Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


April 25, 2005



Officers Present:          Anton Callaway, Joe DiBari, Donna Mullis, Dawn Stokes, Tim Ruff


Officers Absent:           none


Others Present:            Roger Boezeman, Margie Boezeman, Linda Vraibel, Jennifer Dexter, Connie Friedline, Margo Bills, Ed Pierzga, Michele Pierzga, Alec Pierzga, Dawn Bradley, Damon Bradley, Bobbi Ann Waterson, Carter Worthington, Brad Bone, Brooks Depro, Sheri Fincher


I.   Open Forum:

            Open Forum began at 6:36 P.M. with a statement by Alec Pierzga concerning the pool vandalism incident.  He stated that he and his friends did go inside the pool fence and he apologized for entering the pool area during the time it was closed.  He further stated that neither he nor the other children with him  committed any vandalism. 

            Next, Dawn Bradley began a discussion about opening pool memberships to people outside the community.  She and Damon Bradley stated that those outside the community would be subject to lesser liability in case of an accident or property damages than  those within the community.  For that and other reasons, they were against allowing outside memberships.  Donna explained that she was also against allowing outside memberships, but, based on initial information brought forward by the pool committee  felt that more information about the subject was desirable.  She further stated that the pool committee had gathered more information in the meantime and had come to a similar conclusion that outside memberships were not a good idea.  Thus, barring a large number of community residents requesting outside memberships, the issue was being withdrawn from further discussion.


II.  Call to Order:          The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:43 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum: The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.


IV. Minutes Approved:     Donna motioned to approve the March meeting minutes, Tim seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


V.  President's Report:  Items discussed throughout meeting. 


VI. Treasurer's Report:  Dawn Stokes reported.  Collections are good, only 37 late and approximately 30 of those are one month or less, so it is better than last month.  Only two area are over budget, the telephone bill by about $50.00 due to a BellSouth mix up and the gas bill, but that is probably due to the normal increase in demand during the winter months.  The balances are OK.


VII. Committee Reports:  Architectural (ARB)  Margo Bills reported that the ARB approved seven requests and that the ARB had one new member.  A discussion of the revised ARB guidelines followed.  Whether or not requiring all windows in all homes to have window grills (mullions) was debated and the safety and potential liability of requiring their installation was weighed against the uniformity and aesthetic value of the devices.  Dawn suggested moving the mullion provision from the section of items unconditionally required (in the ARB guidelines) to the section requiring submittal and ARB approval.  After further discussion, Donna motioned to move the window mullion section of the ARB guidelines to  that section requiring ARB approval for removal.  Tim seconded the motion and the motion passed 4-1 with Joe voting against the motion.  Donna motioned to extend the removal of holiday lighting to four weeks after the holiday to bring the requirements in line with law.  Anton seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.  A discussion of the language concerning satellite dishes followed.  It was stated that the guidelines can only strongly encourage ARB approval for satellite dish placement because  FCC regulations prevent many forms of restrictions.  The prohibition of walkways that go beyond the front of the building was discussed.  It was mentioned that certain house/lot combinations are such that a short distance beyond the front of the house might be aesthetically and otherwise desirable.  Donna motioned that the language be changed to say that the walkways cannot extend beyond the existing front sidewalk.  Anton seconded the motion and the motion passed with Joe, Anton and Donna voting for the motion and Dawn and Tim abstaining.  The prohibition of free-standing patios was discussed next.  Donna motioned to allow freestanding patios with certain restrictions.  Anton seconded the motion.  All others were opposed and the motion died with a 2-3 vote.  


Pool:   Discussion of outside pool memberships was taken off the table.  Michele Pierzga reported.  It was stated that a first aid kit was needed and it was asked if Board approval was required for such a purchase.  It was generally agreed that such a purchase did not require approval and she should feel free to purchase the kit at the committee's first convenience.  Michele further stated that the pool committee had reviewed further information concerning outside pool memberships and had voted unanimously to disallow such memberships.




No formal Chairperson reporting.  Donna asked the property management company to get two additional quotes for the fence repair and extension along Castleburg to go with the quote already received.  Whether the timers for the sprinklers had been properly adjusted following the time change was discussed next.



            Connie Friedline reported that there would be a Yard Sale event on May 21st.



            Dawn noted the air space under the windows facing the pool and asked the property management company to look into repairing them.  A discussion of pool lights being turned off during parties followed.  



            No formal Chairperson reporting.  Dawn stated that a Spring newsletter was needed and suggested a deadline of May 15th for a draft of the Spring newsletter to be provided to the Board.  Anton stated he would pass along the information to the family who had volunteered to do this newsletter. 



Tim requested that time for the Nominating Committee report be included in future Board agendas.  It was stated that the annual meeting would be held in November as required by the by-laws and that new members of Cassandra McMillan and Connie Friedline had been approved by Board vote conducted by phone of 4 voting for approval and Joe abstaining.  Tim stated that the committee had met and would meet again in a few weeks.

   VIII.  Management Company's Report:

            Sheri Fincher reported.  In addition to several topics covered in earlier reports in the meeting, the following items were noted:  One house is in foreclosure.  There has been one complaint by a resident regarding the need of their neighbor's house to be painted.  Several mailboxes need paint.  A general letter to the community about the need for mailbox upkeep will be drafted and sent soon to everyone in the community.  The pool basin painting has been completed.  Examples of "No Soliciting" signs will be sent to the Board for review.  Ron fixed the broken picket at the pool fence.  Repairs to the faulty concrete work done underneath the pool shade structure should be done this week.  The key access system for the clubhouse has been updated so that if an authorized person calls ahead and lets Sheri know who will be opening the door during an event, that person's key can activate the door lock to remain open during the event.


IX.  Old Business: 

The Nominating Committee has been appointed and approved. 

The garbage receptacle storage letter draft from Joe was presented and discussed.  A copy of this letter is to be placed in the upcoming newsletter.  The ARB guidelines will include a sentence that refers to the place in the by-laws where the proper storage of garbage receptacles is stated (Article VII, Section 2e).  Dawn voted for a reminder of proper garbage receptacle storage to be included in the letter to be mailed regarding mailbox upkeep.  Tim seconded the motion and the motion passed 4-1 with Donna opposed to the motion. 

Joe stated that he had spoken to Captain Wilson of the Apex Police Department to find out what possible actions could be taken to regulate excess construction trailer parking on Village streets.

The proposed cap on new spending initiatives without community vote was discussed.  It was emphasized that this cap would only apply to new initiatives and that maintenance and repair costs would be exempt from the proposed provision.  Donna suggested an amount of $3,000 and the amount and whether to include such a cap (with a stipulation that would allow adjustment for inflation) in the by-laws was discussed.



X.  New Business:

Donna motioned that the Board would meet every other month rather than monthly, with a reminder that the Board can meet anytime in case of emergency.  Tim seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Language for the standard yard and home maintenance letters was discussed.  It was tentatively approved that the drafts submitted to the Board by Tim and Anton be merged.  Donna will submit a composite version for Board review via email, after which the standard letter will be sent to the property management company for use. 

Donna motioned that Joe would draft a letter for the newsletter regarding the recent incident of pool vandalism and the motion passed unanimously. 



XI.  Adjournment:


The meeting adjourned at 8:45.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 27 at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.



Respectfully submitted,



Anton Callaway


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association