The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes

Monday, January 22,2007




Officers Present: Jennifer Dexter, Michele Medlin, Trey O’Quinn, and Connie Friedline, John Dailey

Officers absent: none

Others Present: Margo Bills, MaryAnn Gunshefski, Dawn Bradley, Beth Harvey

I. Open Forum No open forum this evening

II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 6:37 PM

III. Establish Quorum of Board

  • All members present constitutes quorum

IV. Approval of Minutes.

  • 2 typos needed to be corrected in September minutes.
  • Jennifer moves to approve minutes with corrections, Connie seconds, motion carries unanimously

V. Treasurers Report 

  • Sheri suggested moving $50,000 from operating budget to an interest bearing 8 month CD. No penalty for early withdrawal should the funds be needed prior to maturity.
  • $ From reserve already budgeted for clubhouse repairs and upgrades
  • Connie moves to transfer the $50,000 to the CD, Jennifer seconds, motion carries unanimously

VI. Committee reports


·        5 requests in December, none in January

·        Need to officially add new member,

·        Margo requests the Hugh Cameron of 2300 Templeton Gap be approved as the newest member of the ARB

·        Trey moves to approve Hugh, Jennifer seconds, motion carries unanimously


·        No representative present


·        No report

·        Mulch still needed in playground area (“fluffing” not an option as it releases mold spores)


·        No representative present


·        Few rentals

·        Committee is looking at paint chips for updates in Spring

·        Aprox. $2500.00 for painting and $2006.00 for new carpet

·        Still considering blinds but door handles presenting a challenge

·        Will get price for installation of the carpet squares

·        Garbage issue still on the table: Dawn confirmed with ToA that parking lot asphalt not built to specs of road asphalt (42% less durable)

o       Some members of committee willing to rotate and handle taking garbage to street some members will not

o       Other options include paying someone who would sign a waiver of liability, having renters move the cans as part of their rental agreement, having neighborhood volunteers (a request will go out in the next newsletter) to share the responsibility, possible eliciting the help of members of the swim team as “volunteers” for a donation from the clubhouse committee to the swim team, or alternating responsibility among all the neighborhood committees.

o        Jen Moves to have clubhouse committee retain responsibility until the newsletter has an opportunity to recruit volunteers, Trey seconds, motion carries unanimously.


  • Newsletter will go out end of January beginning of February then hopefully every 2-3 months thereafter
  • Color copies will be posted online paper copies will be distributed in black and white
  • Directory is still missing phone numbers but moving along
    • Hoping to include a babysitting directory (with no online access as well)
  • MaryAnn needs updated e-mails for all the committee heads
  • Board requests that MaryAnn include a reminder about the automatic draft option for HOA dues
  • Also a reference to the need to restore the mailboxes in the community back to a “prestine” state as well as information about where supplies to do that can be purchased.


  • Board just needs to approve members; Cassandra McMillan, Bobbi Anne Waterson
  • Jen moves to approve, Connie seconds, motion carries unanimously

VII. Management Company’s Report

  • Still noting cars parked in the street a problem particularly on Templeton Gap and Battlewood
  • Neighbor called complaining about the construction of a BMX track in another neighbor’s backyard

VIII. Old Business

  • Graffiti on back path has been painted over
  • Repainting of crosswalks still on ToA list
  • MaryAnn concerned that the creek is again accumulating debris from rains washing things downstream. It is suggested that this is ToA property and they should be contacted, John Brown is contact name.
  • Connie notices credits owed to 2 homeowners (the Haags and the Podalskys) who no longer live in our community and asks how they will get their money back.
  • Beth suggests people install bigger mailboxes. It has been noted that oversized packages are being rubber banded to the mailboxes on a regular basis.
  • 15-20 people in the community have reported missing mail. Police have been notified

IX. New Business

  • Swim team wants to allow the coach to provide private lessons in our pool
    • Beth will run idea by attorney
    • A few questions; is coach planning on bringing in children from outside the neighborhood? Need to know specifics
    • Board is willing to allow a trial period and then reevaluate


Aerobics in the clubhouse questions; is homeowner just leading neighbors? Is she planning to charge for the service? Who is permitted to attend?

  • Pool rules number 25 needs to be reworded to clearly indicate who will be financially responsible in the event of a glass breakage accident. If glass is broken within the pool area, whoever broke the glass and/or whoever brought in the glass may be held responsible for the cost of draining the pool as well as all associated costs and/ or fines. The final decision of responsibility will be decided upon by the Board of Directors
  • Jen motions to approve new wording, Trey seconds, motion carries unanimously

X. Adjournment

            Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM