Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


August 22, 2005



Officers Present:          Anton Callaway, Joe DiBari, Tim Ruff, Donna Mullis


Officers Absent:           Dawn Stokes


Others Present:            Penny Fields, Roger Boezeman, Margie Boezeman, Jennifer Dexter, Wanda Hanley, MaryAnn Guneshefski,  Sheri Fincher


I.   Open Forum:          MaryAnn Guneshefski initiated a discussion about drainage issues in Charleston Village and presented photos showing some of the recent flooding in the area around the stream from the culverts that go under Castleburg Rd. to the culvert going under Old Jenks.  She also stated that several homeowners had been seen dumping debris and grass clippings into the drain field which would exacerbate the drainage problems.  Several of the Board members stated that they were aware of the poor drainage in parts of the neighborhood, including the area mentioned, that the seriousness of the issue is recognized and that efforts were continuing to improve drainage, but that these efforts were being slowed by a number of factors, including general confusion over which governmental and\or non-governmental agency is responsible and permitted to address the problem.  Members of the Board have met with Town of Apex officials and the property management company attorney has written to the Town of Apex council regarding drainage and greenway jurisdiction respectively.  The Town attorney (Fordham) has not responded.  Due to the lack of response from the Town council, a letter has been sent to Mayor Weatherly from the property management company's attorney.  It was suggested that all homeowners could contribute to pressuring  governmental officials to do something about this chronic problem.  Contact information for Town of Apex officials can be found on the Town's Web site.  Anton also asked for volunteers to assist in other ways, including an effort to organize other Apex area HOAs to collectively present our concerns before the Town Council.  In that effort, Anton mentioned that he had spoken with several local area Board Presidents who have expressed interest in this idea. 


II.  Call to Order:          The meeting at the Charleston Village Clubhouse was called to order at 6:50 PM.


III.  Establish Quorum: The Board Members present, constituted a quorum.


IV. Minutes Approved:     Donna motioned to approve the June meeting minutes.  Tim seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


V. Treasurer's Report:  Sheri Fincher reported for Dawn Stokes.  Collections are up to date, with only three past due accounts receiving letters from the HOA attorney and a few reminder letters being necessary.  


VII. Committee Reports:  Architectural (ARB)  Tim Ruff displayed a couple of options for the format of the revised ARB guidelines booklet.  After some discussion, Donna motioned to approve the less expensive option.  Anton seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  Discussion of which vendor to use followed.  Donna motioned to approve the lowest bid.  Anton seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  A discussion followed that concerned the appropriate procedure for reporting covenant violations.  It was pointed out that all such reports should be forwarded to the property management company.


Pool:   Wanda Hanley reported.  Wanda is collecting items for the 2006 pool budget, but estimates that the 2006 pool budget will request approximately $800 less than last year.  Penny reported that there have been several instances of people bringing glass inside the pool fence, which is in violation of the pool rules due to safety concerns.  It was pointed out that if glass were discovered by a Wake County safety inspector, it could result in revoking the community's pool license and closing of the pool for the remainder of the season.




No formal Chairperson reporting.  The wooden fence next to the intersection of Castleburg Road and the greenway was repaired and extended to improve safety along the steep slope above the culvert.  Sheri reported that the property management company's attorney, Henry Jones, had still not received a response from the Town of Apex attorney regarding the Town's responsibility for greenway maintenance.  Anton motioned to refresh the recreation lot play area surface material with a wood material that is approved by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association.  Donna seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  Joe and Tim stated that they will decide where to place the "No soliciting" signs that will be placed at the Castleburg and Templeton Gap entrances.  Anton stated that the 2006 Grounds budget was submitted and that it proposes to place all common areas under contract with the landscape company.  In addition, he stated that the contract is up for renewal this December and that he will request bids from both the current and additional companies.  Sheri offered another company that could give a proposal, Goodfellas Landscaping, and Anton stated he would request information from them as one of the additional bidders.  A separate estimate for maintenance of the Holt Road berm will also be requested to remove the weed growth.  A discussion followed concerning the respective responsibility of the DOT, the HOA and individual homeowners along Holt Road.  It was decided that if the budget allows weed removal and application of grass seed to the berm, then individual homeowners would be contacted to request their approval for HOA maintenance of the strip of property on the berm under discussion.  Anton also stated that there was still an urgent need for a new Grounds Committee chairperson and requested that anyone should feel free to help with the recruiting effort.  Mowing of the common area between Keokuk and Battlewood was approved by phone vote (September) with Anton, Donna, and Joe voting for the motion.



            No report.



            Penny Fields reported.  Replacement of the carpets was discussed.  It was pointed out that the stains continued to resurface after cleaning and that the carpets in the clubhouse were still the original carpets and had never been replaced.  Quotes for replacement will be solicited.  A discussion of the clubhouse budget and whether there were sufficient funds for carpet replacement ensued.  Among other items discussed, it was pointed out that half of the supplies for the clubhouse are paid for by the clubhouse committee and half by the pool committee.  A new cleaning company was requested.  The need to re-grout the showers, especially the shower on the North end was mentioned.  Ron and Rich will get quotes on the grouting.  A sofa leg is broken and Sheri will get someone to fix the leg.



            No formal chairperson reporting.  The next newsletter was discussed.  Due to delays in the Summer newsletter, and the benefit of including information about candidates for the two open Board seats in a timely fashion in relation to the election in early November, it was decided to aim for a Fall newsletter in October. 



Tim Ruff reported that there are two Board positions available to be filled at the annual meeting.  Anton motioned to make November 3rd the date for the annual meeting contingent clubhouse availability.  Donna seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  The wording on the request for nominations was finalized and will be sent by mail and related information will also be included in the newsletter to encourage people to participate. 


   VIII.  Management Company's Report:

            Sheri Fincher reported.  In addition to those topics covered in earlier reports in the meeting and those designated for discussion under New Business, the following items were noted:  The picnic tables were sanded and sealed.  The clubhouse and pool access system has continued to be unpredictable, but additional work was done to correct the problems.  The problem only affects those people who request an update to their access capabilities, for instance clubhouse renters. 



IX.  Old Business: 

No additional old business other than that already covered in individual committee reports.


X.  New Business:

Joe reported that a suspicious adult male in a red shirt was seen snooping around the yards.  The homeowner who noticed the individual reported the matter to the police. 



XI.  Adjournment:


Donna motioned to move to executive session at 8:11.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 24 at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.



Respectfully submitted,



Anton Callaway


Charleston Village Homeowners' Association