The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes

Monday, January 28,2008




Officers Present: Laura Linton, Michele Medlin, Trey O’Quinn, Connie Friedline, and David Randle

Officers absent: none

Others Present: see attached list

I. Call to Order: Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 6:37 PM

II. Establish Quorum of Board: All members present.

III. Open Forum:

  • Trey opens by saying he believes this Board of Directors to be a Board of integrity, if he did not believe that to be true it “would not be worth serving on”     

Michele Medlin  presents 

    • CV owns 3.76 acres of land between Battlewood drive and Templeton Gap. Currently Fontaine is responsible for maintenance of a small portion of that property since it is common area
    • Homeowner that had been allowing Fontaine access built a fence and next door neighbor does not want landscaping company using her yard as access
    • Sara Houstis 1800 Keokuk Ct says Fontaine has been using her property to access
    • Board needed to find an alternative entry point that did not cause private homeowners land to be used; discovered strip of property between Ironsides court and Templeton Gap that the tax map showed was owned by ToA. Strip was suggested as alternate entry as well as possible location of foot path to access CV owned property
    • John Brown from the ToA joined adjacent homeowner’s and grounds committee at round table discussion. Adjacent homeowners opposed to path on the property

Karen Randle  (Ironsides lane) presents

    • Her family has lived and been active in CV for 12 years
    • Her husband, David maintains the website, and she was instrumental in

development of the rec lot

    • She was hearing the “need for the facts” from her neighbors as time kept elapsing

leaving room for speculation.

    • She decided to go on a fact- finding mission
    • See attached record entitled “board of directors meeting-Jan 28, 2008”
    • Summary: Mr. Radford says the area is a drainage area then designated as OPEN

 SPACE that he would/could not recommend any development of  and any HOA

disputes previously brought before the council have been dismissed by Mayor Weatherly

as the Town  Council is not an arbitrator

Maria Johnson (2411 Castleburg Drive) states the area has no designation in a search Karen Randle and Trey O’Quinn agree that Bruce told them both that a trail created

simply by walking the area is possible as it is public property

Sue Carr (2012 Battlewood) questions why Fontaine is using private property to access

common property. Michele explains there is currently no other way in and the homeowners adjacent to the portion being maintained petitioned it be taken  care of by the HOA

 Amy Iori (2002 Ironsides Lane) WHAT NOW?

 Bill Ferrell (2010 Battlewood) verifies that the Grounds committee is a budgeted committee , and

suggests that the issue should be in the committee’s  hands

Joe DiBari (2416 Castleburg) “what is the issue?”

Trey recounts

            No access to common property in need of maintenance

            ToA property can provide an access point as well as access to other 3.76 acres of CV


            Does the community want access?

David Randle suggests using Board’s option to trade land as a possible way to gain an access


Bill Iori (2002 Ironsides) presents a letter from Charter development verifying that he was told

            That the 90’ feet of land behind his home was to remain a buffer never to be developed.

            He, as well as other owners on this strip, paid a premium for just that reason

Michele Medlin in researching land lock law today, discovered the parcel of property believed to

Be owned by the ToA (deeded 1996), was also deeded to the CVHOA in 1998 when the lots  

on Templeton Gap were developed. See attached maps and deeds

Maria Johnson suggests by taking a vote as to whether there is enough interest to move the issue

to  the Grounds committee

Joe DiBari seconds and that Grounds research to determine who owns the property

Bill Ferrell wants to know if the board will fund legal expenses to do search

David Randle may not be a money issue for CV  if ToA does the search

Margo Bills (1813 Keokuk) “Board needs to own search”

Trey moves that the Grounds committee take over all that is path and pond, bridge, markings  and to

Research deed issue

Michele seconds, all in favor, motion passes unanimously

Maria Johnson –what action will the board take to make sure the community knows that the

common areas in the community are open to use by all CV residents, particularly the pond

 on Castleburg suggested solutions, replace sign that states for use by CV residents only instead 

 of No Trespassing. Newsletter, website and to set a Grounds committee meeting up soon


IV. Approval of Minutes. David moves to strike fifth bullet under pools, Trey seconds motion passes.

Date needs to be added


V. Treasurers Report:   2 CD’s maturing.

  • Rates are low.
  • Trey asks about money market vs. CD. Trey, Connie and Beth will investigate
  • Connie motions to roll them back over into 8 mos CDs, Laura seconds all in favor, motion

passes  unanimously


VI. Committee reports


  ARB  quiet 2 months, 2 requests 1 for next month


  Pool :Pool Professionals will be handling the pool contract

o       Need confirmation of no charge for second attendant during swim meets

o       Laura suggests requiring homeowners to acknowledge/be held accountable for pool rules by

o       Signature prior to key activation for pool access

  • Suggests approaching pool committee about a punch card for guests David questions ability of guest to enter without a resident


 Grounds: David has been communicating with the State and the ToA concerning drainage issues

               Apex investigation says pipes under Old Jenks “substandard” State says they are fine

  • Pipes under Castleburg appropriately sized
  • Possible obstruction past Old Jenks causing the back up
  • Some have made group efforts to remove debris from creek, encourage neighbors not
  • To put things in/by the creek
  • New contact name may provide some action

 Social:  Not represented


  Clubhouse: Painting is complete

o       New carpet on the way

o       Still hoping to put in some additional “updates”

o       Wall for CV Crocodiles in second room

o       Garbage issue resolved, 2 HO’s already responded

o       David moves to free $101.00 from repairs and maintenance to carpet fund. Laura seconds

o       Motion passes unanimously


  Communications: Newsletter going out this week

  • Committee reports need to be to MaryAnn in next 2 days if they want to be included
  • Information on financials on website

  Welcoming: not represented 

  Nominating: no report


VII. Management Company’s Report: Management has been talking to Apex police Dept. about

 sitting in Driveways to catch speeders. Police do not like that suggestion.

  • Letters are continuing to be sent to those parking on the street
  • Close call accident at Castleburg/Castleburg intersection due to cars blocking sight
  • Replacement basketball goals priced. $5500-$1800. Competitive Edge has $499 Lifetime    Sports assembly w/15 year warranty


VIII. Old Business : Handled earlier in evening with other discussions


IX. New Business: Trey suggests with current volume of activity to avoid “marathon meetings” we

go to a once a month schedule.

  • David questions ability to do this in Beth’s absence
  • Trey motions to meet the 4th Monday of the month each month, Michele seconds motion passes
  • Unanimously.
  • Next meeting scheduled for February 25,2008
  • Anonymous calls coming in to Beth.
  • Michele contends if they are unwilling to leave a name Beth should politely tell them she cannot consider their complaint
  • Trey feels without a name there is no way to validate concerns or ensure they are being addressed
  • Sue Carr mentions anonymous e-mails she received with inaccurate information
  • Laura and David express that Beth can filter any necessary information to the Board, without
  • Identification of caller with no promise of solution without a name
  • Dana Pilkington (2006 Castelburg Drive) suggests a letter to Homeowners about blind spot at Castleburg/Castleburg intersection
  • Sue Carr works for a company that does pavement marking and she will inquire about rumble strips and other solutions
  • Trey motions to replace sign at Castleburg Pond, Michele seconds motion carries unanimously

9:20 PM Board moves to executive session


X. Adjournment 9:37 PM