Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


February 28, 2005



Officers Present:          Anton Callaway, Joe DiBari, Donna Mullis, Tim Ruff, Dawn Stokes


Officers Absent:           none


Others Present:            Roger Boezeman, Margie Boezeman, Linda Vraibel, Rich Fields, Jana Linscott, Bobbiann Waterson


I.   Open Forum:

            Roger Boezeman asked what could be done to reduce door-to-door solicitors and cited a recent example of a landscape company whose solicitors walked through homeowner's lawns and flowerbeds to solicit.  After discussion, it was concluded that appropriate measures to stop solicitors included calling the police and calling the property management company.  


II.  Call to Order:          The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:40 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum: The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.


IV. Minutes Approved:     Donna Mullis announced that the Ron and Sheri from the property management company felt that the January minutes did not accurately reflect what they intended to present in the management report at the last meeting.  Joe and Tim stated that the minutes for the January meeting were too exhaustive and provided too much unnecessary detail.  After further discussion, Tim motioned to approve the January meeting minutes, Donna seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


V.  President's Report:  Donna stated that all items relevant to the President's report would be discussed in the normal course of the various committee reports and other agenda discussions, thus a separate President's report was unnecessary and redundant. 


VI. Treasurer's Report:  Dawn Stokes reported that the only thing that needed to be moved on the current budget was a $77 charge under electrical maintainer's for the clubhouse which would be moved to grounds maintainer's extra.  She also announced that an easier to understand format would likely appear at the next meeting.  Collections are fine.  Only 35 are late, 22 of those one month or less.  Items taken out of reserves were the water heater replacement, pool furniture repair, down payment for painting the pool and the $10,000 of the carryover that we had from last year was placed into reserves.


VII. Committee Reports:  Architectural (ARB)  Donna suggested moving discussion of the revised guidelines to the end because of the time that may be required to go through them.  Joe reported that the ARB met February 2nd and approved four requests.  Joe nominated Dawn Bradley, Margo Bills, Trey O'Quinn, Bradley Bone, Matt Stokes, Phil Storks for appointment to the ARB.  One request has been submitted for the March meeting.  Donna motioned to approve the six nominated members, Anton seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  After some discussion, Joe stated that he thought that a nominee for a new chair of the ARB could be brought forward at the next Board meeting. 

            A discussion followed about whether the landscaping done in one homeowner's yard which Joe had noticed, constituted minor landscaping that did not require ARB review or major landscaping that required ARB approval.


Pool:  Jana Linscott reported.  A discussion of the slippery floors in the poolside bathrooms followed.  Floor mats made of molded PVC was suggested as the best solution to make the floors safer.  Rich Fields also reported that water stands underneath the sinks in the women's restrooms and should be remedied to prevent water damage to the walls.  Donna stated she would contact the property management company to look into a solution to the standing water problem.  Discussion of the floor mats resumed and two quotes were presented.  One quote was for $1262.52 from Recreonics (spelling?).  The pool hours were also presented and discussed.  Donna motioned to approve the pool hours, Anton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  A pool inspection has been scheduled for late April after the pool painting is complete.  It was stated that boogie boards will not be allowed at the pool in 2005, due to safety concerns.  The completion of the pool shade structure was discussed.  Due to some unsatisfactory work done by the previous company including cracks in the new concrete, a letter was sent informing them that the remainder of the payment was being withheld unless they corrected the problems.  The letter further stated that if the company did not comply, then those funds would be used to hire another vendor to do the corrective work.


Grounds:  No report as no members were present.  Donna announced that the previous chair had resigned.  The wooden fence above the culvert along Castleburg was discussed.  Donna stated she would contact the property management company to look into repairing the fence.  The drainage issues along sidewalks and roads in the community were also discussed.  Anton stated that he would email the URL with the listing of Town of Apex personnel to the other Board members so that the matter could more effectively be brought to the Town's attention.




            Bobbiann Waterson reported on the progress of the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt event.  The lack of membership volunteers was discussed.  However, Donna reported that many people were volunteering to help with events, but did not wish to become Social committee members per se. 



            Dawn Stokes reported for Penny Fields.  The rentals have all gone well in the last month.  Replacement of the vacuum cleaner was mentioned as a possible upcoming item.  Repair of the toilet paper holder has been brought to the attention of the property management company.  A new stain appeared on the carpet underneath the light switch after workmen were in the clubhouse.  The chair rack has arrived and is in use.  Clarification of clubhouse rental rules were discussed. 



            No formal Chairperson reporting, however, the status of the volunteers who had expressed interest in helping with the newsletter was discussed.  Anton stated that the people were still willing to help but wanted clarification on what software was acceptable for producing the newsletter.  It was decided that any software that was compatible with the printing vendor would be acceptable, for instance PDF may be acceptable to some vendors, but others may prefer another format.  Anton stated he would contact the Postnet vendor who used to print the newsletter and request a quote and their preferred format.  Donna mentioned that a company whose owner is not a resident had contacted her and expressed interest in buying advertisement space in the Charleston Village newsletter.  Donna requested discussion regarding whether non-residents should be allowed to purchase advertising in our newsletter or the directory.  Rich raised the concern that the directory may not be an appropriate venue for outside advertisers because some may not be comfortable with distribution of the directory outside the community.  All generally agreed with this concern.  A possible solution was proposed whereby the outside advertiser would be given a copy of the ad, but no copies of the directory.  It was agreed to give the issue of outside advertisements in the village directory further thought and resume discussion at the next meeting. 


Board Members on Committees:      Donna clarified the general issue of Board member participation on committees stating that Board members could participate on committees, just not chair them, with the exception of the nominating committee which is to be chaired by a Board member as stated in the by-laws.


   VIII.  Management Company's Report:

            No formal verbal report.  It was noted that the light along Castleburg had been replaced. 



IX.  Old Business: 

The lack of members on the Nominating Committee was discussed.  Tim presented the motion to approve Jennifer Dexter to the nomination committee.  Donna motioned that Jennifer Dexter be approved, Anton seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. 

The suggestion that a cap be placed on the maximum amount that could be spent on new initiatives by the Board without homeowner approval was discussed.  It was emphasized that such a cap, if implemented, would not apply to maintainer's costs.  The Board agreed to consider a cap to be discussed at a future meeting.

Advertisements on flyers, such as the Easter Egg Hunt flyer was discussed.  Joe raised the question of whether such advertisements were appropriate for flyers or should be limited to the newsletter.  During the discussion that followed, sub-topics included the revenue generated by such advertisements, the precedence of previous events being partially sponsored by advertisers and the review of future ads on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the ads remain unobtrusive.  Joe motioned that businesses would not be mentioned in future flyers.  There was no second and the motion died.


X.  New Business:

The revised ARB guidelines were discussed with the focus being on the content, rather than grammar at this stage.  Among the many items discussed, clarification was recommended on the provisions concerning aboveground pools, outdoor lighting and the potential consequences of initiating projects without prior ARB approval and the provision to require window grills in all houses was sent to the ARB committee for further discussion by that committee.


XI.  Adjournment:


A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at  9:59 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 28 at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.



Respectfully submitted,



Anton Callaway


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association