The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes

Monday, March 26, 2007




Officers Present: Jennifer Dexter, Michele Medlin, Trey O’Quinn, John Dailey, and Connie Friedline

Officers absent: none

Others Present: Margo Bills, Tim Ruff, Dawn Bradley, Maggie Ingram, Nicole Ridout, David Randle,

                           John Friedline,


I. Open Forum

            Bryan Gossage from Apex Town Council discusses Town of Apex Home improvement holiday

             For 90 days the town is waiving permit and inspection fees.   Some local businesses are offering special financing and home equity loans with promotional rates like Suntrust and Crescent bank (and possibly other lenders which will be posted on their website or available by contacting Construction management office)

            Chamber offering a $50 Lowes improvement gift card to the first 100 people who take advantage of the offer as well as special deals being offered by other Apex businesses in conjunction with the holiday: Rusty Bucket in downtown will offer 15% off


II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 6:38 pm

III. Establish Quorum of Board

            All board members present; quorum established

IV. Approval of Minutes

Note a few corrections to January minutes

  • Correct amount to $2,500.00
  • Add actual words to pool rules #25
  • No one has any recollection of “$31,000 available in May” recorded or what it is in reference to so it should be stricken
  • Jennifer moves to approve with the corrections made, Connie seconds, passes unanimously


V. Treasurers Report 

  • CD for $19,365.38 matures on the 7th of May, Connie motions to renew at a rate of 4.75-4.85% on same schedule. Jennifer seconds, motion passes unanimously

VI. Committee reports

  Swim Team

  • Insurance company that has policy for the CVHOA did not offer a policy to provide swim team coverage. CV Swim team is set up as a separate entity so present CVHOA policy will not cover either. Most HOA policies WILL cover swim teams but will increase premium
  • Nicole introduced Michael Nobles, Nationwide insurance agent who is issuing liability policies to both the swim team and Nicole Schwartz, the swim team head coach. Individual swimmers will be covered by their own policies these policies are to protect the team and coach in the event of injury/lawsuit.
    • Swim team policy limit is $1,000,000.00 per occurrence with $2,000,000.00 aggregate per year. The cost is based on the number of swimmers and currently is $6.18/swimmer
    • Coach’s coverage is $300.00 for $500,000.00 or $380.00 for $1,000,000.00 to be paid by coach.
  • Nicole Schwartz will be allowed to offer private lessons to any member of the community since she will have her own liability coverage.
  • Co-chair is Laura Linton, 2424 Castleburg Drive
  • Secretary is Amy Iori, Ironsides Lane
  • Nicole Schwartz-Head coach
    • Jim Schwartz-assistant coach (also head coach’s father)
    • Other coaches/volunteers David, Barbara McKinnon, Doug Linscott
  • Fundraising is going well.
  • Doug Linscott is working on lighting, which will be temporary with the exception of a request to mount something on top of the pump house that could then have lights attached to it, and a PVC pipe outside fence for same purpose. (visual representation to board for approval prior)
  • TSA will have meet dates set by tonight, June 2, 2007 will be the mock meet from 8am-12 noon
  • Clubhouse has been booked by swim team for home meets in order to provide concessions through clubhouse door under shade structure. Clubhouse access is only for concession workers not swimmers or public
  • Nicole will check on health regulations with both Apex and Wake County for serving concessions and possibility of doing this on Friday and Saturdays at the pool for fund raising in addition to during meets.
  • Pool will be closed to residents until 3:00 pm on days of home meets
  • Meet Parking-cone off One side of each Battlewood and Castleburg in order to permit parking on only one side of each street and encourage CV swimmers to walk to pool for those meets
  • Practices are currently scheduled for 6-8 pm Monday through Friday with an additional morning practice form 8-9 am slated once traditional schools are out for summer break
  • Practices should only consume 4 lanes in the deep end of the pool the rest of the pool will remain open to residents during practice times.



  • 5 requests over the last 2 months
  • Special meeting can be called if homeowners interested in taking advantage of the Home Improvement holiday and need Architectural approval.
  • Modifications will be made to “green book” of standards suggesting mailbox size (using US Postal service bulletin as guide) T1, T2, T3
  • Suggestion for mailbox post replacement is to purchase regular posts and add decorative ball from decking/fencing section of home improvement store. Hunter’s Renovations also has posts.
  • Trey motions to change the specs in the green book, Jennifer seconds motion passes unanimously
  • A letter will go out to homeowners; friendly reminder about yard and mailbox maintenance
  • Drive throughs will begin with concentration on condition of mailboxes



  • No reps present but Jennifer has received e-mail from Kelly Jaynes stating pool is scheduled to open May 12th.
  • Opening party will be held June 9th 5:30-8:30PM with pizza and DJ



  • Letters were sent about trash at Castleburg/Old Jenks bus stop. Situation appears to be improving.
  • ToA has cleaned out creek
  • Acknowledgement of removal of trees from natural area near pool
  • Noted that both fence on greenway and basketball goal are in need of repair/replacement (Beth suggests perhaps rim/backboard with lifetime warranty



  • Flier distributed today
  • First monthly movie night will be held in April
  • Committee purchased call notification system to alert community members about upcoming events



  • Dawn will secure a quote form Bobby Lazar for removing wallpaper; estimate on  painting at $2200, for estimated 1400 square foot of surface
  • Colors are Sherwin Williams paint colors Nacre-ceiling

             Rice Grain- above chair rail

              Sawdust-below chair rail

  • Beth will compare quote to those from other painters
  • Carpet quote from Lowes $3402.91(1260 sq. ft.)
  • CC would like to request “couple hundred dollars” for inexpensive updates


  • David does not have the ability to modify/edit PDF files to update pool rules on web
  • MaryAnn will get newsletter out at end of April including yard reminders about mailboxes and yards


  • Nothing to report


VII. Management Company’s Report

  • Several outstanding dues in need of collection
  • A new fob for the pool and clubhouse has been ordered
  • Crosswalks are due to be repainted in April by ToA
  • Obtaining quotes for column repair on clubhouse
  • No termite coverage currently exists for clubhouse; research into obtaining new contract
  • Water has/is coming in through one of the backdoors of the clubhouse when it rain is accompanied by winds
  • AC unit will be serviced (maintenance) in late April when temperatures consistently stay a little warmer
  • New mulch for playground will cost $2,500.00. Jennifer motions to go ahead and have mulch added. Michele seconds motion passes unanimously.
  • Beth explains there have been complaints about a dog pen on Battery bee that does not conform to Architectural standards and a letter has been sent. Margo expresses that the pen in question probably belongs to the Police officer who houses a police canine and that exception was given to homeowner due to the nature of the situation. Beth will confirm that it is this home and send an apology letter to homeowner.
  • Connie and Jennifer to sign for purchase of new CD
  • Next HOA board meeting will be on May 21, not the 28th since it is a holiday
  • Financials- several homeowners are in arrears for dues payments
  • One is on a payment plan and still is not paying. It is not standard to send reminder letters to those on payment plan, Board and Management Company aware of extenuating circumstances and question the practicality of paying attorneys $56.50 to send letter.
  • Trey and Michele express opinions about board positions being those of neighbor representation vs. business executives.
  • Conversation about what the protocol is for sending letters when behind on dues, what the by laws say the board is required to do vs. what they have the authority to do to collect.  According to Beth at 3 months HO’s receive a letter saying they have 15 days to pay up or that it will be turned over to the attorney’s office. At 6 months the attorney will be paid to begin legal action for collection by sending a letter
  • A move is made to move discussion of particular cases to executive session

VIII. Old Business

  • Swim team-concern about coach providing private lessons since requests in the past to provide private lessons by an individual NOT associated with Pool Company have been denied.
  • Jennifer motions that since this instructor (Nicole Schwartz) will be carrying her own liability insurance, that as long as the lessons are offered to all residents that it be allowed. Trey seconds and the motion carries unanimously.
  • Nicole Rideout will get copies of swim team and Coaches liability policies to Beth.
  • Jennifer motions that as long as all health regulations are followed concessions be allowed to be sold at pool (probably only during June and July). Trey seconds, motion carries unanimously.
  • Message center needs to be painted and a location for its placement decided upon. Jennifer motions to allow its placement (when location determined) Michele seconds, motion carries unanimously.    
  • Decision for light mounts will be made when specs and drawings are submitted by swim team.
  • Board feels they can only approve costs for carpet and paint upgrades ($3,900.00 for carpet and $2,500.00 for painting) at this time
  • In order to officially approve services/expenditure, will need an official quote on letterhead specifying all services to be provided and proof of insurance and bonding.

IX. New Business

·        Passaic entrance is the only entry to the neighborhood without a “no soliciting sign” Mr. Boezeman of 2011 Passaic way, will allow us to add one to sign post already in his yard.

·        Michele motions to purchase a sign the same size as the others (aprox. $36.00) and add , Jennifer seconds, motion carries unanimously.

·        Randy, representative for ------------- suggests removal of all trees in the natural area between pool and path and mulch the whole area, as he believes the trees to be diseased.

·        Michele expresses concern at this prospect and requests that more opinions are obtained about the health of the trees.

·        Board decides to purchase 1 WO/WO board (pg 48 of meeting packet) for neighborhood notifications. After receiving the 1 will decide whether to invest in a second of the same design or one of another design. Beth will handle ordering.

X. Adjournment

            9:10 PM meeting adjourned to executive session.