The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes


May 22,2006


Officers Present, Connie Friedline, Jennifer Dexter, Michael Kennedy

Tim Ruff, Michele Medlin

Officers absent: none

Others Present: Beth Harvey, Officer Robinson of Apex Police Dept., several CV Homeowners including but not limited to: Joe DiBari, Margo Bills, Mark Baker, Eric Hoffman


I. Open Forum

            Officer Robinson of the Apex Police Department was invited to address CV residents in response to several alleged home “invasions” as well as incidents of vandalism in the community. He suggested a raised awareness in the community as well as several ways to reduce risk of robbery or home invasion;

Suggestions for while out of town included


Discussion was held about nuisance issues such as loitering teens at the gazebo and

persistently barking dogs. Officer Robinson reiterated residents should not hesitate to call the police department for these occurrences or any suspicious activity they may witness.


Management Company sent the Baker’s of Battlewood Drive notification that their basketball goal was in violation of Architectural guidelines and must be moved. Mark Baker appealed to board about placement. Architectural guidelines mandate the goal be half the distance from the road to the house, Mr. Baker’s driveway does not allow such placement and has been positioned at the road.

“Lively” Discussion followed about:

Jennifer motioned to allow the goal to remain where it is placed. There is no second and the motion dies. Appeal denied

II. Call to Order


III. Establish Quorum of Board


IV. Approval of Minutes

Minutes cannot be officially approved, as Beth has not received them to print. Official approval tabled until next meeting.

V. Treasures Report

Annual audit is in progress.

9 Homeowners with late dues will be receiving letters.


VI. Committee reports


5 requests in April, 7 requests in May. Expect increase for summer.

 Structure on deck of home located at 1908 Castleburg Drive drives the need for clarifying definition of “awning” “umbrella” or “shade structure” as well as how the guidelines should be applied. Board sends task back to ARB to redefine and come back with suggestions. Until otherwise decided the structure will be considered an umbrella.


            Kristine Hanson and Kelly Jaynes stepped forward to take over as co-chairs of the pool committee so the community could get the pool opened. Pool rules were brought before board for approval. Unanimously approved.

            No money in budget for an opening party however social committee, which does not currently have any members, does have a budget to work with. Connie motions social funds be rolled over to pool to allow for the party. Michele seconds, unanimous approval, motion carries.

            Continuing to have issues with coating put down on bathroom floors. Should still be under warranty.


            Needs members. Web site needs to be updated, will be done. Addition of Bluebird houses along greenway and a Martin house near the gazebo discussed. Tim Ruff will handle the martin house, Eric Hoffman the bluebird houses. Michele motions to allow, Jennifer seconds unanimous approval, motion carries.




            Dawn Bradley has taken over as chair.

She offers several suggestions to improve/update the clubhouse:

Discussion over standard fee vs. time slot (allowing 2 rentals in a single day)vs. incremental. Dawn will research and make recommendation.

Capital funds for structural improvement can be used to add blinds.

Beth will get quotes on painting. Dawn suggests a volunteer crew to do the parts we can reach.

Beth will arrange a meeting between Dawn and Universal cleaning to discuss particulars.


            Decided on quarterly distribution of newsletter,

Trying to put together a new neighborhood directory of both phone and e-mail information. Mary Ann Gunshefski will attempt this task.



VII. Management Company’s Report


VIII .Old business


IX. New Business

            Board discusses the need to encourage committee participation.

Jennifer motions that each committee member involved at a 2/3 participation level will be given one free rental of the clubhouse per year. Michele seconds, unanimous approval motion carries

Discussion of sign for pool parking lot stating overnight parking will result in towing (without prior exception from Management Company.)

Joe DiBari proposes “info. Center” of some kind. Tabled until next meeting.

Tim motions to get neighborhood watch signs from Police Department, Jennifer seconds, unanimous approval, motion carries.



X. Adjournment

            9:15 PM