Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


December 14, 2004



Officers Present:          Anton Callaway,Donna Mullis, Dawn Stokes


Officers Absent:           Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff


Others Present:            Mike Eason


I.   Open Forum:

            Mike Eason from Contract Connection gave a presentation and answered questions regarding resurfacing the playground area.  He did not provide the requested quotes pertaining to wood fiber-based playground surface, but did describe the rubber mulch material which he had previously provided separate quotes of $6719.80 for the mulch and $1,962.00 for installation.  He stated that the wood fiber materials were not very profitable and the material was given away in some parts of the state.  During the presentation, Mr. Eason assured the Board that Charleston Village volunteers would be able to easily handle the installation of the rubber material, which came in 40 pound sacks, and thus we could save the installation costs.  He also discussed possible legal liability because of the current surface depth.


II.  Call to Order:          The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at approximately 7:00 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum: The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.


IV. Minutes Approved:  Approval of the November minutes was deferred until the January meeting when it was anticipated that all Board members could attend.


V.  President's Report:  Donna described several new proposals to facilitate communication among homeowners.  These proposals included: 1) Starting Board meetings later to allow more time for working homeowners to attend, 2) Obtaining and implementing an up-to-date directory of homeowners including email addresses where available so that information could be distributed rapidly and to foster more input in decision-making from homeowners and 3) reviewing the process by which the decision to send letters and the language of letters regarding alleged covenant violations.


VI. Treasurer's Report:  Dawn provided information regarding the ways in which re-surfacing of the playground could be funded and the impacts that the various scenarios would have on the overall Charleston Village financial situation. 


VII. Committee Reports:

Architectural (ARB/ARC)  No report.   Committee members not present.



            No report.  Committee members not present.




Anton Callaway deferred a presentation of landscape plans till the end of the meeting to allow more time for discussion of other matters, including the playground re-surfacing.  He expressed an opinion of going with the Contract Connection company to supply the rubber surface material based on the information supplied by Mr. Eason that we could do the installation ourselves, that the rubber would last longer than wood fiber and that drainage would be better with the wood fiber.  Anton said that he would organize a group of volunteers to do the installation and preparation for the installation.  In addition, a small drainage ditch would be dug by Grounds Committee volunteers on the upper side of the playground to divert water around the play area.  Anton repeated his desire to resign as chair of the Grounds Committee in light of his participation on the Board.  Anton also said that he was had spoken with Kenton Cowick who had agreed to be the new Grounds Committee chair and Anton recommended that Mr. Cowick be approved for this role.  Dawn and Donna voted to approve Kenton as the new chair, the motion passed with Anton abstaining.



            No report. 



            No report.  Committee members not present.



            No formal Chairperson reporting, however, Dawn reminded the Board that the next newsletter was coming due and there was discussion about who and how organization and distribution would be accomplished in light of turnover in volunteers.  Anton mentioned that he had been approached by new volunteers interested in participating and said he would follow up with those people and put them in contact with Dawn to get them started.  Dawn mentioned that one possible solution that might be considered in the future is to obtain a copy of Microsoft Publisher that could be loaned to new volunteers organizing the newsletter(s).


VIII.  Manager's Report:

            No report.  Members not present.


IX.  Old Business:  Donna suggested that the playground be locked until re-surfacing could be done.  After discussing the various possible implications of locking the playground, the Board voted unanimously to lock the playground.  After further discussion of the two companies submitting quotes for re-surfacing of the playground, it was decided unanimously to approve the Contract Connection quote for supply of cypress-colored rubber material only.  Anton was delegated to contact the property management company in order to get this done.


X.  New Business:

There was discussion of implementing an updated Charleston Village directory.  The possibility of advertisements for those with home businesses was discussed and Donna would contact the property management company to request a copy of existing records, to which electronic contact information could be added.  Moving the time of Board meetings to a later time was discussed.  Dawn mentioned that that starting at 7:00 may extend the meeting too late into the evening.  Anton suggested that some reorganization of meeting events may also improve participation such as moving Open Forum to slightly later in the agenda, rather than at the beginning of Board meetings and requiring that previous meeting minutes be read before the meeting is convened so that discussion and approval of minutes could be done more quickly.  Removing the requirement that homeowners pre-register the topic for open discussion with the property management company was also discussed.  It was unanimously decided that 6:30 would be the new meeting time and should help to encourage attendance.  It was mentioned that the signs would need to be modified to indicate the new meeting time and Anton said he would do this.  Anton then gave a presentation of landscape plans for four focus areas in Charleston Village and discussed ways to accomplish the proposals within the portion of the Grounds budget allocated for this purpose.  More information was requested and Anton said he would get the requested information together for a later presentation after discussion with the new Grounds chair.


XI.  Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 11:00 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 24 at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.


Respectfully submitted,



Anton Callaway


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association