The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes (UNOFFICIAL)


November 28, 2005


Officers Present: Donna Mullis, Connie Friedline, Jennifer Dexter,

Tim Ruff, Michele Medlin

Officers absent:


Others present: Sheri and Ron Fincher, Rich and Penny Fields, Margo Bills


I. Open Forum

  • Ron Fincher updates Board with estimate to paint gazebo $495.00 w/ Sherwin Williams paint by Painting Your World
  • 2 pedestals at entrance way are unlit. Problem seems to be power supply. Removal vs. repair discussed. Donna motions to repair. Motion carries. Ron will have electrician to find break in line and repair.


II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 6:52 PM


III. Establish Quorum of Board

  • All members present, constitutes quorum


IV. Approval of Minutes

  • Approval of October Minutes as well as Annual Meeting Minutes tabled until January meeting due to lack of time to review before November meeting


V. Treasures Report

  • Connie in process of taking over position. No new account or spending information since Annual Meeting.
  • CD’s will be maturing in February will need to decide what to do when they reach maturity


VI. Committee reports



  • Tim Ruff will liaison from Board
  • ARB chair nominates; Bradley Bone, Dawn Bradley, Trey O’Quinn, Phil Stork, Joe Dibari for ARB. Donna Mullis moves to confirm, carries unanimously.
  • No new reviews since October
  • Edging, dead shrub removal, and garbage can removal still issues of concern. Management Company addressing by sending letters to offenders.
  • Type of architectural submittal as well as plot plan dictates which neighboring signatures must be secured for approval.
  • Working on recommendations for lawn maintenance for homeowners.




  • Donna Mullis will liaison from Board
  • Request to leave pool furniture under the shade structure for remainder of off-season to allow new floor texturing to cure.
  • Men’s room floor still not satisfactorily completed. Pool Management Company meeting with contractor.
  • HOA Management Company will put longer screws in door hinge in ladies room.
  • Wood beneath sink in ladies room peeling but believes acceptable for one more season.



  • Michele Medlin will liaison from Board to Grounds.
  • Fontaine looked into the wet area near the recreation lot. Did not find a problem. Will continue to monitor.
  • Sprinkler systems winterized
  • Holt Road burm area revisited. Projected cost for legal paperwork alone was in excess of  $2,500.00. Additional cost of fence construction, landscaping and then continued maintenance was found to be cost prohibitive. After much discussion on the options. Donna Mullis motions made to hold individual homeowners responsible for their property maintenance to the road. Motion carries unanimously.  Management Company will send notification of this decision to the affected homeowners.
  • Fontaine Landscaping quote was reviewed. Recommended alterations included removal of area C maintenance, maintenance of grassy areas only in D&E no small tree removal at this time, placement of wreaths on pedestals, revisit area A and what part they can actually “maintain” within this area (potential wetland protected). Management Company will clarify contract with Fontaine and board will vote via phone.



  • Connie Friedline will liaison from Board.
  • Food drive completed (no numbers were reported)
  • Toy drive in progress. Collection date December 3, 2005 Charleston Village Clubhouse.



  • Donna Mullis will liaison from Board.
  • Request to add pictures of inside of clubhouse as well as some statistics (chair numbers, table sizes, etc.) added on to website
  • Ant problem around clubhouse continues to be treated
  • Couch wheel “pedestals” bent, Ron will investigate replacing legs on couch


  • Michele Medlin will liaison from Board.
  • Not getting many submissions for newsletter. Web only version suggested.



  • Jennifer Dexter will liaison from Board.
  • Members appointed and approved by board: Cassandra McMillan, BobbiAnn Waterson, Anton Callaway.



VII. Management Company’s Report

  • CVHOA believes Town of Apex should be responsible for maintenance of greenways, and sidewalks since CV homeowners or CVHOA do not actually own that property.
  • Town refuses to take responsibility even after receipt of letters from Association Attorney. Management company recommends that each tax paying homeowner call the mayor’s office to voice concern
  • Tim Ruff will transfer all Recreation lot information to  Management Company for follow up on Inspections and warranty information.


VIII .Old business


IX. New Business

  • Before any decisions are made about the addition of stop signs to the development community input should be sought.
  • Construction easement of 25’ needs to be appealed to Town of Apex on behalf of entire community since all new construction is complete. Management Company will follow up on this appeal.


X. Adjournment

  • Donna Mullis motioned to close, seconded.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.
  • Next board meeting will be January 23,2006