Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


May 24, 2004



Officers Present:                                  Franc DiBari, Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff, Dawn Stokes


Officers absent:                                    Rob Sauerwalt


Others Present:                                    Patty and Marc Baker, Betty and Kenton Cowick, Brooks Depro, Darrin Dexter, Ron and Sheri Fincher, Wanda Hanley, Hermen Jaffe, Brigid Lowman, Cassandra McMillan, Donna Mullis, Theresa Rubes, Charles Smith, Tim Stiles, Matt Stokes, Kim Warren, Bobbiann Waterson, MaryAnne Williams


I.   Open Forum:

-          Request to purchase vacuum cleaner for the Clubhouse.

-          Patty Baker presented petition with signatures/comments from 67 homeowners regarding location of her basketball goal at 2007 Battlewood Road.  Lengthy discussion (1 hour) ensued with statements from Ms. Baker, Board Members, Sheri Fincher and several homeowners providing their input as well.  In collaboration with R.S. Fincher, the Board informed Ms. Baker that she would receive a formal response, stating the Board’s position, by Friday, May 28.



II.  Call to Order:                                  The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 7:10 P.M;  Franc DiBari acting as President.


III.  Establish Quorum:                         The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.



IV. Minutes Approved:

-          The April 26, 2004 minutes were approved as corrected.  Motion to approve by Joe DiBari; seconded by Dawn Stokes.  Motion carried.


V.  President’s Report:

-          No formal report this month; Rob Sauerwalt not in attendance.


VI. Treasurer’s Report:

-          Dawn Stokes provided detailed review of the Treasurer’s Report.

-          Air Conditioning bill for Clubhouse was double paid.  The overpayment will be corrected.

-          Financials:  Suggested we take a closer look at the money we are spending.

-          Concern regarding expenses for pool chemical/supplies.  Dawn will look into.

-          Thirty-five homeowners are delinquent on Homeowner Association dues.

-          The $235 pool permit, shown as an expense for line item ‘Recreation Other/Misc. will be moved to the ‘Pool Contract (Summer/Winter)’ line item under Recreation Area Expense.

-          Dawn asked when Budget requests are due for 2005; they are due the end of August 2004.  Dawn will be asking the committees for their proposed budgets.


VII. Committee Reports:


Architectural (ARC)

·         Matt Stokes reported:

-          Ten (10) Architectural Request Forms have been reviewed; eight (8) recommended for approval, one (1) not approved, and one (1) recommended with conditional approval.

-          Four (4) violation letters submitted to R.S. Fincher and the ARB.

-          Review/rewriting of the current Architectural Standards and Guidelines is currently in progress.



-          No Report this month.



-          No report this month.



·         Franc DiBari reported:

-          The brickwork for the new sign at the Hold Road/Templeton Gap entrance has been completed.  Now waiting for the wooden insert that reads ‘Charleston Village’.

-          Requests for bids to remove dead trees located near the pool area parking lot have been sent out.



·         Wanda Hanley reported:

-          The annual Summer Pool Party was a huge success.

-          Lap hours still being determined.   Hermen Jaffe recommended that lap swimmers should not be allowed to swim alone for safety reasons.

-          Pool Committee is reviewing the possibility of extending the pool hours until 9:00PM for a four-week period during peak season.

-          Researching installation of a beverage machine in the pool area.

-          Discussion regarding private swim lessons.  Sheri informed the Board and the Pool Committee that she has spoken with insurance underwriters and they do not recommend private lessons.  Net is, insurance is the issue.



·         Donna Mulls reported:

-          Annual summer Luau at the pool is scheduled for Saturday, June 26.

-          The Annual Fall Festival is now scheduled for Sept 18, 4:00 – 8:00PM.  This year’s event will include a hot dog vendor (hot dogs not included in cost of admission), clown, rides, slide, etc.   Contracting of rides is contingent upon obtaining Certificate of Insurance.


New Committee Volunteers

·         The following attendees signed up as volunteers for Committee membership:

-          Architectural:  Kenton Cowick, Cassandra McMillan, James Miller, MaryAnne Williams

-          Grounds:  Kenton Cowick, Cassandra McMillan, Tim Stiles,


VIII.  Manager’s Report:

·         Brief summary as reported by Sheri Finisher:

-          Copy of the Management Company’s Report was furnished with the Agenda for the May 24, 2004 meeting and submitted as part of the Board package for same meeting.

-          Requested money to pay for repairs to the new card key system.

-          Requested to order an additional 100 card keys @$2.50 each.


IX.  Old Business:

-          Pool card keys are working well.

-          Sheri Fincher requested that committee heads and regular scheduled calendar events are given access to the new card key system.  Motion to approve by Tim Ruff; seconded by Joe DiBari.   Motion carried.

-          Discussed trees for Rec Lot area shading (ref item D in Board Package).  The Maple trees will provide shade after about 5+ more years of growth.

-          Hermen Jaffe submitted petition to the Board with ninety-five signatures supporting installation of a shade structure over the Rec Lot area, using money currently budgeted for the pool area shade structure.

-          Submitted one bid from the Austin Shade Company for $5,406.

-          Requested Board to act on now.

-          No motion made to approve the one current bid.

-          Board requested additional bids.

-          Pond maintenance:

-          Homeowner explained that the pond on Battlewood is in good shape, i.e., fish, turtles, etc.

-          Tim Ruff motioned to table pond maintenance at this time; seconded by Joe DiBari.

-          Tim Ruff informed the Board that he has found someone who will be willing to chair the new Nomination Committee.


X.  New Business:

-          Tim Ruff motioned to approve the $1,200 repair to the clubhouse cupola by A-Z Contract Services (ref page 43 of Board Package).  Motion seconded by Joe DiBari;

-          Removal of dead trees around pool parking lot tabled at this time.

-          Laura Linton submitted request to the Board for an additional $300 for the Luau event in June.  Joe DiBari motioned to approve the request; seconded by Tim Ruff.  Motion carried.

-          Bids to paint/make repairs to Clubhouse interior reviewed.   Tim Ruff motioned to award contract to Eastern Paint Contractors for $1,375 versus Painting Your World for $2,550;  seconded by Joe DiBari.  Motion carried.

-          Joe DiBari motioned to table bulletin board until next month’s meeting; seconded by Dawn Stokes.  Motion carried.

-          Reviewed bid to install electric hook-up for new sign at the Holt Rd/Templeton Gap entrance.  Joe DiBari motioned to approve bid from Seagroves Electrical Service, Inc. for $925; seconded by Tim Ruff.  Motion carried.

-          Concern regarding Drees sign that still exits at main entrance on Old Jenks Rd.  Sheri Fincher advised Board that Drees has been contacted to remove the sign.

-          Tim Ruff motioned to approve the purchase of an additional 100 card keys @$2.50 each; seconded by Dawn Stokes.  Motion carried.


XI.  Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 9:12 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 28, 2004 at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse


Respectfully submitted,



Joe Di Bari


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association