Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


November 3, 2005



Officers Present:                                  Donna Mullis, Dawn Stokes, Joe Dibari, Tim Ruff


Officers Absent:                                   none


Manager Present:                                Ron and Sheri Fincher, R.S. Fincher representatives


Homeowners Present:                         24 homes represented in person


Present by Proxy:                                24 proxies recorded


        I.      Call to Order:

Donna Mullis, President, called the annual meeting to order at 7:10 PM.


      II.      Introductions:

All current Board members introduced themselves.  This is the last year of the terms for Dawn Stokes and Joe Dibari.


    III.      Quorum Established:

A minimum of 33 homeowners must be in attendance in person and/or by proxy.  XX homes were represented at the meeting.  (See breakdown above)


    IV.      Approval of 2004 Annual Meeting Minutes:

Thomas Vault motioned to approve the 2004 annual meeting minutes; seconded by Bradley Bone.  The minutes were approved as written.


      V.      Treasurer Report:

Presented by Dawn Stokes

·         No fee increase this year.

·         Approximately $46k in reserves

·         5800 capital improvements

·         Approximately $10k under budget for the year due to the committees not using their full budget.  Below is a list of budgeted items that were not used.

    • Clubhouse cleaning contracts were not used.
    • Grounds committee did not use funds allocated for special projects.
    • Ponds maintenance funds were not used since there is no one to head the Grounds committee.
    • Pool furniture funds were not fully used.
    • Board Discretionary was limited to No Solicitors signs

·         Approximately $19k in funds was transferred to Reserves.

·         Approximately $17K of Reserve funds were used:

    • Painting the pool
    • Refurbishing pool showers flooring
    • Replacing water heater in clubhouse
    • Fence repair
    • Pool Furniture restrapped.

·         Shade Structure came from Capital Improvements.

·         Major expenses for this coming year are replacing clubhouse carpet and gazebo repair.

·         Expect approximately $15.6K put into Reserves over the next year.

·         Question from the floor; “Why has the Grounds contract increased by $6k?”, Reflects Fontaine contract increase.

·         Budgeted dollars for 2006 remain essentially the same due to Grounds Special projects being reduced and put into reserves.

·         Allocated funds for electricity reflect 5.6% electricity cost increase.

·         Gas heating increased 48%.

·         Pool contract increased due to better coverage by increasing attendant hours.

·         Social Committee budgeted funds increased due to increased costs to hold events.

·         Board Discretionary reduced by removing bulletin board from budget.

·         Trey O’Quinn; “Question regarding budget flexibility, if Grounds head came forward, can budgeted dollars be moved to support projects?”; yes, the request is required to go before the Board of Directors for approval.


    VI.      Committee Reports:


A request for committee members was put before the Home owners present.


Architectural (ARB)

·         Margo Bills is the ARB committee head

·         54 requests were reviewed over the past year.

·         The neighborhood Architectural Standards was released during this past year.  The document includes the submission form for Architectural changes.

·         Primary issue run into with submissions is the lack of a plot plan.  A plot plan requires a rough sketch of house and lot lines along with the proposed change.

·         Calls about upkeep of a neighbor’s lawn should be directed to the property manager (R.S. Fincher).

·         Calls have been placed to RS Fincher regarding dog barking – these calls should be directed to the police.

·         Question from the floor: “how long after review of the submittal should you expect a response”, per Margo about a week.

·         Bill Angrilla; “who polices the submission; per Margo, RS Fincher.

·         Darrin Dexter; “Can the ARB provide subjective guidance on the lawn care, including grass height and curb edging?”

·         Drive-throughs are performed about every 10 days with consideration for current weather conditions such as recent rain, dry spell, etc.

·         Thanks to the current ARB members: Dawn Bradley, Joe Dibari, Phil Stork, Bradley Bone, and Trey O’Quinn.


·      Penny Fields is committee head, three members

·      Requested additional help for the committee

·      Clubhouse committee performs walkthroughs with renters prior to and after a rental.

·      More rentals than ever before.

·      Carpet was recently cleaned which extended the life of the existing carpet.

·      A new vacuum and chair rack was purchased.

·      Question from the floor: “How many rentals?” approximately $1200 worth



·         No committee head.

o        David Randle spoke to the website.

o        Another individual handles the newsletters

·         Minutes posted on website, one meeting delayed

·         Another item posted on website is tracking of developments around the neighborhood.

·         One item available to the community is a email address.

o        Send a note to

·         An email forum is on the website to discuss Charleston Village issues.  Currently seven forums, six are neighborhood only.

·         Michael Kennedy: “Can we search on votes, etc. to get community input?”; per David this can be looked into.

·         Bill Vault; “What is the status of Sutton Place?”, David Randall, a link is on the Charleston Village website to the Town of Apex which shows the master map plan.


·         No committee head.

·         Donna spoke to items that occurred over the past year in regards to the Grounds.

o        Playground chips added

o        Working on controlling the ants

o        Fences extended and repaired

o        Addition of “No Soliciting Signs”

o        Working with town to stop the water running across the streets

·         Direct complains about water on the streets to John Cannon, 362-8166 or

·         Phil Stork; “What about sink holes on streets?” referred to Apex website for repair submissions.

·         Rich Fields; “I have noticed marks on the street, are they working on the streets?”, unknown.

·         Patti Baker; “Thanks for taking care of the anthills in the Recreation area.”

·         Mary Ann Gunsheki; “What extra is Fontaine performing for the neighborhood?”, Fontaine is working on a proposal to take care of common areas having weeds and bare spots.  Also, working on a proposal to take care of the creek bed at Castleburg Drive / Templeton Drive.

·         Darrin Dexter; “Who is responsible for the pond areas?”  Jennifer Dexter mentioned Anton Calloway was working on beefing up the contract in these common areas. “Has this been added to the contract?”  Working to understand the split out that Anton was working on.

·         Michele Medlin; “What about speed humps?”; Apex has evaluated and determined Charleston Village does not qualify for speed humps.

·         John Friedline; “Currently there are 30 foot construction easements around the neighborhood.  The city can be petitioned to remove this easement for the neighborhood instead of each homeowner individually petitioning.”

·         Bill Angrilla; “in regards to the Holt Road easement along the berms, is this in the Fontaine contract?”  Looking into getting Homeowners easement rights to maintain by Fontaine.


·         Wanda Hanley serves as committee head

·         Items of note for this past year:

o        Shade Structure completed.

o        Shower floor repair completed.

o        Pool was painted.

o        Furniture was restrapped.

·         Thomas Vault; “Possible to get early entrance into the pool for lap swimming?”  The lap times are posted in the newsletter and a published letter to the neighborhood.


·         Four main events:

o        Easter egg hunt.

o        Community yard sale.

o        Halloween parade.

o        Fall Carnival.

·         Other items are:

o        Annual Food drive.

o        Toy drive.

·         Solicited the membership for additional help.

Nominating Committee

·         Tim Ruff serves as committee head

·         Four members Connie Friedline, Jennifer Dexter, and Cassandra McMillan

·         Provided Nomination letters for the upcoming election.


  VII.      Introduction of Nominees / Nominations from the Floor:

·         The Association needed to fill three Board positions. Two positions are three year positions and one position is backfilling Anton’s vacated position – two year position.

·         Three nominees were provided prior to the meeting (Michele Medlin, Connie Friedline, and Jennifer Dexter) and two nominees from the floor (Michael Kennedy and Cassandra McMillan).

·         Mary Ann Gunsheski motioned to close nominations and Margo Bills seconded.


VIII.      Open Forum:

·         Tim Hanley; “Can we petition the town to improve the sidewalks?”

o        Previous input from the town is the sidewalk is the responsibility of the homeowner.

·         Tim Hanley; “It seems there should be a sidewalk continuance between Castleburg Drive/Castleburg Drive and Templeton Gap/Castleburg Drive.”

o        New sidewalks are driven by the town.  Suggested going to the town commissioner for their voting.

·            Michele Medlin; “Can we improve the Grounds maintenance around the ponds?”, Connie Friedline reinforced the comment.

o        This is an item for the Grounds Committee.


    IX.      Announcement of Election Results:

·         Jennifer Dexter, Connie Friedline, and Michele Medlin were elected to the Board of Directors.  Jennifer Dexter and Connie Friedline will serve the three year positions and Michele Medlin will serve the vacated two year position.


      X.      Adjournment:

·         There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.


Election of Officers:

·         After the meeting, Board positions were voted upon/agreed by the Board members as follows:  Donna Mullis, President; Jennifer Dexter, Vice President; Connie Friedline, Treasurer; Michele Medlin, Secretary; Tim Ruff, Member at Large/ARB Chairperson.


Respectfully submitted,



Tim Ruff

Vice President

Charleston Village Homeowners' Association