Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


September 27, 2004



Officers Present:                                  Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff, Rob Sauerwalt, Dawn Stokes


Officers absent:                                   


Others Present:                                    Margo Bills, Marc Baker, Becky Berbert, Margie Boezeman, Roger Boezeman, Anton Calloway, Rich Fields, Sheri Fincher, Wanda Hanley, Donna Mullis, Matt Stokes, Linda Vraibel

I.   Open Forum:

-          Becky Berbert expressed concern regarding beaver activity in the pond located near Weehawken Place.


II.  Call to Order:                                  The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:02 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum:                         The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.



IV. Minutes Approved:

-          The August 23, 2004 minutes were approved w/ corrections.  Motion to approve by Rob Sauerwalt; seconded by Tim Ruff.  Motion carried.


V.  President’s Report:

-          Rob reiterated that the 2005 budget will require focus for the upcoming Annual Meeting on November 3.

-          Construction for the new pool shade structure should be starting soon.


VI. Treasurer’s Report:

-          Dawn Stokes provided a review of the Treasurer’s Report.

-          Expense for collection letters was moved back under Expense => Management.

-          The cost for the phone line at the clubhouse is now included in the cost of the electronic lock system for the clubhouse front door.

-          Draft of the 2005 budget was briefly discussed; items still pending.  Should be completed within two weeks.

-          Twenty-seven homeowners are delinquent on Homeowner Association dues.

-          A meeting was held with RS Fincher on August 31, 2004 (Dawn Stokes and Margo Bills attending) regarding the Reserve study.  The recommendation is to move the four CD’s and North State Bank Reserve MM monies from Current Assets to Reserves under Equity.   Motion to approve by Dawn Stokes; seconded by Rob Sauerwalt.  Motion carried.


VII. Committee Reports:


Architectural (ARC)

·         Matt Stokes reported:

-          Four (4) Architectural Request Forms have been reviewed; three (3) recommended for approval.






·         Penny Field reported:

-          Committee now has two (2) members.

-          Rules and Regulations need to be defined.

-          Clubhouse needs to be sprayed for ants.

-          Chairs and carpeting require cleaning.

-          Clubhouse committee is responsible for taking out the trash, not Fontaine Landscaping.




·         No formal Chairperson reporting, however, the following was discussed amongst the Board members:

-          RS Fincher received bid from Wells Web Works for $150.00 (with option to keep Yahoo).

-          Dawn Stokes informed the Board that David Randal in interested in running the website again; waiting for confirmation from David.

-          Tim Ruff motioned to renew current contract for 2 year term for $170.00; seconded by Rob Sauerwalt.  Motion carried.

-          Rob Sauerwalt requested article input from committees by 10/15 for input to the next Newsletter (final newsletter for 2004).



·         Anton Calloway reported:

-          In preparation for the Fall Carnival, Anton confirmed with Fontaine Landscaping that no work is to be done to the lawn prior to this event.

-          Budget for the Grounds Committee was submitted (excluding the Rec Lot shade structure).

-          Some discussion regarding $3,226.21 for Rec Lot repairs.   Anton will inquire with the contractor for the best recommendation and report back to the Board.

-          Committee membership is now five (5) people and the committee meets the 2nd Thursday of every month.

-          Spoke with town officials as to what projects/items require Apex approval or not, i.e., drainage issues, greenway repairs, etc.

-          Discussed drainage problem in front of homes along Templeton Gap that is creating a slippery algae on the sidewalks.

-          The new committee reviewed the ‘to do’ list received from the previous committee.

-          Inquired about speed reduction bumps (referred to as ‘Traffic Calming Devices’ by the Town) with the town of Apex.  Fire Officials expressed concerns, i.e., delayed responses, re-injuries, etc.

-          Homeowner on Passaic Way does not want an entrance sign similar to the sign previously erected at the Templeton Gap/Holt Road entrance.

-          Dawn Stokes reported that sprinkler heads located near the Gazebo are leaking.

-          Rob Sauerwalt requested landscaping be done at the Templeton Gap/Hold Road entrance, to install plants around the light (the power has yet to be turned on).

-          Rich Field asked about maintenance of the berm along Holt Road near the Passaic Way entrance.  

-          RS Fincher called Fontaine Landscaping to inquire about maintaining the berm.  Fontaine would charge $650.00 for the initial clean-up and $50.00 for each additional visit.



·         Tim Ruff reported:

-          Revised Architectural Standards and Specifications (4th draft) was sent out with people requesting additional changes, specifically FCC/Satellite Dishes.  One more review/pass will be required.

-          The newly combined ARB/ARC can have 3 – 11 members; 7 would be ideal.

-          Four names were submitted to the Board for nomination to the committee:  Matt Stokes, Phil Stork, David Kester and Bradley Bone.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to accept Matt Stokes; Tim Ruff seconded.   Motion carried.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to accept Phil Stork; Joe DiBari seconded.   3 in favor with Tim Ruff abstaining.  Motion carried.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to accept Bradley Bone; Tim Ruff seconded.  Motion carried.

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to accept David Kester; Dawn Stokes seconded.  2 in favor, Tim Ruff abstained and Joe DiBari against.   Motion carried.



·         Wanda Hanley reported:

-          The pool is closing for the season, Thursday, September 30.

-          The contractor for the pool shade structure has been calling Dawn with questions.  Dawn is to redirect the calls to Ron Fincher.

-          The 2005 Pool Committee budget has been submitted to the Treasurer.

-          Received estimate from Smith’s Pool Service for resurfacing the pool (p. 44 of agenda package).  Penny Field recommends using this company.  Need to vote on this before the end of the year.



·         Donna Mullis reported:

-          Due to inclement weather, the Fall Carnival is now scheduled for Oct 3, 2004.

-          The Apex Fire Department can not attend on the new date for the Carnival.

-          There are only twelve (12) volunteers as opposed to the thirty plus (30+) who signed-up for the original date.


VIII.  Manager’s Report:

·         Brief summary as reported by Sheri Fincher:

-          The painting recently completed in the clubhouse has not been done to our satisfaction.  Ron Fincher will meet with the contractor.

-          The revised clubhouse rules, included in the Agenda package, will require additional changes.

-          Refer to Management Company’s Report in the Agenda package for complete report.


IX.  Old Business:

-          Rob Sauerwalt motioned to table website maintenance until the Board receives formal response from David Randal (see Communications section above); seconded by Dawn Stokes.  Motion carried.


X.  New Business:

·         2004 Annual Meeting:

-          RS Fincher will schedule the CC Jones Bldg in Apex for the meeting.

-          Letter was sent out for committee nominees.

-          Can not locate copy of the 2003 Annual Meeting minutes; need to obtain a copy somewhere.

-          Discussed and proposed changes to rewrite the PROXY Authorization and Appointment Letter and the PROXY Form.

-          Annual Meeting Agenda Package Contents were reviewed and approved.

·         Tim Ruff proposed renaming ‘Open Forum’ to something more meaningful to the community.

·         Rob Sauerwalt motioned to approve pool resurfacing/painting and obtaining bids for in-pool lighting; seconded by Dawn Stokes.  Motion carried.

·         Dawn Stokes will do another pass of the 2005 budget and schedule a meeting for the Board to discuss the changes.

·         Discussion regarding berm along Holt Road near Passaic Way entrance.

-          Decision made to enforce homeowner’s responsibility to maintain berm behind their properties.  (Note:  there was discussion in the Grounds committee section above to have Fontaine Landscaping maintain this berm).

-          Homeowners will receive 1st letter advising to clean-up berm within 30 days.  A 2nd final notice will be sent out at 60 days.

-          If no action is taken by the homeowner, the work will be completed by a contractor and the homeowner will incur the expense.

·         Yard Letters:

-          The letter will be reworded to appear friendlier to the recipient.

·         Executive Session:

-          8:48 PM – 9:59 PM



XI.  Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 25 at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse.


Respectfully submitted,



Joe Di Bari


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association