Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


November 22, 2004



Officers Present:          Anton Callaway, Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff, Dawn Stokes


Officers Absent:           Donna Mullis


Others Present:            John Cotton Sr., Marc Baker, Margie Boezeman, Roger Boezeman, Rich Fields, Penny Fields, Sheri Fincher, Ron Fincher, Herman Jaffe, Linda Vraibel, Brooks Depro, Carol Hamilton

I.   Open Forum:

            Linda Vraibel asked about the process of deciding who receives letters citing yard non-compliance and expressed concern that the current method of determining who receives letters may be somewhat subjective.  Tim Ruff mentioned that the drive-by inspections are done on Thursdays by the property management company and this information could be useful in planning yard maintainer's to avoid citations.  Linda suggested that sending reminder letters to everyone, rather than singling out individuals may be an option to consider.  Anton Callaway suggested that letters to everyone may increase confusion, but that, as for any process, there is room for improvement and the process for determining who gets letters is being reviewed by the board and that the discussion to improve the fairness and other aspects of the process will continue in the near future.  Roger Boezeman mentioned that the language in the letters could be simplified for better understanding of homeowners for whom English is not their first language.


II.  Call to Order:          The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:14 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum: The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.


IV. Minutes Approved:  The October 2004 minutes were approved w/corrections.  Motion to approve was requested by Tim Ruff, the motion was made by Joe DiBari; seconded by Anton Callaway.  Motion carried.  The Annual Meeting minutes were requested by Tim Ruff.  They were not available and Dawn asked if they would be available at the January meeting.  Joe DiBari agreed to bring them to the January meeting.


V.  President's Report:  Tim introduced the new members of the board. 


VI. Treasurer's Report:  Dawn Stokes provided a review of the Treasurer's Report.  The dues collection is OK.  There are 32 homeowners who are late in paying dues, but 25 of those are 1 month or less in the late amount.  Expenses ($35) for the repairs to the fence on Holt Road were moved to the Grounds maintainer's extras.  The description of Liabilities & Equity was modified by adding a line "Cash Reserves (Capital Improve) -Other" to separate capital improvements from reserve.


VII. Committee Reports:

Architectural (ARB/ARC)  Joe DiBari reported:  Eleven (11) Architectural Request Forms have been reviewed; seven (7) were approved and four (4) were not approved, all four due to missing signatures.  Sheri Fincher mentioned that this group included the first ever rejection due to owners who were not adjacent but could view the property from their home and asked how one makes the determination of whether a homeowner has a view of a property being reviewed.  Joe mentioned that the lot plans are used in this determination.  Tim suggested that the question of how "a view" is determined be discussed at the next ARB meeting.  Joe asked how this question was addressed in the past.  Sheri said that those properties that shared a border with the reviewed property had been the primary determinant.  Tim suggested that the layout may determine sight and that the question may be best addressed on a case-by-case basis, but it is mainly based on bordering properties. 

            Joe initiated a discussion of the revised guidelines for the ARB.  Dawn asked how that will be handled.  Joe will bring a copy of the revised version to the next meeting and added that they could bring in new members for the committee.  Tim suggested that old members could also be retained.  Dawn (Stokes) mentioned that the terms of Dawn Bradley and Margo Bills were up. 



            No report.  Committee members not present.




            Anton Callaway reported:

                It was mentioned that playground (Rec. Lot) upkeep would be discussed later in the meeting as several quotes were available and extra discussion may be required.  

Anton asked if the management company representatives had any new information regarding the lighting of the sign on Holt Rd. at the Templeton Gap entrance as  Sheri had volunteered to perform future follow-up of this activity in a recent email.  Ron Fincher stated that he would talk to a Town of Apex official about this on Wednesday, but that the meter installation was the only remaining work to be done prior to getting the light on. 

Ron Fincher also stated that the Greenway belongs to the Town of Apex and therefore the Town was responsible for repairs to the Greenway asphalt.  Anton stated that he recalled an email a couple of months back where Town of Apex officials Montagne and Brown stated that Greenway repairs were the responsibility of Charleston Village even though those officials had acknowledged that the Greenway belongs to the Town.  Anton stated that he was not certain if both or only one of the two town officials had provided this information and that he would check his email records.  Ron stated that he had checked the pin numbers and documents and that the Town owned the Greenway.  Anton agreed that if it was possible to get the Town to pay for Greenway repairs, that would save the community some money.  Margie Boezeman and Penny Fields mentioned that they had observed Anton mowing the weeds on the Holt Rd. berm.



            No report.  No members present.



            Penny Fields reported:  The suggestion made at the Annual meeting to possibly provide free clubhouse rentals for active committee members was discussed.  Penny stated that the clubhouse gets lots of use now and that a lot of free rentals may become problematic.  Penny and Rich Fields both stated that the clubhouse had been booked all last weekend.  Penny suggested that perhaps only the chairs of committees be provided free rentals and that others could rent at half price.  She stated that other communities charge more than CV and that $50 is so inexpensive that perhaps it should be raised to $75/ rental.  She then asked if the renting of chairs (things, not the committee chairpeople) was to be allowed and expressed concern that the wear and tear on them may be too great if they were removed from the clubhouse and that removal of the chairs could render the clubhouse unrentable due to the lack of chairs. 

            Tim asked about the amemded Rules and Regulations for the clubhouse.  Dawn and Penny discussed the time of rental ("1.  All Functions will begin no earlier than 11:00 AM and must end by 11:00 PM Weeknights:  Midnight on Weekends.").  Tim suggested that some flexibility could be incorporated in practice in the time.  Dawn, Penny, Tim and Rich discussed whether 1:30 AM or 2:00 AM for New Year's Eve rentals made more sense.  It was generally agreed that 2:00 AM for New Year's Eve would be a more appropriate time for NYE.  Dawn suggested several clarification changes and notations were made to revise the rules accordingly.  It was agreed that street parking for people attending events at the clubhouse would be permitted if no spaces remained available in the parking lot, but that attendees must take care not to block driveways.  No smoking will be permitted inside the clubhouse.  Discussion then continued about the possibility of making accomodations for smokers outside the clubhouse.  Discussion then shifted to clarification of language designed to prevent water from being dripped onto the clubhouse floor by swimmers and it was decided that the rules will not permit swimmers to enter the clubhouse while they are wet.  Sheri, Tim and Penny discussed whether only the committee chair or a designated committee member could sign off on proper cleanup by renters.  Wording to the host liquor liability agreement was clarified.  Tim requested a motion to amend the clubhouse rules.  Dawn put the motion forward, Anton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.



            No formal Chairperson reporting, however, the following was discussed amongst the Board members:

David Randle has been updating the Website.  Sheri and Dawn reported that several people have expressed interest in whether a new Communications chair will exist. It was mentioned that the Newsletter is in need of a new caretaker.  Dawn suggested that we consider purchasing one copy of Microsoft Publisher for use by whomever is publishing the current issue of the Newsletter.  Anton asked if a standard output format could be agreed upon for publication (such as PDF) and then people could use whatever software they wanted to as long as it produced the necessary format.  Tim will look into the cost of a copy of Publisher.


VIII.  Manager's Report:

            Sheri and Ron Fincher reporting:  Sheri said the contractor had been paid a downpayment for painting the pool. 

            Ron mentioned that the main electric feed was directly underneath the piers of the clubhouse extension/ shade structure and that 1 phase had been lost during the construction.  Rich and Penny stated that the contractor says he did not damage the feed, and the contractor thought the damage had inadvertently occurred during the pouring of the concrete due to the weight of the concrete.  Several expressed doubt as to the likelihood that this could cause the damage.  Ron said he will talk with someone at Seagrove Electric, who he has personal experience with, to repair the electrical system.  The dirt will be removed and the wire will be spliced.  Ron said that David (the contractor) suggested that the contractor will pay for the concrete and dirt removal and we (CV) could pay for the electrical repair.  Rich Fields said the impeller and other pump parts need replacing also and while the electricity was down and the pump was already taken apart that now would be a good time to make repairs of that as well.  Ron agreed that the impeller shows wear and that it is a matter of pay now or pay later.  Ron asked if the board approved of the repairs.  Dawn asked how the contractor will ensure that damage to the electrical feed isn't caused again after repairs when the new concrete is backfilled.  Ron stated that the contractor would take measures to strengthen the housing over the feed so that the problem will not recur.  Ron suggested that payment could be withheld from the contractor until repairs were made.  Sheri said that a clause in the contract relieves the contractor of liability for damages.  Several people agreed that the contractor's suggestion of how to split payment for the damages may be the most cost-effective way to go forward considering this clause.  Rich said that the lights and fan work OK now, but that no big motor could run without the third phase.  Ron said the problem was noticed when water wouldn't pump and that the contractor had said that he never dug deep enough to damage the underground wires.  Sheri said the wires were 33 inches underground.  Ron said the contractor said he didn't dig deeper than 24 inches.  Penny and Rich said the holes they saw were at least 48 inches deep.  Dawn said that we have the money to pay for the electrical repairs and we could go along with the contractor's suggestion unless we can verify the depth of digging could have damaged the wires.  Ron stated that electrical repairs could easily be held at or below $500.  Tim motioned to put a cap on the electrical repairs at $500.  Dawn seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Rich then asked if the impeller and sleeve could be replaced now also.  Ron reminded the group that it's already apart.  Rich said that once the electricity is back on that they could have the pump running again quickly for about $825 total.  Joe asked if that included shipping and handling charges.  Rich thought those charges were included.  Dawn motioned to replace the worn parts now.  Anton seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Rich and Penny stated that getting the pump functioning again would keep the water clean and that it should be running before the weather gets too cold.

            Tim asked about repairs to the clubhouse attic steps and Ron said he will fix them.

            Sheri stated that the letters informing people of the increase in dues went out today.

Refer to Management Company's Report in the Agenda package for more information.


IX.  Old Business:  Tim mentioned that Herman Jaffe has done a lot of work towards getting a Rec Lot shade structure including getting 98 signatures in favor of the structure and asked if Herman would be willing to chair a special committee to investigate options and to ascertain whether this structure is generally desired by the community. Tim suggested that people from the petition could be asked to participate as well as some people who are currently opposed to the shade structure.  Herman asked what types of questions were left to explore because he had already invested considerable effort in getting quotes and other information.  Tim suggested that prototypes could be useful in future discussions as well as more input from the community and approval from the ARB committee.  Herman suggested appointing someone other than himself as chair and for the special committee to work with Sheri.  Sheri declined and expressed concern about working with a committee composed of people for and people against the proposal.  Several people, including Ron, mentioned that extra care is warranted before approval because the structure would be highly visible, being right at the main entrance.  Tim and Sheri suggested getting a letter together to gather community input.  Dawn suggested that information and a way to vote on the issue could be included in the next newsletter and a ballot box could be provided in front of the clubhouse.  Tim asked if Herman could generate the text and bring the letter to the board.  Herman agreed to do this.  Tim stated that he supported the idea of a voting box in front of the clubhouse.  Joe asked if the community vote was going to make the decision.  There was some discussion on this question and several people, including Tim said that the community decision would be used to determine the outcome.  Rich Fields asked where the money will come from to pay for this structure.  Dawn explained how it could be financed.  Tim said that money will have to be moved around.  Dawn said that the playground (Rec Lot) improvements being reviewed may deplete the available funds too much, depending on how much is spent on those improvements. 


X.  New Business:

            Tim asked about the Nominating Committee for 2005.  Sheri mentioned that several people have sent emails and made phone calls inquiring about the 2005 committee.  Joe asked what the nominating committee will do at this time.  Dawn suggested that solicitations for the new committee could be made in the next newsletter.  There was further discussion on the general topic of voting and Penny mentioned that ballot boxes are used in some other communities.  Dawn said that there are funds for a bulletin board and that perhaps we could get a ballot box with those funds as well. 

            Tim renewed discussion on the free use of the clubhouse for active committee members.  Penny's suggestions were revisited:  1)  Free use only for committee chairpeople, 2) active committee members could rent for half-price and 3) the cost for rental be raised from $50 to $75.  John Cotton said that increasing the price for the rental was not objectionable for him because if the current rentals do not cover clubhouse operating expenses, then the community essentially subsidizes clubhouse rentals with their dues.  Joe made a motion to drop the free rental proposal.  There was no second and the motion died.  Tim mentioned the statement in the by-laws that state that no director shall receive compensation.  Sheri said this could be interpreted to include committees as well.  Tim motioned to drop the free rental proposal.  Dawn and Joe simultaneously seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  Tim said the price increase would be discussed later.

            Discussion of the proposals to improve the Rec Lot began.  Quotes were available for renewing the wood chip surface or replacing with a rubberized material, improving drainage and adding flexible plastic inserts ("Tufftiles") under the wood chips in high impact areas (under swings and at ends of slides) to eliminate these areas being dug out.  Ron said that a pipe that was contributing to the poor drainage has been cleared (4" corrugated pipe).  Anton, Ron and others discussed the location of the existing drainage and how the new drainage system could be tied into what is currently present.  Ron said he will call Mike [Eason] for a second quote, as all quotes currently available are from the original installer of the playground equipment and surface.  Tim expressed a desire for clarification on the gravel drainage system.  Anton said he believed that the crushed gravel/sand mixture would be placed under the whole Rec Lot, then landscape fabric, then the Tufftiles, then the new wood chips, but he will re-check to be sure.

            Sheri mentioned that several people had complained about the boats and the Jet Ski that are parked adjacent to CV off of Battlewood and that the CV homeowner who owns this equipment had been asked to get a letter from the non-CV neighbor verifying that the equipment was indeed on her property [and thus not in CV].  Such a signed letter was received.  Rich and Penny asked to see the signature and stated that it was not Ruby Kelly's signature, but her daughter's.  John Cotton said that he knew that it was, in fact, Ruby Kelly's signature.



XI.  Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



Anton Callaway


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association