The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes


Monday, September 25, 2006


Officers Present: Jennifer Dexter, Michele Medlin, Tim Ruff, and Connie Friedline

Officers absent: Michael Kennedy

Others Present: MaryAnn Gunshefski, Jonathan Hammilton, Ted Karl, Hongkang Mei, George Pilkington, Dana Pilkington, Phil Stork, Julie Malley, Karen Bingham, Damon Bradley, Dawn Bradley, April Haughney, Penny Fields, Margo Bills,


I. Open Forum 6:40PM

Residents appeal to board to withdraw fine for pool restoration after their guest broke a glass swim mask in the pool.

Points made by homeowner include:

1) Mask did not belong to them nor did they bring it within the fencing of the pool area.

2) Have always been very conscientious about following pool rules in the past (no prior offenses) and did not break any rules on this occasion either

3) HO’s being “punished” for mistake by pool attendant for having let glass mask into pool area

4) Pool rules do not specifically state WHO will be accountable, the “breaker” or the “bringer” of the glass

HO’s feel they should not be held accountable or asked to “bear the majority of the burden for an accident”

It is the opinion of the board that the breaker in this case should be the financially responsible party. We are asking for half of the amount incurred by the association for the restoration process. Town of Apex has already waived $800.40 of the water bill at Beth’s request.

Tim suggests the board will continue to discuss, and take all information into consideration and a vote will be taken by the end of the meeting.


Phil Stork represents a group of CV homeowners whose properties are affected by the new flood plain mapping. He comes seeking the support of the board. At this point the affected HO’s have hired an independent surveyor to re map. If there still is a problem they would like to have support in holding the Town of apex accountable for permitting the construction of  Sutton Place which they believe to be at the root of the issue.


II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 7:01 PM


III. Establish Quorum of Board

  • One member absent, quorum still present


IV. Approval of Minutes

  • Jennifer motions to approve July 31,2006 minutes with the addition of record of special projects question under grounds line item in budget and correction of misspellings ”treasurer” and “habitual”. Connie seconds motion carries unanimously.


V. Treasurers Report 

  • 2 CD’s will mature in October and 1 in November, Connie motions to reinvest these back in to 6 month CD’s, Tim seconds motion carries unanimously.
  • 12 letters have gone out to delinquent Homeowner’s who owe dues.
  • Connie has supplied a working copy of reserve study to all board members
  • All committees with the exception of grounds and communication have submitted written budget requests


VI. Committee reports



  • only 4 requests in 2 months
  • Margo would like to nominate Maggie Ingram of 2402 Castleburg drive as a new member of the ARB. Jennifer motions to approve the nomination, Tim seconds, motion carries unanimously.


  Pool  Not present


  Grounds Not present.

  • Playground has sufficient mulch to meet code but it is compacted. Tim suggests tilling or “fluffing” of mulch. This will be investigated
  • Another reminder about where Fontaine crews are to put limbs and debris will be discussed with them.



  • Fall Festival will occur on clubhouse green on Sunday Oct 1, 2006 from 3-7 pm



  • New rates are in place and being used
  • Dawn still wants to update; carpet, paint, etc. (Dawn has researched commercial grade carpet squares she believes to be a valid consideration for replacement)
  • Jennifer gives Dawn and all board members keys to the new deadbolts



  • MaryAnn and David have been discussing advertisements in the newsletter and the website
  • Letters will be going out to all HO’s about inclusion/exclusion in a new neighborhood directory



  • Letters went out to the community about the board position opening as well as forms for nomination.
  • Received a couple of candidates; one of whom was nominated by someone other than the candidate them self


VII. Management Company’s Report

  • Holt road berm still an issue. Jennifer suggests we may need to “step up” the pressure to get the situation handled
  • Parking violations still occurring particularly on Weehawken court
  • Sign under basketball goal has been reordered after it was destroyed/ vandalized by teenagers
  • Fontaine aerated all common areas on the 20th of September
  • Clubhouse has been put on a 1x a month cleaning schedule,
  • Firecracker damage will be fixed
  • Vandalism on back greenway path is on Town of Apex property. Management Company will contact ToA.


VIII .Old business

  • Awning clarification of specs (p8 of Arch guidelines) rewritten by ARB, board suggests adding color clarification of muted earth tones, and no plastic tarp material. Jennifer will “tweak” and submit final draft for approval.


IX. New Business

  • SWIM TEAM_ Did not receive a huge response, but of those who did respond overwhelming support FOR with the stipulation that NO association money be used.
    • The biggest concern raised in the opposed comments was limited usage of pool by other homeowners during practice times.
    • Discussion ensues about loaning of start up money, storage of equipment, etc. Tim motions to table until next meeting he would like to have Nicole Rideout present for discussion, Michele is opposed to tabling stating it has already been 2 months since the request was made and the team needs time to raise funds.
  • Tim motions to provide a loan of the estimated $3000.00, spend the necessary legal fees of drawing up the paperwork for said loan, and the understanding that the swim team must provide storage of their equipment off site during the off season. Jennifer seconds motion carries unanimously.
  • HOME-BASED BUSINESS_ the board recognizes that many people work form their home or operate home based businesses in CV. It is our belief that the intention of the covenants was not to keep this sort of thing from occurring but rather to discourage businesses that would create traffic, safety or aesthetic issues for the community. If in the future it is deemed necessary to change the covenants this will be something that will also be modified, it is not however at this time considered to be reason on its own to go through the expense and legalities of changing the covenants, but instead they will be enforced in the spirit it is believed they were written in.
  • POOL CONTRACT_ reflects standard increase of service from year to year. Tim motions to approve the contract renewal with R&P Pool management. Connie seconds motion carries unanimously.
  • MANAGEMENT COMPANY CONTRACT_ also up for renewal. Beth will e-mail the new contract for inspection with request for a decision by end of week of Oct 6, 2006
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS_ need and inventory of what we have. Need to decide how much we are able/willing to spend and where the money will come from. Suggest “special project” from grounds budget. Connie will head up this effort.
  • SANDWICH BOARDS_ e-mail will be sent to all who use to remind them to return them to clubhouse in a timely manner.


X. Adjournment 8:27 PM     

  • Tim moves to adjourn and move to executive session. Residents state the board has no right to move to executive session and that have been waiting all evening on a ruling about their pending fine. Tim seeks any further input they may have in arguing their position. Resident expresses concern over the “humiliation” of having this discussed publicly and being unable to be a part of the decision process. April Haughney comes forward as a “witness” to events following the breakage. Emotions are running high and again Tim motions to move to executive session, Connie seconds, Jennifer agrees, Michele is opposed. Board moves to executive session. Open meeting adjourns 8:44pm.