Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


June 28, 2004



Officers Present:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff, Rob Sauerwalt, Dawn Stokes


Officers absent:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Franc DiBari


Others Present:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Patty and Marc Baker, Brooks Depro, Darrin Dexter, Rich and Penny Fields, Sheri Fincher, Connie Friedline, Herman Jaffe, Cassandra McMillan, Donna Mullis, Theresa Rubes, Matt Stokes,

I.†† Open Forum:

         Rich and Penny Field presented their findings regarding the use of liquid chemicals vs. granular chemicals for the pool.

-          Automated chemical disbursement equipment would cost approximately $4,000.

-          To date, for 2004, we are currently using twice as many chemicals as last year.

-          No increase is anticipated for next year.

-          Rich will do a further study to present to the Board at a later date.


         Herman Jaffe discussed the Rec Lot Shade Structure.

-          Stated those homeowners who signed his petition, want the shade structure immediately.

-          Received quotes from Custom Canvas for $11,439 and Awesome Awnings for $10.283.

-          Mr. Jaffe asked that we use Custom Canvas and wants permission from the Board to finalize a contract with them.† Custom Canvas would require a 50% deposit as well.

-          Cassandra McMillan questioned 1) who would be responsible for cleaning up bacteria on equipment if shade structure is built? and 2) who decides if the rec lot shade structure should be approved or not?† Also questioned why open dialogue is not part of the Open Forum?


         Patty Baker opened discussion regarding the response she received from the Association addressing the location of her basketball goal at 2007 Battlewood Road.† This was ensued by lengthy discussions (1 hour) with statements from Ms. Baker, Board Members and Sheri Fincher.† Several homeowners expressed their views on this issue and addressed questions to the Board.




II.† Call to Order:††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 7:03 P.M.


III.† Establish Quorum:†††††††††††††††††††††††† The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.



IV. Minutes Approved:

-          The May 24, 2004 minutes were approved as corrected.† Motion to approve by Tim Ruff; seconded by Dawn Stokes.† Motion carried.


V.† Presidentís Report:

-          Rob acknowledged a special Ďthank youí to Dawn Stokes and noted that the budget is a large focal point.


VI. Treasurerís Report:

-          Dawn Stokes provided detailed review of the Treasurerís Report.

-          Expense for Rec Telephone to be moved from Recreation Area Expense to Telephone Expense line item under Utility Expense.

-          Funds for the Opening Pool Party moved from Social Events to Recreation Other/Misc. line item under Recreation Area Expense.

-          Expense for Printing and Postage moved to CV Website line item under Administrative Expenses.

-          Thirty-four homeowners are delinquent on Homeowner Association dues.

-          Pool attendant expense of $3,045 was paid in May, but will appear as paid in August.

-          Letters have been prepared requesting committees for their 2005 proposed budgets.

-          Finances:† Over in some areas, better in some, i.e., column repair.

-          $24,000 was budgeted to come out of the reserves.

-          We are $20,685 over planned expenses in the approved budget.

-          To date, for 2004, we are currently under the approved budget for utilities by $1,200.

-          The sum of $36,585 will come out of Reserves which includes funds for the pool shade structure and the new signs.

-          Discussion regarding budget review at Novemberís Annual Meeting.

-          Some discrepancies were noted between R.S. Fincherís financial numbers and the treasurerís report.† A meeting will be scheduled to review and resolve the discrepancies.

-          The letters being sent to the committee chairs requesting their 2005 budgets will focus on large budget items.


VII. Committee Reports:


Architectural (ARC)

         Matt Stokes reported:

-          Nine (9) Architectural Request Forms have been reviewed and either recommended for approval or recommended with conditional approval.

-          One (1) violation letter submitted to R.S. Fincher and the ARB.



         No formal Report by a committee chair this month.† However, Sheri Fincher noted that there is a water leak inside one of the interior walls and will be looked at.


         Rob Sauerwalt reported:

-          Rob is currently organizing the next Newsletter scheduled for distribution in August.

-          Board Members were asked to contribute input/articles.

-          Currently reviewing the process for handling advertisements in the Newsletter.



         No report this month.



         No report this month.



         Donna Mulls reported:

-          Attendance at Juneís annual Summer Luau was not as high as expected; possibly due to vacations.† Next yearís Luau may be scheduled after school opens.

-          In preparation for the Fall Carnival (Sept 18, 3:00 Ė 7:00PM), the 1st ride vendor did not have insurance.† A 2nd vendor is being looked at.

-          The annual Halloween Parade is being planned.† Date to be announced.





Nomination Committee

         Tim Ruff requested that the Nomination Committee be included in the Agenda, under Committee Reports.



VIII.† Managerís Report:

         Brief summary as reported by Sheri Fincher:

-          Copy of the Management Companyís Report was furnished with the Agenda for the June 28, 2004 meeting and submitted as part of the Board package for same meeting.

-          Electric meter for new sign at Holt Road entrance should be installed within the next week.

-          R.S. Fincher will obtain quotes to have the CV Website maintained professionally.† Annual expense could be about $1,000.

-          Fines have been implemented for the homeowner at 1815 Keokuk for parking an unlicensed vehicle on the said premises.


IX.† Old Business:

-          Sheri Fincher reported that repairs to the clubhouse cupola have been delayed due to wrong parts being ordered.

-          Appointment of Board Members/Nomination Committee:†

-          Tim Ruff reported he would be the chairperson.

-          August 15 is final date to get names on ballot.

-          Committee members to date are Bradley Bone, Marc Sistare, Bobbiann Waterson, Rob Sauerwalt and Tim Ruff (chairperson).


X.† New Business:

-          Next meeting scheduled for August 23, 2004 (4th Monday of the month).

-          Rec lot shade structure:

-          Petition submitted by Herman Jaffe, technically, is not legal.

-          Need to check with Wake County for any laws/restrictions that pertain to shade structures

-          Need to factor in communityís preference.

-          Rob expressed concern regarding the money we are spending.

-          If approved, money to fund this project could come from the Reserves and/or Operating Expenses.

-          Tim Ruff advised that the shade structure would have to follow the Architectural review process.

-          It was suggested that Herman Jaffe form a committee for this proposed project and provide a presentation at the clubhouse for community awareness.

-          From the treasurerís perspective, financially, this could not be budgeted for the current year.

-          Discussed possibility of a referendum to address this project at the Annual Meeting or obtain opinions from the entire community.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned for a referendum vote at the Annual Meeting in Nov; seconded by Tim Ruff.† Motion carried.

-          Sutton Place Subdivision:

-          Discussion regarding e-mail from Pulte Homes, requesting to purchase membership for 77 homeowners to have access to the CV pool/clubhouse in return for CV residents to have access to the Sutton Place Ďtot lotí.

-          Tim Ruff suggested we form a partnership with Pulte Homes and make a counter proposal.

-          Briefly discussed possibility of selling undeveloped land to Pulte Homes.

-          Dawn Stokes motioned to deny access request to the pool; seconded by Rob Sauerwalt.† Motion carried.

-          Website Maintenance:

-          Sheri Fincher suggested to outsource this professionally; the contractor would not be biased.

-          One option was to postpone until next year.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned for R.S. Fincher to obtain quotes; seconded by Joe DiBari.† Motion carried.


-          Bulletin Board:

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to defer until next year; seconded by Joe DiBari.† Motion carried.

-          Annual Meeting:

-          Tim Ruff motioned for this yearís Annual Meeting to be scheduled for November 10, 2004; seconded by Dawn Stokes.† Motion carried.

-          Card Key Replacement:

-          Homeowners are to go to R.S. Fincherís office.† Fee for initial new card key is $10,00.† There will be a $25.00 replacement fee for lost/stolen card keys.

-          Special Meeting (re:† Bakerís basketball goal):

-          Can the homeowner request 2/3 vote to obtain an exception to the Architectural Guidelines/Specifications?† Sheri Fincher will check with our attorney.

-          Currently, there is no issue in front of the Board to vote on.

-          Is there a need to call a special meeting?† If so, what is the content/purpose? i.e.,† guideline change.

-          The homeowner should schedule a special meeting and have legal representation (attorney).

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned for R.S. Fincher to have our attorney send a letter to the homeowner, providing guidance for requesting a special meeting and again reiterate the alternative to relocate the basketball goal to the backyard.



XI.† Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 9:08 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 27, 2004 at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse


Respectfully submitted,



Joe Di Bari


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association