.

-          Issue regarding slides in Rec Lot attracting heat;  need to find out what colors are available that would reflect the sun.  R.S. Fincher needs to know the name of the Company.

-          Ron Fincher discussed immediate repairs required in the pool area, i.e., Filler tube needs to be redone (very dangerous as is now) and install special caulking on section of pool deck.  Both repair items should come out of the pool budget; Board approval not required.


IX.  Old Business:

-          Pool Card Keys:

-          Reviewed the 3 bids for the pool card keys:

·         $5,400 (Innovative), $6,906.20 (Marshall’s) and $8,347.93 (Citadel)

-          Dawn Stokes spoke for several homeowners who questions why we did not opt to just replace the gate vs. purchasing a new card key system.

-          Old key would be turned in for the card key.

-          Ron Fincher suggest we, as the Board, meet with Citadel.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to approve Citadel for $8,300.  Motion died due to lack of no second (much discussion on card keys, timing, logistics, etc.)

-          Debate on whether to issue 1 or 2 card keys per homeowner.

-          Motion by Dawn Stokes to approve bid from Citadel to install card key lock on pool gate and clubhouse front door and seconded by Rob Sauerwalt.  The motion was approved unanimously.

-          Templeton Gap/Holt Road entrance sign:

-           Approved; remove from agenda.

-          Play Area Shading:

-          Tabled; no discussion.

-          Pool Shade Structure:

-          Wanda Hanley provided detailed handout and presented bids.

-          Budget is $17,000 and is not coming out of Operating Fund.

-          Ron Fincher expressed concerns regarding inspection times.

-          Pool Committee recommends using West/Dex, but they’re $4,000 over budget.

-          Pool Committee also recommends starting construction now with a definite delayed pool opening.

-          Motion by Franc DiBari to approve bid from West/Dex with addendum to include ceiling fan and electric work without additional cost.  Motion seconded by Rob Sauerwalt and approved with Dawn Stokes abstaining.

-          Rob Sauerwalt suggested having an ‘open house’ to present the structure to the community.

-          Dawn Stokes suggested a ‘suggestion box’ to gather input/ideas.

-          Franc DiBari suggested a joint newsletter informing the community about the pool shade structure and the card key access.

-          Pond Maintenance:

-          Franc DiBari motioned to table discussion to next month’s meeting.  Motion seconded by Rob Sauerwalt; motion carried.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to table discussion regarding greenway issue to next month’s meeting.  Motion seconded by Franc DiBari; motion carried.


X.  New Business:

-          Rob Sauerwalt requested R.S. Fincher to obtain quotes for bulletin board w/closeable plexiglass doors to be installed in pool area.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to table discussion regarding greenway issue to next month’s meeting.  Motion seconded by Franc DiBari; motion carried.


XI.  Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 26, 2004 at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse


Respectfully submitted,



Joe Di Bari


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association