The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes


July 31,2006


Officers Present: Jennifer Dexter, Michele Medlin, Tim Ruff, Connie Friedline,

Michael Kennedy

Officers absent: none

Others Present: Dawn Bradley, Tim O Hara, Elizabeth Schmedding, Margo Bills,

Mary Ann Gunshefski, John, Nicole Rideout, Beth Harvey


I. Open Forum      6:33 PM

Nicole Rideout appeals to board about the formation of a Charleston Village Swim Team. She has put together a packet (all members and management company should have copies) documenting interested participants as well as an itemized proposed budget and means of securing those funds. Research indicates that the team would be a self-supporting (financially) entity once it is established. Pool committee is in support of the idea. Will need some start up money from the board. Approximately $3,000.00.


Connie suggests corporate sponsorship that Nicole agrees can be investigated.


Michele Medlin questions if the team would offer some form of “compensation” to the community for pool usage. This is not a standard practice.


Other concerns are raised,

·        Pool availability to all residents during practices

·        Parking concerns for meets. There are only 3 home meets making meet inconveniences negligible.

·        Legality of compensation or payment to the coaches (this is against our community covenants).

·        Insurance concerns/Liability. A rider policy can be added to our existing policy that cost has already been figured into the projected budget.

·        Equity among all groups, Can the board give start up money to all clubs/teams that seek assistance


Tim O Hara presents the costs and logistics of installing WI-FI at the clubhouse.

Mr. O Hara offered to donate his labor in setting up the network if it is desired. Ways of limiting access to residents only as well as the possible uses of the amenity were discussed. Expenses would include the purchase of a router as well as $90.00 a month for the service. Possibility of David Randle polling our web page users to determine interest.



II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 7:15 PM


III. Establish Quorum of Board

  • All members present, constitutes quorum


IV. Approval of Minutes

  • Jennifer moves to approve minutes from January through May. Tim seconds, unanimous approval.


V. Treasurers Report

  • Homeowner in severe arrears of payment is habitually late discussion tabled for executive session. Otherwise collections are “looking good.”
  • Jennifer questions the movement of $35,000.00 from our checking account to a money market account and resulting access to money. General agreement that the money is still accessible but now earning interest.
  • Michael questions why Management Company made the move without CV Board input. Discussion follows and all members agree Board should be contacted before Management Company does anything with CV funds.
  • Tim would like to know if we are over budget, without billing from pool incident can’t be sure, but appears we are operating within normal range.



VI. Committee reports



  • 6 requests in last 2 months. Some shift in membership but doing okay. Would like to secure one more member to keep odd number of members. Board must approve new member so we need some nominees.
  • Things are still not getting done i.e. yard maintenance, Holt Road homeowners cleaning up that section of their yards, etc.
  • Umbrella/shade structures defined by ARB Margo will e-mail the new criterion



  • Doing well, adjusting to new members and new business items.



  • Tim inquires about the Special projects budget.
  • Limb in tree on ToA (Town of Apex) property overhanging greenway. According to ToA, it should have been removed already. NO one can confirm or deny at this time.
  • Pond on Castleburg. It is determined that the water issues one homeowner is experiencing with their basement is not related to the pond but to something on homeowner’s property.
  • Crosswalks will be painted by ToA in October.
  • Attempts to control the bees at the pool were made by hiring an extermination company and by discussion of replacing recycle containers with ones less insect friendly. Beth will investigate options and prices and notify board.
  • Pond beautification still in need of research.
  • Common areas, in particular area D, in need of attention. Fontaine will be made aware that these areas need weed control as well as some turf renovation.



  • New committee coming up with lots of ideas but still in need of members and volunteers to implement them.

Ideas include some sort of parents night out, TV in the clubhouse, fall festival, etc.



  • Renters are not doing a satisfactory job of cleaning up behind themselves. Dawn presents a checklist for after rental restoration after researching other communitys’ policies.

Jennifer motions to approve the checklist, Michael seconds, unanimous approval.        

New Rental Reservation contract approved by Jennifer, seconded by Michael, unanimous approval.

Rules and Guidelines still need a little work and will be ready for approval shortly.

Forms will be posted on CV web-site.

·        New fees for rentals still under discussion, and need to be decided on ASAP as Dawn would like to implement by Sept.1, 2006.

  • Suggested rentals under 5 hours be one price those over 5 hours another. Amount to be determined.
  • Dawn suggests dropping cleaning schedule to once a month for universal cleaning.

Michele motions to reduce to one time a month, Michael seconds, unanimous vote.

And adding the option of hiring for a “one time” in the event the renter does not want to be responsible. Still open for discussion.

  • Dawn will buy cleaning supplies to leave in clubhouse for renters to use. She will file for reimbursement from Fincher.
  • Discussion of availability of deadbolt keys to the clubhouse in case power glitches leave no way to lock doors.



  • Newsletter went out.
  • Mary Ann needs to verify committee head’s e-mails to ensure she gets their information for the newsletter.
  • Still want to do a directory. Take the stand that people respond only if they wish to NOT be included.
  • UPS store, Tim suggests, has lots of formats for directory.
  • Possible separate e-mail listings on web site.



  • Will begin preparing for November elections in August.


VII. Management Company’s Report

  • 120 letters sent to homeowners this month about lawn maintenance. A new letter will be composed by Beth and Tim to explain that if the resident can’t take control of their yard, the board will hire someone at homeowner’s expense to do it for them.
  • Fontaine has, in the past, been unable to fulfill this request so Beth to investigate another contractor who will be willing to take on the job.
  • Letters out to homeowners about mailboxes and their state of disrepair. Discussion over the need for bigger mailboxes since packages have been observed banded to the existing ones.


VIII .Old business


IX. New Business

  • Pool gate. Agreement seems to be to replace what we have with the same material, which is steel. Suggest waiting until pool season is over to install. Repair job is functional for now and replacement could take several days resulting in further closure of pool.

Seegars has what we need and at a reasonable price, Jennifer motions to use them for the replacement. Connie seconds, unanimous approval.

  • Tim motions to purchase a lock box for $29.99 from Lowe’s to provide key access to the pool for the Apex Police department, Michael seconds, unanimous approval.
  • Fine for Glass Breakage in the pool. Estimate at $4,000-$5,000, bill not in yet. Some neighbors have approached Connie and Tim with concerns about having to pay for the mistake of others.

            Pool committee suggested some fine must be imposed and debate about amount followed.

Jennifer motions in this case the fine will be 50% of the actual cost or $1,500.00 whichever amount is LESS. Michele seconds, Connie and Michael concur, Tim abstains, motion carries by majority. Agreed that any and all occurrences in the future will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Painting of clubhouse will be tabled until next month and opportunity to get financials in order after pool expenditure.
  • SWIM TEAM. Interest free Loan versus gift for startup expenses, board likes the idea of a loan with low incremental repayment plan. Beth will research from other communities and report to board.

Committee versus separate entity by-laws seem to point to separate entity

Board concludes this issue is large enough to require input form the entire community. Michele will contact Nicole about drafting a letter to address all aspects of the potential Team; costs, pool closures, as well as the potential benefits. The letter will ask homeowners to return their opinions to Fincher so the board may use the input to come to a decision on the formation of a Swim team.

  • WI-FI nice idea but board cannot justify the cost, Connie motions to drop, Tim seconds, passes unanimously.
  • Tim requests that Fincher add a “recruitment for committees” letter in packets given to new homeowners in the community.
  • Scheduled Annual meeting for November 2, 2006 in the clubhouse. Beth will reserve


X. Adjournment  10:04 PM