The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Annual meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 2,2006




Officers Present: Jennifer Dexter, Michele Medlin, Tim Ruff, Connie Friedline, and Michael Kennedy

Officers absent: none

Others Present: Beth Harvey, rep. From R.S.Fincher

Homeowners present: Sign in attendance attached

Present by Proxy: 41 proxies






Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 7:05 PM


·        All current board members introduced themselves. Tim Ruff, member at large, ends his term this evening.

Establish Quorum

  • The 40 proxies in addition to the      homeowners present constitute quorum. (Minimum of 33 must be represented.)

Approval of Minutes

  • Hugh Cameron (2003 Templeton Gap) motions to approve 2005 annual meeting minutes; seconded by John Hamilton (4003 Battery Bee) minutes approved as written.


President’s Report

  • No outstanding expenses
  • Yard maintenance has been an issue for concern over course of year
  • Vandalism a growing concern. Several incidents this year: graffiti at the playground, sign destruction, spray paint on the path, firecracker set off in clubhouse, firecrackers thrown on homeowner’s decks
  • Reminder to feel free to contact the Apex Police Department with any suspicious activity.


Treasurer’s Report 

  • No increase in dues
  • Reserve account at $72,000.00
  • $12,500.00 in Money Market
  • $5,800.00 cash reserve
  • August showed use of 60-69% of projected budget, right on target
  • Clubhouse improvement on 2007 budget for carpet and painting
  • Approximately 3% increase in budget for utilities
  • Both grounds contract and pool contract increase
  • Grounds committee has $1750.00 in special projects budget
  • Increase in income; interest on accounts, rental fees,





Committee reports



·        Margo Bills committee chair

  • Meetings held first Wednesday of the month
  • In submitting requests:
    •  Follow guidelines in book or on website and submit 1 minimum 1 week prior to meeting
    • Plot plan needs to be included (survey not necessary)
    • Homeowners welcome to come to meetings to explain requests but do NOT expect an answer at meeting. Formal approval or denial will come by mail.
    • Signatures of neighbors required
  • 37 requests for change/improvement in 2006
  • Designed and published guidelines for yard maintenance in Spring 2006
  • Concerns about things done without approval
  • If you have issues about a neighbor call R.S.Fincher not the ARB
  • Thank you to current members                           


  • Christine Hanson committee co-chair
  • Managed an opening party as well as a closing party this season
  • New chairs were purchased
  • Support of newly formed swim team
  • Gate will be repaired during fall/winter closure
  • One issue of glass breakage resulting in closure and draining of pool
  • Homeowner raised question of value in leaving pool open as late as end of September


  • John Hamilton  committee chair
  • Fall Festival a big success, as well as Halloween Parade.
  • Big plans and ideas for next year with new members in place


  • Michael Kennedy committee chair.
  • Birdhouses were put up along greenway and by gazebo
  • Irrigation repairs made
  • Drainage system installed by playground
  • Stake, probably left over from fall festival is still in ground in front of clubhouse and needs to be removed
  • Things that have not been accomplished this year
    • Pond improvement
    • A new chair or co-chair found


·        Dawn Bradley committee chair.(took over in March)

·        Interior paint in need of updating

·        Carpet needs to be replaced. 10 years old

·        Averaging 3 rentals a month

·        Rental rates were increased from $50.00 to $75.00 for a half-day rental and $100.00 for a full-

day rental.

·        Increase has not adversely affected the number of rentals

·        A checklist for returning clubhouse to original state was compiled to make it easier for renters

·  Rules were updated and clarifications made where necessary



  • David Randle (website manger) and MaryAnn Gunshefski (newsletter publisher) only members
  • Looking into advertising on website
  • Switching to more powerful SPAM protection
  • Would like to have a more powerful server but does not seem worth the cost for limited use
  • Adding new pages for new clubs like
    • Forums
    •  The wine club
    • Neighborhood watch page
    • Public page viewable by anyone looking at our neighborhood

·  Newsletter published quarterly

·  Any submissions send to Mary Ann

·  New neighborhood directory in progress


  • Approved special election guidelines
    • Vacancy within 3 months of election person with next highest number of votes will be offered position
    • More than 3 months from election a special election will be held with time allotted for candidate submission and voting


  • Thanks given to Tim Ruff, whose term is over, for his years of service to Charleston village as a member of the board.


John Dailey of   3011 Cumberland Gap

            Board members should do what is best for the community. They should follow and enforce the bylaws and guidelines of the community. He served on a homeowner’s board in the past and is wants to be involved in the Charleston Village community.


Trey O’Quinn of 1809 Keokuk Ct.

            Forgive his suit, just came from work. He is running because he believes it is important for the board to manage the homeowner’s money responsibly and feels his position in the State Budget Office managing money for state universities aids him in being bale to do that. The main reason he is running his home in this community is his first house and he is proud of being a member of this neighborhood and wants to be involved. Has already served on the ARB.


            A homeowner questions whether or not she is able to “question the candidates”. They agree it is okay. She would like to know how each of them feel about the “new rules” in particular the architectural guidelines?



Trey O’Quinn

“Which ones?” he feels some things, like 6” grass area a bit meticulous but overall agrees with the need for a standard to be stated

John Dailey

All rules are not going to satisfy everyone. Feels the information as to why the rules were implemented needs to be shared.


Collection of ballots and proxies





Open Forum

  • Jennifer Dexter reminds all present of the rules of open forum
    • State your name and address
    • Only community business NOT personal
    • Not the time for complaints feel free to voice those to R.S.Fincher

Hugh Cameron (2300 Templeton Gap) questions if we are adequately insured against the vandalism?


Nicole Rideout (  2008  Ironsides Court) swim team update

  • Beginning fundraising. Poinsettias for sale
  • 95 kids already signed up (question of is there a maximum number allowed, Nicole does not know but does know some teams are as large as 150 members)
  • Name, Charleston Village Crocodiles an artist is working on a logo
  • Someone has already volunteered to be TSA representative
  • 2 people have stepped up to serve as coaches
  • Ages 4-18 included. Everyone will swim

Georgia Martin (                           ) Asks how the number of people to establish a quorum was derived?

·  10% of homes represented establishes a quorum according to bylaws. Approximately 330 homes 33 homes represented constitutes a quorum.

MaryAnn Gunshefski (1912 Castleburg drive) What are the special projects under Grounds Committee?

·        Fence covering on Holt Road needs improvement. Pond beautification. Need for ponds to be self- sustaining. Reevaluation needed.




Election Results

·        Close vote, Trey O’Quinn will serve as newest Board member



·        Jennifer Dexter adjourns at 8:02 PM