The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes


January 23,2006


Officers Present: Donna Mullis, Connie Friedline, Jennifer Dexter,

Tim Ruff, Michele Medlin

Officers absent:

Others Present: Mary Ann Gunchefski, Margo Bills, Laura Linton, and Beth Harvey


I. Open Forum

Laura Linton of 2424 Castleburg Drive addressed the board concerning the Wake county school system reassignment plan.

·        Currently CV is divided into 2 nodes 390.2 and 538.0. Each with Salem Elementary and Salem Middle, and Apex High  as base schools, and year round options of Morrisville Elementary and Lufkin Road Middle School.

·        The proposal divides our neighborhood into 2 base schools; Salem (538.0) with a year- round option of Carpenter Village and Turner Creek Year- round (390.2) at the elementary level and maintains Salem as base at the Middle school level for both nodes. High school remains the same but could face future reassignment as 2 new High schools are slated to open in the fall of 2006.

·        It is believed that this new plan not only negatively affects CV residents as parents (having our children divided and shuffled) but also as homeowners as it puts our property in a constant state of instability on the school districting front making our properties less appealing to potential buyers.

·        A group of members of the CVHOA are concerned about the reassignment and are asking the board, since they represent 300+homes, for their endorsement and commitment to fight this reassignment proposal

·        Ms. Linton came seeking:

a) The board to adopt a resolution modeled after the Town of Apex’s resolution stating that we will not support the reassignment process and asking for the system to be revamped in written form and delivered to members of the school board, office of Growth Management, the superintendent’s office, and other individuals deemed necessary.

b) Reimbursement of funds for meeting space rental used to organize efforts against the plan by the group of CVHOA members as well as residents of Brookstone.

c) The board to form or support the formation of an Ad-Hoc committee to follow community growth that can collect information, report those findings, keep the information in a centralized location as well as be proactive in affecting change.


Ms. Linton is asked to provide projected figures needed to support the committee in the future. Ms. Linton will try to supply them but at this point can only foresee more mailing expenditures incurred.


Tim motions to put resolution forward, Michele seconds, unanimously approved.

Ms. Linton is asked to draft the “resolution/letter” and submit for board approval and signatures.


Tim motions to reverse original decision denying reimbursement Michele seconds remaining board members (Donna, Jennifer, Connie) opposed. Reimbursement is denied.


The formation of an official committee vs. an Ad-Hoc and the legalities/requirements surrounding that will be evaluated and considered in the Spring.




II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 7:35 PM


III. Establish Quorum of Board

  • All members present, constitutes quorum


IV. Approval of Minutes

  • Approval of October Minutes tabled until e-mails can confirm approval by previous board members.
  • November 28, 2005 minutes and executive minutes unanimously approved.


V. Treasures Report

  • 4 CD’s maturing 3 in February, 1 in April.
  • Connie motions to combine 2 of the CD’s[NSB4082 and NSB4083] and reinvest in 8mos. CD reinvest NSB4085 into 15 mos. CD. Donna seconds, unanimous approval.
  • NSB4084 matures in April and we will revisit it then.
  • Discuss shifting of funds from Money Market account into total cash reserves. Tabled until next meeting.
  • 2005 closed out okay, most Homeowners current with exception of 13 letters sent to HO who are behind


VI. Committee reports



  • Addendum to architectural Standards Book (page 19) submitted for approval.

agreed to change “remove/ kill weeds” to “remove/kill weeds or grass” line 2

Change the wording of Snow removal to reflect this is a Town Ordinance as well as specify the sidewalks “at the street”.

Discussion of “uniform height for grass but decided not practical as many homeowners may not be able to cut front/back on same schedule or may have different varieties of grass in front and back that require different heights.

  • Discussion of mailboxes around the community in need of maintenance

It is decided that RS Fincher will mail out a “spring Maintenance” letter reminding homeowners about power washing their homes, lawn maintenance, mailbox repair/maintenance, and cars parked in the street along with copies of the addendum to be added to the Architectural Standards Book.

  Pool  No report



  • Motion to approve Town of Apex taking over greenway maintenance is unanimously approved. Fincher will send letter acknowledging the shift of responsibility and to let town know CV will not be forming a “friends of the greenway” committee.
  • Motion to approve Fontaine contract unanimously approved
  • Bush hogging of area behind Keokuk and Battlewood shelved. No easy access. Will discuss with Fontaine other options for growth control in that area.
  • Ron is supposed to meet with painters to have caulking and sanding done on the gazebo.
  • Table the vote on Fontaine’s quote to install drainage pending drawing to clarify lay out of drains. Suggestion is made for second quote since over $750.00 but decided long term relationship with Fontaine was sufficient.
  • A child was injured on the playground equipment and Donna was to meet with Ron to show him the “bolt” that inflicted the cut.
  • Christmas decorations tabled
  • Motion to approve sending the letter to homeowners with property bordering Holt road to require compliance of that property with Architectural standards. Unanimously approved


  Social No report


  Clubhouse No report


  Communications No report



  • Committee submits policy for filling vacancies before end of term. Discussion on amount of time it would take to put together a special election and how long between elections to determine guidelines. Vacancies that become open between 90 days after an election and the first day of July will be filled by special election. Motion made to adopt the policy is unanimously approved.


VII. Management Company’s Report

  • Clubhouse couch was repaired by sawing off wheels and stabilizing legs.
  • Bathroom floors in the pool area have been redone to satisfaction
  • Beth Harvey will be taking over as our management company representative immediately. Sheri will still be responsible for financial things.
  • New letter to be sent to homeowners delinquent on their dues presented. Jennifer motions to approve, motion seconded and carries with Michele opposed.
  • 30 foot easement change is not as easy at it seemed. Tabled until more information obtained.   Sheri will get contact information from Connie’s husband
  • 2 letters, worded to insure we are in compliance with the law, are required to be sent to covenant violators before fines can be imposed


VIII .Old business none


IX. New Business

  • Dawn Bradley and Tim have discussed talking to police about stop signs to slow speeders in the neighborhood
  • Property owner on Holt road attempting to get her property rezoned to heavy commercial property. Public hearing February 1, 2006. No one knows if this is town or city.
  • Do ponds belong to CV? Fincher will do title search and find maps


X. Adjournment

  • 9:32 PM