Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


January 24, 2005



Officers Present:          Anton Callaway, Joe DiBari, Donna Mullis, Tim Ruff, Dawn Stokes


Officers Absent:           none


Others Present:            Roger Boezeman, Margie Boezeman, Linda Vraibel, Wanda Hanley, Penny Fields, Darrin Dexter, Kenton R. Cowick, Marc Baker, Rich Fields, Sheri Fincher, Ron Fincher, Dawn Bradley, Jade Eastridge (Pulte Homes), Dwayne Harrison (Pulte Homes)


I.   Open Forum:

            Jade Eastridge (Vice President of Land Development for Pulte Homes) and Dwayne Harrison (V.P. of Construction- Raleigh Division)  presented information about the new development going in next to Charleston Village.  The tentative name for this new development is Sutton Place.  Mr. Eastridge said that Pulte was asked by the Town of Apex to give neighboring communities a chance to voice concerns and ask questions regarding the Sutton Place development.  Sutton Place will cover approx. 27.66 acres with 77 homesites.  76 of the homes will be built by Pulte and the 77th is an existing home that will be moved.  Sutton Place will connect to Charleston Village via Patapsco and Sutton Place will also be connected to Montclair.  Pulte doesn't own the land for Sutton Place outright at this time, but they anticipate that they will begin building in June and will build 4-5 homes per month.  Closings will begin in the 3rd to 4th quarter of this year.  They have no pool planned for Sutton Place, but have a recreation lot amenity planned.  Sutton Place will have a greenway which will connect to that of Charleston Village.  The Pulte representatives discussed the five different home types and showed diagrams of the Sutton Place development and of houses.  Anton Callaway asked if Pulte could look into the drainage situation above Templeton Gap and suggested that perhaps Pulte could prevent drainage issues for Sutton Place homes nearest Templeton Gap and reduce drainage problems for Charleston Village homes along Templeton Gap by diverting water that may come from the Sutton Place land above Charleston Village into a nearby pond and away from Charleston Village.  The homes in question were located on the maps and the Pulte representatives said they would look into what they could do.  Joe DiBari asked about square footage of the Pulte homes.  The Pulte representatives stateed that they will use five home types with square footage ranging from 2700-3100 sq. ft. not including basement area.  The homes will have a two-car garage.  The foundation will not be a crawl space, but will be what was called a "solid crawl", which was described as an elevated slab which looks like a crawl space from the exterior of the home.  Tim Ruff asked if there were plans to clearly delineate where Charleston Village ended and Sutton Place began on Patapsco (e.g. columns or signs).  Pulte responded that no structure was planned, but that there would be a landscaped buffer between the communities.  Sheri Fincher suggested that small columns at the transition could be implemented attractively and provided the transition between Landsdowne and a neighboring development as an example.


II.  Call to Order:          The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at approximately 7:15 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum: The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.


IV. Minutes Approved:   The November, December and 2004 annual meeting minutes were approved unanimously, with revisions.  Donna Mullis proposed modifications to the process of approval of minutes for future meetings in order to streamline the process, reduce the time required at meetings spent reviewing minutes and increase the time that could be devoted to other issues.  The proposed schedule was that the Board Secretary (Anton) would email the minutes to the rest of the Board within two weeks of the meeting.  The Board would then review the minutes during the next six days and email corrections to Anton.  Anton would then send a copy of the corrected minutes to the Property Management Company (Sheri) by the end of the next day (the third Monday following the meeting).  The motion passed unanimously.


V.  President's Report:  Donna reported that the new 6:30 meeting time was to facilitate greater participation of working people.  Anton stated that the modifications he had done on the signs to reflect the new time were not visible from a distance and that he would correct this deficiency. 


VI. Treasurer's Report:  Dawn Stokes stated that Charleston Village was $14,500 under budget in 2004.  There were 36 collections that were late in December of 2004, which was the highest all year, but was possibly due to the holidays.  All bills for 2004 were paid except what is being held for the pool shade structure finalization.  She stated that reserves have dropped but that income was higher than projected and that $14,500 was carryover.  Tim stated that Charleston Village had several planned expenses during 2004.  Dawn preliminarily suggested that $10,000 could be recommended for adding to reserves, but that additional consideration and consultation with Sheri would factor into her recommendation at the upcoming February meeting. 

Dawn stated that one budget issue would be discussed during executive session.  Anton asked if there might be a way that the board could code discussions of some matters so that personal information would not be revealed, but that the time spent in executive session could be minimized.  Donna stated that the matter to be discussed that evening was too specific to be easily discussed openly without revealing the identity of the person.  Anton agreed, but added that he was speaking more about other situations where discussion may be of general interest to other homeowners in preventing covenant violations.  Ron stated that executive session was for the Board to brainstorm and that in his experience homeowners will misconstrue anything that can be misconstrued.  Anton stated that open discussion allows for airing of misunderstandings and that in the case of a misunderstanding, more discussion, not less, may be more effective in clearing up misunderstandings.  Ron said that the Board needs executive session to give them time to think and so that the Board can present a "united front".  Anton stated that the Board and Property Management Company do discuss issues privately all month inbetween meetings.

Tim Ruff asked what would happen with the $10,000 that may go into reserves.  For instance, would it go into a CD account?  Dawn stated that it is in a money market account which provides approximately the same interest rate as a CD.  Dawn discussed the difficulty in getting money out of reserves once it is put in.


VII. Committee Reports:

Architectural (ARB/ARC)  Joe said that two special sessions had been held to finalize changes to the Architectural Standards and Specifications.  The intent was to go over content.  Joe sent email copies to the board.  The time for voting on approval of the revised standards was discussed.  Tim said that the revisions were way overdue and that he did not want to see major changes made to the suggested revisions.  He suggested that the board could review the changes and get back to Joe in the next two weeks, then the board could vote at the next meeting [February].  Donna stated that review of the Standards and Specifications revisions should not be rushed.  Joe stated that he felt there was no harm in taking a bit more time to review the suggested revisions.  After further discussion, it was decided that the revisions would be discussed at the next meeting, but that voting on approval may occur at a subsequent meeting.

Joe stated that there were 7 approved requests and that one new one will be reviewed at the February ARB meeting.  Joe stated that he would contact people for nominations to the ARB and that there could be one person removed.  Further information would be provided during executive session.  It was suggested that Dawn Bradley and Margo Bills be renominated.  Dawn motioned for their renomination and Tim seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Joe stated that additional names would be presented at the next meeting.  Donna requested that Sheri send copies of the preapproved letters to Donna and Sheri agreed to do this.



            Penny Fields reported.  The chairs were restrapped and repaired and that one new member and one new chair are needed.  The next Pool Committee meeting will be Tuesday the 4th of February at 7:30 and the hours of the pool attendant will be decided at that time.  Data for floor mats is being researched and more members will be gotten via a flyer that will be sent to homeowners.  Rich asked if the attendant hours are set by the board or by the pool committee.  After some discussion, it was stated that the pool committee sets the hours as long as they stay within their budget.  Dawn asked that the hours of the attendant be provided to the board.  Rich asked for further clarification of the constraints of the pool budget.  As a hypothetical example, for instance, could the budget for a the attendant hours be used for a party?  It was stated that the pool committee would need to present the plans to move money around to the board.



Grounds committee chair, Kenton Cowick reported.   Kenton stated that safety continues to be a major focus of the grounds committee and he discussed three areas of potential safety concerns, some of which may also constitute potential liability issues in case of injury.  1) The short wooden fence along Castleburg above one of the culvert pipes is getting flimsy and needs repair as soon as possible.  However, the job is small and could even be done by volunteers in the community.  2)  The greenway has some damage in the asphalt at either end that could present a safety hazard and 3) Tim Stiles is looking into ways to slow traffic in the neighborhood without causing substantial problems, such as impeding travel by emergency vehicles.  Other issues that are being addressed are the various drainage issues in Charleston Village, including the area along the greenway and along Templeton Gap. 

Tim thanked Kenton for taking over the responsibility of the grounds committee and asked about the bags of straw near the Old Jenks entrance at the end of the fence line.  Sheri said she will look into what the bags are and why they are there. 

The playground was resurfaced before Christmas of 2004.

Donna asked about whether the board should ask Fontaine to put down pine straw [in the "L"-shaped bed near the Old Jenks entrance].  In the following discussion, it was stated that this bed was not covered in the existing Fontaine contract because it went in after the contract was renewed and thus pine straw in this location would cost extra.  Anton recommended that the pine straw be applied.  Joe suggested to wait until the Spring when everything else would be freshened up as well.  In the following discussion, it was stated that Fontaine normally does two applications per year of pine straw to beds covered in their contract, one around Christmas and one in the early Summer.  Donna asked about how the application to this bed would affect the budget.  Dawn said the pine straw for this bed could be considered as part of special projects and that there is about $2,000 in special projects.  Dawn stated that as an alternative, the funds could come out of grounds maintenance.  The total cost of the application would be around $400 including installation by Fontaine.  Anton stated that the pine straw itself is only about half of the cost, so money could be saved if volunteers applied the pine straw.  Dawn asked if the lack of pine straw on this bed was noticeable and stated that she hadn't noticed it.  Sheri agreed.  Donna motioned that nothing be done immediately and the issue could be revisited later.  Tim seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Donna asked about the ice on Castleburg near the intersection with Housatonic.  Sheri said she will call the Town of Apex about that and other issues.  Sheri said that she does not agree that the holes in the greenway constitute a liability issue.  Dawn asked who should contact the Town of Apex and Sheri responded that everyone should and that she will help.  Ron stated that the Town of Apex owns the greenway and that we have no right to do anything to the greenway.  Anton stated that John Brown of the Town of Apex Parks department had referred to a document that stated that although the Town owned the greenway, that Charleston Village was responsible for its maintenance.  Ron stated that he had asked for this document, but that the Town could not produce it.  Sheri said that is not in the recorded deeds, but that she will research more.  Joe asked if the drainage issues weren't a Drees problem.  Anton stated that he had talked to as many homeowners who answered the door along Templeton Gap and that several had tried to get some action from Drees, but had gotten nowhere and that in some cases the homeowners said that the warranty had expired.  Dawn suggested that Bill Kick or higher is where the pressure had to be applied.  Sheri suggested complaining to the Apex Planning Board.  Anton stated that the grounds committee had drafted a letter to the Town of Apex reminding the Town that the ever-present water would damage the sidewalks, for which the Town is responsible and that doing something to remedy the drainage problems may be a constructive way to spend some of the money approved for sidewalks in the referendum that passed during the November elections.  Sheri suggested that the letter be copied to the Apex Planning Board.  Sheri also stated that the drainage issues are just a homeowner problem- a matter between homeowners and the builders- and the issue doesn't involve the Town of Apex if the water comes from private property. 



            No official report because the committee does not currently have a chair.  Donna called for volunteers.  Tim asked if the future Social functions are up in the air due to the lack of a Social Committee.  Donna stated that before Easter she will send out an email to people who have helped in the past.  She stated that the Easter Egg Hunt could be done without a committee, but that some of the later events would require a committee.  Sheri suggested asking people who attend the monthly meetings because if they had time to attend the meetings, then they have time to be on committees.  Penny said that she will also spread the word to ask for volunteers.  Donna suggested that groups could be formed for special events so as not to overburden the same people for all tasks.



            Penny Fields reported.  The carpets were cleaned.  All agreed that the carpets looked wonderful.  Penny asked the board to approve of the purchase of a chair rack that Ron had recommended for organizing the chairs.   She stated that they had a recent rental with more than 60 people, but that the group had done a great job of cleaning up after themselves.  The chair rack was discussed.  Donna motioned for approval of the purchase, Joe and Anton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

            Donna asked about an issue that had happened about a month ago.  Penny stated that she had gotten lots of phone calls complaining about an ongoing rental that night.  When she went to the clubhouse she found kids breaking multiple rules, some in dangerous ways, and that the group was much larger than the renters had said it would be.  Donna asked if the deposit had been refunded.  Sheri stated that it gets refunded if Penny says it should be.  Donna asked if the board needs to vote on this issue.  Sheri stated that it was up to the clubhouse committee- if no damage was done, then they should get their deposit back but be sent a stern letter outlining the violations.  Penny stated that, by chance, the carpets had been cleaned the morning after this rental, but that there were several stains made on the carpets by the renters in addition to the rules broken.  Rich agreed that the renters should be sent a stern letter, but if damage was not done, then the deposit should be returned.  He suggested that a double deposit be requested next time from this particular renter.  He also stated that the Board should decide.  Tim asked if the carpet cleaning just happened to be the next day.  Rich and Penny said that was the case.  Tim asked if cleaning would have been required anyway due to the new stains caused by these renters.  Rich and Penny responded that the stains would have required cleaning and that the renters had not cleaned the bathrooms either.  Sheri stated that the deposit should not be returned.  Penny stated that she had let them know that Fincher and the Board would be contacted and that many had complained.  Then there was discussion about whether a walkthrough the following day was required or if the pre-scheduled cleaning would have prevented a normal post-rental walkthrough.  It was also discussed whether the other communications from Penny to the renters essentially constituted a post-rental walkthrough.  Donna stated that the rules state that if any rules are broken, then the deposit will not be refunded.  She also called for a review of the guidelines to make them more clear and asked for suggestions.  Dawn suggested providing cleaning supplies for the carpet.  Tim stated that then the HOA would be paying for supplies.  Penny stated that there have been instances of people misusing supplies that are accessible, such as bleach.  After further discussion, Donna put forth a motion not to refund the deposit in this case.  The motion passed unanimously.  There was further discussion about ways to prevent damage to property during a clubhouse rental.  Sheri suggested putting a locking door on the room where chairs are currently stored.  Rich and Penny stated that they already put as much as they can in a locked room before rentals. 

            Donna stated that the clubhouse water heater had to be replaced and asked what the final cost of that had been.  Ron said that he had talked to James and that it was around $1000 including parts and labor.

            Donna asked about the color matching on the pool shade structure/ clubhouse shingles and stated that Ron had gotten a roofer to evaluate it and the roofer [Ark roofing] had said that is was OK.  Rich stated that in a couple of years, the difference in color won't be noticeable.  Donna stated that the appearance had been brought to her attention and she was just following up.  Rich asked about the social committee materials in the storage room and Donna stated that she would move them. 

            Ron stated that two light fixtures were out on the main street and that he had moved one working fixture out to replace the one near the entrance.  He asked if there was a fixture in the clubhouse storage that could be used to replace the fixture he had taken to replace the one near the entrance.  Rich said that there was one that had been intended for the outside of the clubhouse.  Ron said that we were not going to find the same style of fixture and that the choices were to either buy a new fixture or stub if off.  Joe and Dawn stated that the missing fixture and the protruding rusty pipe were noticeable.  Joe stated that he thought the light at the Templeton Gap/Holt Road sign was not working.  Ron said he would check on it on his way out.



            No formal Chairperson reporting, however, Dawn stated that someone had volunteered to do the newsletter, but they didn't have Microsoft Publisher.  She had looked into the cost and it was around $69.  She mentioned that Sam Mullis works for Microsoft and may be able to get a good deal on a license.  Dawn raised the question of whether we want to switch to something that more people have and stated that she herself had done the last newsletter at someone else's house because she doesn't have a copy.  Tim and Dawn stated that Publisher is easy to use and it can export to the PDF format.  Dawn raised the concern of licensing issues:  How would we guarantee that the person borrowing the HOA copy of Publisher (if it was purchased) would uninstall it after use?  She stated that this uncertainty may open the HOA to liability concerns if licensing agreements were violated.  Roger Boezeman stated that Microsoft was known for being aggressive about protecting its licenses and that StarOffice may be a free alternative.  Donna asked if the person taking over the newsletter could research the subject.  Anton stated that he had not discussed that possibility with the volunteers, but that he would.

            Donna asked about the current status of the recreation area shade structure input from the community and what the rest of the Board thought about whether it should be referred to as a vote or just input, because some had expressed misgivings about allowing voting on such issues.  Anton said that few people had responded thus far, and guessed it was less than ten, but that no votes in favor of the shade structure had come forward yet.  Joe stated that the newsletter read as it being a "vote".  Tim stated that the board had only wanted to gather information, not conduct a vote.  Anton asked what the likelihood was that the Board would go against the wishes of the community.  Donna stated that if the majority response was for the structure, then a committee could be formed to investigate the details, but if the majority indicated that the structure was not wanted, then the matter would be dropped.  Donna further stated that there is a problem with the wording sounding like a definite "vote".  Dawn stated that she thought it didn't sound that way and asked whether it may help to put up signs to remind people to respond.  Tim asked why no "yes" votes had been received in light of the 90+ signatures that had been brought forth on the petition for the structure.  The potential shortcomings of the petition approach were discussed including the possibility that some had signed to avoid confrontation.  Sheri said that several people had called to rescind their signature.  Dawn suggested that if too few people responded, then an article in the next newsletter could state that unless a certain number of people respond, the matter will be dropped.  Dawn stated that she would have changed the wording to "opinion" instead of "vote".  Anton stated that he thought it was fine the way it was, with the word "vote".  Tim stated that we could revisit the issue after the 30th [the deadline for response].  Margie Boezeman stated that she and several other people had not known the input forms were on the back of the newsletter.  Joe stated that there was no need for signs to go up reminding people to respond and that it would only add fuel to the fire.  Dawn said that there had also been a request for people to indicate whether they wanted to be included in the upcoming Charleston Village directory, so that the signs would be a courtesy to the community.  Sheri stated that most people don't read the newsletter.  Donna suggested putting up the signs to remind people of the directory only.  Dawn reminded the group that the directory would contain everyone's information unless they indicated on the form that they didn't want to be included.  Donna made a motion to put up signs reminding people of the directory form and to leave the shade issue alone for now.  Dawn seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  Dawn volunteered to put up the signs.


   VIII.  Manager's Report:

            Sheri stated that much of the Property Management Company's activities had already been covered in committee and other previous reports.  She stated that because most everything was still dormant, there were no drive-throughs.  She asked about the Home Depot and the other builder's signs on Weehawken that had gone up and stated that she didn't have any paperwork on these.  After some discussion, the approval for the work being done on the two houses was verified.  Ron stated that due to the cold weather, he had asked West Dex to wait on painting.  Sheri stated that she and Ron would not be at the next meeting.

            Donna asked about the issue of having contracts on the Charleston Village Web site that had been brought up by a homeowner.  Sheri stated that they had put up a blank contract earlier, but that any specifics would be valuable to their competitors, so they didn't want to do that.  She said that any homeowner could come to their office and look at the contract, but that homeowners other than Board members shouldn't be able to look at anybody's contract because contracts contain very sensitive information.  Ron stated that many times people wanting contract information are trying to form some kind of a coup.  He stated that he didn't want competitors to undercut their prices.  Anton asked if the contract information could be provided without any numbers.  Ron said that he didn't want the contract out there and that he was adamant about that position.  He stated that he has been in construction most of his life and has never seen public display of a contract.  Sheri said if anyone wants to look, they can come down to the office with a four minute drive from Charleston Village.  Joe agreed with Ron.  Sheri stated that homeowners need to work for their Board.  Anton stated that he thought the Board worked for the homeowners.  Penny stated that they wouldn't want their contract displayed either, but putting bids out is OK.  Rich stated that bids were not public and were only for the Board.  Sheri stated that she didn't want anyone to make copies of their contract to give to homeowners either.  Ron stated that homeowners have to work for their Board because the homeowners elected them.  Anton asked for clarification about why the contract was sensitive if the numbers were removed.  Ron responded that he would not discuss it, that they just wouldn't do it.  Anton asked again why the contract was sensitive without any numbers.  Ron stated that competitors would try to discredit them and that he was drawing the line, there would be no discussion on the matter.  Sheri and Ron both asked Anton why he was so interested.  Anton responded that he would like to share as much information with the community as possible and that he was trying to understand where this line was and why the line was being drawn where it was.  Ron stated that he surmised that Anton felt that homeowners should be able to see all contract information and it should be wide open to everyone.  Anton stated that this was not his position, but that he thought that as much information as possible should be shared with the homeowners.  Ron asked if the introduction letter was enough.  Anton stated that he had not seen the introduction letter.  Dawn stated that their contract is what gave them an edge on their competitors.  Donna stated that she had no problem with not posting the contract, but that she didn't want to hide anything from the community and that she felt nothing was being hidden from the community.  She stated that she will respond to the homeowner. 



IX.  Old Business: 

Donna stated that the procedure for mailing violation letters would be discussed with the Property Management Company. 

Donna brought up the need to talk about the Nomination Committee.  Sheri stated that Jennifer Dexter had signed up to participate on the Nomination Committee.  Dawn suggested that Jennifer may be able to get more people involved.  Joe asked what the purpose of the Nomination Committee was.  Dawn and Sheri stated that the answer is in the by-laws.  Donna suggested that the committee should work on a proposal for how to deal with replacement of board members who leave before their term is up.  After further discussion, Tim stated that, according to the current by-laws, the chair of the Nomination Committee had to be a board member and that a minimum of two other members of the association had to be on the committee.  Tim stated that he had chaired the previous committee, that he would be willing to do it again and that he would first contact previous members of the committee to request their participation (in addition to Jennifer).  Joe asked how the by-laws could be rewritten because too much is already put on board members and provided the examples of Dawn doing the newsletter, Tim heading the Nomination Committee and himself being on the ARB.  Dawn stated she would not be doing the newsletter again.  The following discussion concerned how to get more people participating and how to reduce the burden on board members, in particular, Tim as head of the Nomination Committee.  Tim stated that he didn't mind chairing the Nomination Committee because we don't want someone to willy-nilly get on the board unless the person has a good feel for what it means to be on the board.  He stated that it might not be a good idea for the chair of the Nomination Committee to be someone without the experience of being on the board.  Donna motioned for Tim to head the Nomination Committee.  Dawn seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  Tim said he would provided a list of names at the next meeting.

Donna stated that the Board members other than Dawn [Treasurer] may not need all the financial information included in the monthly packets.  Tim stated that he found the homeowner balance information useful.  Sheri suggested which items were important.  Tim asked if the Board needed new signatures on the bank statement.  Dawn stated that Tim, Joe and herself were the only ones who could sign because they knew they would still be there after the election [at the annual meeting].  After further discussion, Sheri summarized by saying that three items will be removed from future packets:  the bank statement, the check register and the income statement.


X.  New Business:

Donna suggested that Board members should not be in charge of committees as it could present a conflict of interest.  Anton agreed.  Dawn stated that the Board decided last year that Board members should not be active on committees.  Anton asked for clarification on whether she meant that they shouldn't be active or shouldn't chair.  Dawn stated that Board members shouldn't be active on committees because it could be seen as the Board taking charge of everything and that the Board is not trying to do that.  Tim stated that Board member participation could be useful in getting a feel for people's concerns.  Sheri and Donna stated that Dawn was just saying the Board member should not be in charge of the committee.  Joe mentioned again that more community participation is needed, but that such participation has not been occurring.  He asked why people are willing to make a stink about something, but they don't want to get involved.  Tim stated that the by-laws require that the ARB and Nomination Committee have board participation.  Donna asked if Joe could go to the ARB and make sure the ARB has a new chair.  There was discussion of this issue and Donna motioned a board member not chair the ARB.  Anton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  Anton stated that Joe had brought up an important point about community participation and asked if the Board was amenable to finding additional ways to make it convenient for people to participate.  Anton stated that he had investigated an online survey method that Margo Bills had suggested, called Zoomerang.  He stated that Margo had said that the Chamber of Commerce used this tool and was happy with it.  Anton stated that there were both free and commercial versions of the tool and that it could be used for various purposes, including gathering opinions, soliciting new members and other communication.  Anton stated that a survey can be set up several ways, but that the way most resistant to cheating was to send a unique URL to each homeowner's email address.  The homeowner could participate by going to their unique URL and filling out the survey.  Once the URL was used, it could not be used again, thus ensuring that each participant gets one and only one vote.  Joe and Donna stated that the idea sounded OK.  Joe then forwarded an idea to have a committee open house with light refreshments at the clubhouse and advertise it.  Anton, Dawn and Donna stated that this was a good idea. 

Donna asked for feedback as to effectiveness of the friendly letter reminding people not to park in the street.  Joe stated that he had noticed a reduction in street parking.

A discussion of the proposed community listserv followed including whether David [Randle] had a place on the Web site to sign up to be on a Charleston Village listserv and how it could be used for getting community input and providing information to the community.  Dawn stated that an opinion survey had been conducted last year on which place in the neighborhood was best for sleigh riding [sledding].

Donna requested a schedule for putting up signs and setup before meetings.  Dawn stated that the signs were supposed to go up the Friday before the meeting.  Tim stated that he thought Wednesday or Thursday would be OK too.  Anton stated that he had modified the signs to indicate the new 6:30 meeting time, but that the modifications were not visible from a distance and that he will try again.  Discussion followed about how to improve the visibility.  Anton stated he would put out the signs in February.  Dawn volunteered to do it in March and April.

Tim asked what could be done to shorten the meetings.  A discussion followed about why this meeting had been longer.

Tim motioned to move to executive session, Dawn seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


XI.  Adjournment:


A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at  10:30 PM.


Among other business discussed during executive session, Dawn motioned for $10,000 to be earmarked for reserve.  Donna seconded and the motion passed unanimously. 


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 28 at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.



Respectfully submitted,



Anton Callaway


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association