The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes

Monday, May 21, 2007




Officers Present: Jennifer Dexter, Trey O’Quinn, John Dailey, and Connie Friedline

Officers absent: Michele Medlin

Others Present:



I. Open Forum



II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 6:35 PM


III. Establish Quorum of Board

  • One member absent, quorum still present


IV. Approval of Minutes Trey motions to approve March 25, 2007 minutes with the following changes:  1) Under Swim Team:  Clubhouse bullet should read “swim team” not pool committee.

2) Remove George Kutzeroo under Communication Committee.  3) In Executive minutes remove blue italics and add for clarification:  At 45 days past due HO’s receive a reminder that their account is past due.  At 60 days past due HO’s receive another reminder that their account is past due and if it is not brought up to date with in the next month their account will be sent to our attorney for collection.


Connie seconds the motion, all in favor.


V. Treasurers Report Connie expresses concern about budgeted interest on CD’s.  Board had budgeted on more interest coming in then what has been reported.  Beth clarified that interest is reported after the CD’s come due.


There is a surplus of approximately $30K in the operating checking account.  Connie suggests moving the $30K to our money market operating account, providing 3 ¼% interest.  Discussion ensued about putting money in a CD vs. in a Money Market account.  Board decided to temporarily put the money into the money market account for the summer and re-address the issue at the Annual Meeting, possibly putting the money into a CD.  Board felt having the money accessible during the summer months was important.  Connie motions to transfer $30K to the money market operating account and revisit at the Annual Meeting.  Trey seconds, All in favor.


Trey questioned the using of North State Bank because other banks provide larger interest rates for different accounts.  Beth explained that most banks do not work with HOA’s and that North State does provide us with a fee free checking account. 



VI. Committee reports



·        Not  Present.  Trey does inform that board that all is normal.



  • Not present



  • John explains that there is not current plan to link the Sutton Place greenway with Charleston Village’s greenway.
  • John met with Randy (the tree guy) and discussed the state of the trees between the greenway and the pool.  Randy recommended them to come down due to disease.
  • Michele, via email before the meeting, asked the board to hold off cutting down the trees until a tree expert that she is familiar with can come look at them.  Board agreed to hold off until Michele can meet with the tree expert.  John requested to be informed of the meeting time so he can try to meet with them as well.
  • Connie noted the lower cost of the mulch for the playground.  Beth found Atlantic Mulch to add mulch to the playground at a cost of only $960 vs. the $2,500 quoted by Mulch Masters.
  • John is also looking into possible solutions for speed issues along Castleburg
  • John Brown, from the Town of Apex, is looking into fixing the fences along the greenway.



  • Not Present



  • Not Present
  • Jenn notes that Dawn still needs to get a minimum of one more quote for painting at the clubhouse.  The board needs to have at least two quotes before approving a contractor for any job.  Board does agree to pay the extra money to fix walls as needed and remove wallpaper where applicable.



  • Not Present



  • Jenn informs the board that there is nothing to report.


VII. Management Company’s Report

  • 59 letters went our to HO’s for lawns and mailboxes
  • Columns at Clubhouse have been painted and repaired
  • Currently waiting on a report from Cary Plumbing regarding the pool bathrooms being clogged by Smith Pool Service (Ziba) when they removed the coating on the bathroom floors.  Cost of servicing will be at the expense of Smith Pool Services.
  • Universal Cleaning came out to clean the pool bathrooms after Smith Pool Service left them dirty and a mess when they were out to remove the coating on the floors.  Cost of cleaning will be at the expense of Smith Pool Services.
  • Beth suggested looking into something like Dri-Dek floor coverings to cover floors in bathroom to prevent slipping.  She will get pricing for covering the entire floor of both bathrooms vs. the cost of providing a large runner down the middle of the floors and mats in front of all toilets and urinals.
  • Trey suggested Smith Pool Service pay for Dri-Dek floor coverings
  • Locks on Clubhouse doors were tightened per Wake County Pool Inspector’s requirements.  New dead bolt will be installed in meeting room per Wake County Pool Inspector.
  • Next meeting was re-scheduled for July 30th.


VIII .Old business

  • Write on/Wipe off board arrived.  Board agreed to test it out for a month or so before spending money on other boards
  • Board decided placement of message center should go in raised flower bed on the side of the clubhouse facing the parking lot (directly behind garbage can location).
  • Beth will order “No Soliciting” sign of Passaic entrance.
  • Termite bond with a 10 yr. warranty will cost $125 for the inspection and $975 for the 10 yr. warranty.  Trey motions to approve the termite bond, Jenn seconds, all in favor.


IX. New Business

  • Trey brought up issue of possible lack of communication between committees.  Trey suggests setting up a “general board” (board and committee heads) to deal with any issues between committees.  Would be held on an “as needed” basis and set up as a “round table” meeting.  Very informal and non-threatening.  Connie concerned about participation and also if we already have this type of communication via the HOA meeting.  John questioned why no committee heads were currently at the meeting and why some committee heads hardly ever come to the meetings.  Trey will email committee heads to get feed back.
  • Trey informed the board of new North Carolina legislation that affects HOA’s.  The Bill’s in question are:  North Carolina General Assembly House Bills #1374 and #1695
  • Next meeting is scheduled for July 30th


X. Adjournment

            8:15 PM