The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors  Annual meeting Minutes

Monday, November 3, 2008




Officers Present: Laura Linton, Michele Medlin, Trey O’Quinn, Connie Friedline, and David Randle

Officers absent: none

Others Present: see sign in sheet


I. Open Forum

  • Slight delay in formally calling the meeting to order as there are not enough homes represented by presence or proxies to hold the annual meeting or to vote on replacements for offices being vacated


II. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 7:24 PM


III. Establish Quorum of Board

  • All board members present, Quorum established


IV. Approval of Minutes.

  • Tim Ruff of Castleburg Drive moves to approve minutes of Annual HOA meeting  from November 2007, Michele seconds. All in favor, motion passes unanimously.


V. President’s Report

  • Trey wants to reiterate that the mindset of the current board has been to put the power of the community in the hands of the community. Allowing “the property to run itself rather than the board running the property”. He encourages people to sign up for a committee if they want to effect change. The same people have been involved in committees and those people are getting tired…if they stop being involved things will stop getting done. PLEASE GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY AND HELP US HELP YOU. Gives kudos to Margo Bills (ARB), and Dawn Bradley (clubhouse), Elizabeth Schmedding(pool), Mary Ann Gunshefski (newsletter/directory)


VI. Treasurers Report 

  • Has everyone present look at the projected budget.
  • Will be no increase in dues, comments on the low HOA fees for all the amenities we offer
  • As of July 31st we have $122,000 in reserve
  • Collections have been good
  • The 2004 reserve study projects potential major expenses that may be coming up include;pool issues, parking lot sealing/stripping
  • Bob Schmedding questions if actuals are available
  • Some items have been moved around in the budget; pool attendant hours included in pool maintenance contract not separated out like previously, no increase in landscaping contract as grounds committee is in search of new company to provide this service and believe it can be done for less than currently being spent
  • Hugh Cameron Moves to approve the budget, Elizabeth Schmedding seconds. All in favor motion carries unanimously.


VII. Committee reports



  • Margo bills, committee chair : 30 official requests this year all have been approved
  • Information with the standards and forms are in the green book and available on the CV website
  • Please submit requests at least 1 week prior to the meeting; meetings are held the first Wednesday every month
  • Anyone is welcome to come to the meeting to explain your request however the committee will not discuss your request while you are there.
  • You must have signatures of your neighbors. If you can not reach them at home, you must send the request to them certified mail receipt requested
  • New page in the  meeting packet should be added to the green book
  • Email Beth Harvey with complaints or issues about something that is not in compliance with architectural standards
  • 130 letters; landscaping, maintenance issues went out to HO
  • It is important to keep up maintenance and property values  particularly with the economy the way it is
  • Margo puts out a thanks to all ARB committee members; Phil Stork, Maggie Ingram, Hugh Cameron and Trey O’Quinn
  • Hugh gives kudos to Margo for her leadership and commitment and makes a plea to join committees.



  • Elizabeth Schmedding and Maggie Ingram co-chair the pool committee
  • Bids are being taken for new pool company management;2 have expressed interest in having our account
  • Pool committee is in process of researching methods of resurfacing over the course of the next 6 months to bring the pool up to date; plaster vs. quartz
  • Penny and Rich Fields of R&P pools recommend Aquaquartz as someone to contact generally runs $35-$40,000.
  • That expense will come out of the reserve budget, not the pool committees operating budget
  • Questions about whether the resurfacing that was done 3 years ago had a warranty as it has not held up well
  • Co chairs still trying to recruit more members to serve on the committee
  • According to current company our pool will not pass inspection “the way it is” encouraging CV to consider a saline system saying it is the “ticket of the future”
  • R&P pools offer that many places that have converted to the saline system are now converting back to chlorine as the saline systems seem to be more prone to bacteria issues
  • If lights were to be installed in the pool this would be a good time to do it with the resurfacing, more investigation needed



  • ToA is trying to correct malfunctioning street lights
  • Questions about who is responsible for sidewalk construction and  maintenance within the community
  • Area at entrance in front of community that was “repaired” by ToA has begun sinking and needs to be corrected
  • Still unresolved issue of community access to common properties; path construction
  • How to deal with the consistent issue of SPEEDING in the community; speed bumps, officer patrol, stop signs added, neighbors taking personal responsibility to watch and control their speed



  • Beth reports for Kristy Long
  • Liz DiBari and Jeanie Hellman headed up the Food drive
  • Fall festival was a success
  • Social committee still has some funds left in their budget but there are currently no plans for the remainder of 2008



  • Dawn Bradley, chair, is always in need of more members to assist with walk-throughs and maintenance of the clubhouse
  • Back to trash issue of who will take the cans to the street on Thursday evenings and return to clubhouse on Friday; FREE rental to anyone who will volunteer for a month does not seem to be working
  • Members of any committee who participate at a 75% level are eligible for a free rental as well
  • Overall number of rentals has been down this year but the community is still making good use of the clubhouse; bunco leagues, swim team, social committee functions, committees, etc.
  • Second system HVAC has issues, time to consider a new system



  • Online forum has been set up with working groups to coordinate efforts on issues in the community; drainage, speeding, etc
  • New server tools didn’t work so David Randle did it manually. The whole server was wiped out but he managed to restore it.
  • Documents can be posted on the website
  • All call system now a part of the communications committee
  • Newsletter will continue to be published quarterly
  • New directory will be coming out with the next newsletter, and will be placed in the welcome bags
  • Would love to see someone step up and initiate a community watch program


Swim Team

  • CV crocodiles were division champions in only their second season
  • Up to 106 swimmers from 81 in 2007; 20% of the households of the neighborhood were represented by swimmers on the team
  • Many other communities gave kudos to CV for how meets were run
  • It takes a lot of money and volunteer hours to run a swim team
  • Team will be holding a yard sale to raise money anyone interested in donating items may do so between 7-8pm every night this week at  the clubhouse
  • Poinsettias will also be available for purchase again this year
  • Flower sales in the Spring



  • Items are being accepted to put into welcome bags
  • Welcome bags will be distributed every other month by list given by Beth



  • No report


VIII. Introduction of nominees

  • Thanks given to Connie and David for volunteering their time and energy to serve on the Board

             Has lived in CV for 5 years, contemplated moving but liked the area so much decided to stay and make the effort to “jump in” and help the neighborhood



            Has lived here 9 years with his wife and 3 boys.

            Wants to  give back to the community and feels he has some ideas that can help and make improvements to CV



           Has lived here 5 years (his wife 7)

     Has served on the ARB for those years and has enjoyed that involvement. Is willing to sesrve and do what he can to make/keep CV great.


Ballots are cast.


IX. Open Forum

  • Robert Nagle suggests a vandalism repair/reward fund be set up. Possible to give rewards to anyone who “turns in” vandals.
  • There have been additional acts of vandalism.


X. Votes counted and winners announced

  • Hugh Cameron and Bob Schmedding will be the newest members of the CV Board of Directors.


Trey makes one final plea to “Please, please, please sign up and get involved in a committee. We need your leadership!”


XI. Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned 8:58PM