Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


August 23, 2004



Officers Present:                                  Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff, Rob Sauerwalt, Dawn Stokes


Officers absent:                                    Franc DiBari


Others Present:                                    Margo Bills, Anton Calloway, Brooks Depro, Jennifer Dexter, Rich and Penny Fields, Sheri Fincher, Connie Friedline, Wanda Hanley, Herman Jaffe, James Miller, Matt Stokes, James Trbovich,

I.   Open Forum:

·         Herman Jaffe noted that the August Newsletter did not include a schedule for future Board Meetings.


·         Margo Bills expressed concern regarding the berm along Holt Road near the Passaic Way entrance.

-          The berm is not being maintained by homeowners; very unsightly compared to berms that border other subdivisions along Holt Road.

-          Strong concerns that this will eventually attract rodents.

-          Sheri Fincher advised that she has already contacted the DOT and that this issue is also included in the Management Company’s Report, Section 3, Grounds.


·         Margo Bills expressed concern regarding the unregistered vehicle at 1815 Keokuk.  This issue was also addressed as part of the Manager’s Report at the June 28 BOD Meeting.  Fines have been implemented for the homeowner for parking an unlicensed vehicle on the said premises.


·         Jennifer Dexter requested clarification from the Board regarding the new Open Forum format to be implemented at next Board Meeting and procedure for getting on the agenda.


·         Wanda Hanley discussed two proposals regarding committees:

-          Proposed incentive for residents who sign up for committee membership, i.e., if member remains on Committee for a specified period of time, he/she will be entitled to one (1) free clubhouse rental.

-          Suggested that the Clubhouse Committee consist of a representative from each group/committee who uses the clubhouse on regular scheduled basis, i.e., Bunko, Scrapbook, etc.



II.  Call to Order:                                  The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:21 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum:                         The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.



IV. Minutes Approved:

-          The June 28, 2004 minutes were approved as is.  Motion to approve by Rob Sauerwalt; seconded by Tim Ruff.  Motion carried.


V.  President’s Report:

-          Rob once again expressed dire need for committee volunteers/membership.

-          Rob announced Franc DiBari’s resignation as Vice President of the CV HOA Board of Directors, effective August 23, 2004.


VI. Treasurer’s Report:

-          Dawn Stokes provided detailed review of the Treasurer’s Report.

-          Expense for the Luau, i.e., $300.00 transferred from Pool Party to Social Events–Other line item under Social Events.

-          Pool opening expense of $545.98 transferred from Social Events to Pool Parties line item under Rec.Misc./Other.

-          Expense for Newsletter transferred from Printing & Postage to CV Website line item under Administrative Expenses.

-          Thirty homeowners are delinquent on Homeowner Association dues.

-          Main expense for remainder of 2004 is pool chemicals; currently over budget by $371.00

-          Letters requesting 2005 budgets have been sent to the committees.  Responses are due by August 31.  To date, only the Social Committee has responded.

-          Reserve study is in progress.  Dawn will be meeting with Ron Fincher.


VII. Committee Reports:


Architectural (ARC)

·         Matt Stokes reported:

-          Four (4) Architectural Request Forms have been reviewed and recommended for approval.



·         No formal Report by a committee chair this month.  However, Rich Fields noted that one of the clubhouse doors exiting to the pool area was slightly damaged, either by attempted forced entry or possibly by a recent contract as noted by Sheri Fincher.

·         Sheri Fincher suggested the Board consider a cleaning service.   RS Fincher will inquire about per visit fee vs. regular scheduled cleanings.



·         No report this month.



·         Tim Ruff reported:

-          Anton Calloway has volunteered as the Chairperson for the Grounds Committee.



·         Tim Ruff reported:

-          Updating of the Architectural Standards and Specifications is in its 3rd draft with additional comments/updates still coming in.

-          Updates will be completed for mailing prior to the Annual Meeting and possibly, prior to September’s meeting.



·         Wanda Hanley reported:

-          Requested additional funding for pool attendant on weekdays from 4:00  - 8:00 PM or just on weekends, due to recent incidents attributed to without a pool attendant.

-          Wanda has spoken with the contractor for the pool shade structure, West/Dex.  In preparation for digging the footings, maps could not be located showing what lies beneath the pavement.  Options:  We can either sign a waiver, releasing West/Dex from any liability if anything is damaged while digging for the footings, request No-Kutz to mark those utilities (if any) below the pavement or ask the Town of Apex for assistance.



·         Connie Friedline reported:

-          In preparation for the Fall Carnival (Sept 18, 3:00 – 7:00 PM), requested that the Board ensure the lawn around the clubhouse will be okay to use, i.e., Fontaine has not applied any Fall lawn treatment, no aeration, grass is mowed, etc.

-          The final social event for 2004 will be the annual Halloween Parade.  Date to be announced (not to coincide with Town of Apex activities).


VIII.  Manager’s Report:

·         Brief summary as reported by Sheri Fincher:

-          Management Company’s Report was furnished with the Agenda for the August 23, 2004 meeting and submitted as part of the Board package for same meeting.

-          We have not received the audit yet.  Auditor has until August 31 to complete and return.

-          The basis for sending violation letters, i.e., yard letters, regarding unkept lawns has been revised to accommodate for weather conditions.

-          The light for the new sign at the Holt Road entrance will be turned on.

-          Some discussion regarding height of the light fixture in front of new sign (too high?).  Agreed that plantings will compensate for height.

-          Two quotes regarding Website maintenance are included in the Agenda package.

-          Repairs on the clubhouse cupola have been completed.

-          It was suggested that maybe our landscaper, Fontaine, assume responsibility for maintaining the berm alongside Holt Road near the Passaic Way entrance.


IX.  Old Business:

-          Homeowners are encouraged to submit names of candidates for new Board members in time to be mailed to the community in September.

-          Website Maintenance;  RS Fincher has obtained two (2) quotes.  Ref pages 70 and 71 of the Board package.   Connie Friedline has also submitted name of an individual who would provide this service free of charge, in exchange for advertising only.  Sheri Fincher will contact this person to obtain references and understand level of commitment.


X.  New Business:

·         Appointment of Board Members:

-          Rob noted that it is our ‘obligation’ as a Board to appoint new Board members.

-          Tim Ruff motioned that Dawn Stokes backfill Franc DiBari’s term.

-          Rob Sauerwalt amended motion to include that Dawn accepts to backfill, but remains as Treasurer until the Annual Meeting in November; seconded by Joe DiBari.  Two Board members voted in favor, Rob Sauerwalt voted against, Dawn Stokes abstained.

·         Appointment of Committee chairpersons:

-          Erika Sauerwalt will act as temporary chairperson for the Clubhouse Committee.

-          Anton Calloway will be the chairperson for the Grounds Committee.

·         Combine ARC and ARB:

-          Dawn Stokes commented about the term of the ARB Chairperson being one year only.

-          If combined, membership remains a minimum of three members; a maximum of eleven.

-          Tim Ruff referred to a letter he received from a past committee member stating the pros and cons of such a merge.

-          General consensus is that we will have a sufficient number of volunteers for membership.

-          It was noted that RS Fincher is doing a good job screening all Architectural Request Forms.

-          Joe DiBari motioned to combine the ARC and ARB.  Rob Sauerwalt amended motion, specifying the current ARC and ARB chairs work together to compile a candidate list of members for the combined entity.  Dawn Stokes further amended, adding that both chairs work on procedures and possible changes (if required); seconded by Rob Sauerwalt.  Motion carried.

·         Amend Rental Agreement and Clubhouse Rules:

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to grant exception to current Clubhouse general rules, to accommodate rental request from James Trbovich; seconded by Tim Ruff.  Motion carried.

-          It was agreed to modify/delete Clubhouse general rules, i.e., items 6, 7, 19, 20, 21 and correct existing typos where necessary.  Key changes:  Alcohol, DJ’s, bands are now allowed. Motion by Tim Ruff to change the general rules; seconded by Joe DiBari.  Motion carried.

·         Amend Open Forum:

-          There is a proposal to amend the current open forum format at the monthly meetings.  The change would allow a homeowner to have an initial 10 minutes (more time if necessary) to establish dialogue, address and interact with the Board.  However, the homeowner must first contact RS Fincher NLT the Thursday preceding the meeting, requesting to be added to the Agenda. 

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to implement the change; Tim Ruff seconded.  Motion carried.

·         Pool:

-          It has been reported that several incidents have occurred at the pool, especially between 4:00 – 8:00 PM and on weekends, since the Pool Attendant’s hours have expired.

-          Resuming Pool Attendant activity on the pool premises would cost about $1,360 to pay for additional Pool Attendant hours.

-          This money is not budgeted for 2004 and would reduce the transfer of reserves carried.

-          Tim Ruff motioned to reinstate the Pool Attendant from 4:00 – 8:00 PM.  Rob Sauerwalt amended the motion for approval of up to $1,360 and to ensure coverage for the Labor Day weekend.  Motion seconded by Dawn Stokes; motion carried.

·         Executive Session:

-          7:55 – 8:15 PM



XI.  Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 27, 2004 at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse


Respectfully submitted,



Joe Di Bari


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association