Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


March 28, 2005



Officers Present:          Anton Callaway, Joe DiBari, Donna Mullis, Dawn Stokes


Officers Absent:           Tim Ruff


Others Present:            Roger Boezeman, Margie Boezeman, Linda Vraibel, Rich Fields, Penny Fields, Jennifer Dexter, Connie Friedline, Marc Baker, Wanda Hanley, Dan Linton, Laura Linton, Sheri Fincher


I.   Open Forum:

            Dan and Laura Linton began a discussion concerning the parking of construction trailers on the streets.  One of the main concerns raised was that the trailers created a safety hazard due to blocked visibility and narrowing of the streets for traffic.  While the need to allow construction trailer parking during working hours was acknowledged, it was generally felt that the trailers should be relocated off of the streets otherwise.  In the ensuing discussion, several ideas were forwarded, including suggesting that the homeowners who are having work done ask the workers to park their trailers in the driveway or the clubhouse parking lot at night, if the trailers were to be left within Charleston Village during non-working hours.  Rich Fields suggested that reminders to homeowners be included in the request for approval and in the approval letter during the ARB review process.   It was generally considered that this would be an efficient and timely way to reduce the excessive parking of construction vehicles on the streets.

            Rich and Penny Fields also mentioned that there had been an incidence of vandalism at the pool and it was decided to discuss that matter further during the pool report.


II.  Call to Order:          The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:40 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum: The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.


IV. Minutes Approved:     Donna motioned to approve the February meeting minutes, Joe seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


V.  President's Report:  Items discussed throughout meeting. 


VI. Treasurer's Report:  Dawn Stokes reported.  In the discussion, Sheri clarified what needed to be done to ensure that the $10,000 earmarked for reserves as per Dawn's request.   Dawn also stated that funds for the newsletter would go back to the Charleston Village Website line item on the budget. 


VII. Committee Reports:  Architectural (ARB)  Joe reported that the ARB approved one request.  Margo Bills is the new chairman of the ARB.  Terminology for the versions of ARB guidelines was discussed.  It was suggested that the guidelines indicate the issue date and the "revised" date.  A discussion of the necessity of window grills (mullions) followed.  Anton stated that the grills presented a safety hazard, particularly to households with small children because the grills are held in place with small sharp nails and the grills had been known to pop out unexpectedly.  Joe stated that allowing people to remove the window grills would diminish the desired uniformity of the neighborhood


Pool:  Wanda Hanley reported.  The Pool rules to be in effect for 2005 were presented and discussed.  It was suggested that the definition of boogie boards be clarified.  Boogie boards will not be allowed this year for safety reasons.  A discussion followed regarding the possibility of allowing nonresidents of Charleston Village to purchase pool memberships.  Some residents had suggested that the outside memberships may provide a source of income for the HOA.  Rich and Penny pointed out that Wake County has designated a 200 person limit for our pool.  In addition, they stated that chemical costs would rise significantly if the number of people rose from outside members.  Wanda suggested that a swim lesson signup could be coupled with an information night to gather community input on the subject and to allow for communication of the potential consequences of increased membership.  Donna motioned to approve such an information night followed by a community vote on the issue, Anton seconded the motion.  Dawn and Joe voted against the motion and the motion died. 

                The vandalism to the pool fence and to several pool signs was discussed.  It was stated that the perpetrators had been seen inside the fence but that no police report had been filed to the knowledge of anyone present.  It was stated that a police report will be made on the matter and that additional action would be discussed at the end of the meeting.

                Possible remedies to the slippery floors in the women's bathroom area was discussed.  Rich pointed out that the rubber mats discussed previously may exacerbate the retention of water along the wall and make it more difficult to keep the floors clean.  He suggested that when Ziba comes to repair the concrete at the pool, he could also fill in the low area on the floor in the women's bathroom which is causing the wall under the sink to rot.  After this low area is repaired, then the floor could be painted with a special paint which provides a non-slip surface and also allows better drainage than the mats.  It was generally considered that this was a cost-effective way to proceed

                Rich mentioned that the pool will be drained at the end of the week in preparation for painting and requested that spotlights be positioned into the pool to deter trespass and misuse of the area while the work is being done.  Anton motioned to approve said positioning of the spotlights, Donna seconded and the motion passed unanimously.  The possibility of also putting up signs stating that the area would be under camera surveillance during the painting period was also discussed.



Donna asked the property management company to look into repairing the wooden fence along Castleburg and extending it by one panel on either side.  Rich stated that he and Ron will determine how to proceed on this fence repair. 

              A discussion of responsibility for maintenance of the greenway and the drainage issues within Charleston Village along certain streets and along the greenway followed.  Sheri presented her findings from her research into these subjects and from her discussions with Town of Apex officials.  A letter dated September 11, 1998 from Thomas W. Benson of Charter Homes to John Brown of the Dept. of Parks and Recreation stating that the greenway maintenance was the responsibility of the HOA was presented.  However, several other lines of evidence suggesting that the Town of Apex is responsible were also presented including the lack of a recorded "private maintenance easement".  Donna suggested to put the HOA attorney in contact with the Town of Apex attorney to straighten this matter out. 

              Dawn asked if a new chair of the Grounds committee had been found and Anton stated he would attempt to find someone to fill the vacant chair before the next meeting.



            Connie Friedline reported on the successful Easter Egg Hunt.  She stated that Bobbi Ann (Waterson) was working on the 2005 Fall Festival.  Sheri stated that the funds for this event had already been released. 



            Penny Fields reported.  The rentals have all gone well in the last month.  Rich stated that he would get quotes for replacement of the clubhouse vacuum cleaner which is becoming non-functional.  Donna motioned to approve the amendments to the clubhouse rules, Joe seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. 



            No formal Chairperson reporting.  The question of whether entities from outside Charleston Village should be allowed to place advertisements in the Charleston Village newsletter.  Donna motioned to limit ads to within the community.  Joe seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  



   VIII.  Management Company's Report:

            Sheri Fincher reported.  In addition to several topics covered in earlier reports in the meeting, the following items were noted:  The 2004 taxes were filed.  The pool permit fees were paid.  Sample covenant violation letters were emailed to Donna for review.  A discrepancy in the clubhouse phone bill was addressed. 

            The issue of solicitation in the neighborhood was discussed.  Homeowners are encouraged to call Ron Fincher at the property management company or the police to remove solicitors from the neighborhood.  Additional measures of reducing solicitation were discussed.  Sheri mentioned that Cotswold has "No Solicitation" signs posted in their community.  Joe motioned to look into putting similar signs at the entrance of Charleston Village.  Anton seconded the motion, Donna also voted for the motion and Dawn abstained

            Sheri reported that she had discussed the drainage issues in the community with Mr. Cannon of the Town of Apex, who stated that there were several design flaws in the drainage system, but that the only real repair that was needed would be addressed.  Mr. Cannon stated that he had no authority to spend the amount of money required to overcome the design flaws in the drainage system, but that he would be willing to meet with whomever wanted to discuss the matter further.  A discussion followed and included questions as to where the money for the Apex sidewalk referendum was being spent and how to improve the letter that Anton had drafted to further delineate the need for the Town to address the drainage issues- both for the benefit of the community and the to save Town tax revenues in the future which will likely be incurred from sidewalk damage due to the continual water presence.  Donna stated that she and Sheri would organize a meeting with Mr. Cannon or some other relevant Town official.  Anton stated that he would revise his draft letter and send it to the other board members for approval. 



IX.  Old Business: 

Jennifer Dexter reported on the possibility of new members for the Nominating Committee.  She mentioned that Connie Friedline had expressed interest in participating.  The revised ARB guidelines were presented to the board earlier in the day and several board members requested that discussion of the guidelines be deferred until after they had more time to review.

The issue of discussing a spending cap on new projects with the intended purpose of requiring community input before new projects costing more than the specified amount were authorized by the board was raised.  It was emphasized that such a cap would not be applied to maintenance of existing structures and facilities.  Dawn motioned to table the discussion of the spending cap and Joe seconded the motion.  Donna and Anton voted against tabling the discussion.  As it was a 2-2 vote, no further discussion of the topic occurred.



X.  New Business:

Joe raised a concern that homeowners are leaving out their garbage receptacles out in the front of homes and other visible areas and that the visible garbage receptacles are detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood.  A discussion of the matter followed and Anton asked if Joe would be willing to write up a reminder note to be sent around the Board for review and then disseminated to the community.  Joe motioned to place a small reminder in the Spring newsletter to get people to put away their garbage receptacles out of view.  Anton seconded the motion.  Dawn and Donna voted against the motion and the motion did not pass.

The topic of possibly prohibiting rentals in the community was raised at the request of some homeowners who had contacted the Board before the meeting.  It was stated that the Board does not have the legal authority to ban rentals but that owners of properties were still responsible for addressing covenant violations even when they rent the properties to others. 

The possibility was discussed of changing the venue of the Annual Meeting to the clubhouse due to the low turnout at the last annual meeting and the ability to accommodate a larger number of people at the clubhouse than attended last year's annual meeting.  Anton motioned to move the 2005 Annual Meeting to the clubhouse.  Donna seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Ideas to increase homeowner participation in community affairs were discussed and it was decided to include a request for people to sign up for Web-based surveys and committee signups.  It was emphasized that such Web surveys should not be too common so as to annoy homeowners and that the email list would not be shared with outside parties to prevent unsolicited emails (spam).

The issue of the vandalism at the pool was revisited and discussed in greater detail.  It was noted that future incidents of vandalism may incur exposure to legal action as children could have been hurt during the trespass onto the pool area.  Donna motioned that a letter be sent to the three families with members that were alleged to have participated in the vandalism and trespassing and that the incident be put on record.  Dawn and Anton simultaneously seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Donna stated that she will put out the signs announcing next month's meeting.  The regular session adjourned at 9:28 and an executive session followed.


XI.  Adjournment:


Following executive session, a motion was made, seconded, and unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 PM.


The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 25 at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.



Respectfully submitted,



Anton Callaway


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association