The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes

Monday, February 25,2008




Officers Present: Laura Linton, Michele Medlin, Trey O’Quinn, Connie Friedline, and David Randle

Officers absent: none

Others Present: Joe DiBari, Ed Pierzga, Joe Pinkus, Jodi Cass,Bill Iori,

                            Sarah Huestis, Kristy Long, Dawn Bradley, Mary Ann Gunshefski

I. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 6:35 PM

II. Establish Quorum of Board

  • All members present, represents quorum

III. Special presentations

  • Trey presents representatives Gabby Iori and Kaitlyn Barbour of the CV Crocodiles Swim team with a 3’X5’ American flag and a certificate stating that this flag was flown over the Capital Building in Raleigh, NC February 15, 2008.The flag was a gift from the Governor, Mike Easley and the Certificate was signed by both the Governor and former Commissioner of Agriculture and current Secretary of Administration Britt Cobb. The flag was then left in the possession of Laura Linton.
  • Formal recognition of the new “official president’s gavel” purchased by Trey O’Quinn from a teenage boy (13) at the Farmer’s Market. It is a huge wooden pestle. Trey moves that a certificate of craftsmanship be sent to the young man (At Trey’s expense) declaring its use as the official presidential gavel for the current CVHOA BOD. Michele seconds, motion passes unanimously.

IV. Open Forum

  • FLAGPOLE: Joe Pinkus (Sassacus lane) suggests the purchase of a fixed in ground flag pole to be placed near the pool for displaying the flag. Laura volunteers to research size, cost, covenants, etc.
  • BASKETBALL GOAL: Jodi Cass (Housatonic) asks about a new basketball goal and re-placement of it in clubhouse parking lot. This is a project current project of the grounds committee.
  • ToA/CV PROPERTY: Ed Pierzga (Templeton Gap) would like to know where the path issue “goes from here”. Trey repeats the ToA council’s advice of “go back and get your house in order and come back to us then”. The grounds committee will be in charge of “getting the house in order”.

Joe Pinkus questions what is the need for this path?

Trey explains the 3.76 acres of CV property “virtually land locked” with out an access point. And if the HOA does not question/investigate the ownership/use of the property it could be “gone forever” as a possibility.

Questions about the maintenance of the common area behind the Battlewood Drive homes. Clarified by Laura that the maintenance is being done per the request of those homeowners several years back.

Joe DiBari says “why the hidden pond when we have the Castleburg pond, why not a fountain and some beautification there?

Beth just purchased a fountain for another property, it cost $4,285.00.

Trey suggests we move this discussion to the grounds committee and move forward with the meeting.

IV. Approval of Minutes.

  • Prices for basketball goals needs to be changed to $500-$1800
  • Trey moves to approve as amended, Michele seconds, approval unanimous
  • Discussion of posting minutes to website. Can go up as Unofficial minutes after BOD members have submitted corrections to Michele and before following meeting for approval.




V. Treasurers Report 

  • Nothing to report


VI. Committee reports


  ARB: Nothing to report


  Welcoming Committee: “people are excited when we show up.”


  Pool: Pool Professionals has hired the manager who will oversee our pool. Pool committee heads

have met with him personally and expressed expectations including the checking of bags at

entry. He is expected to be here 30-40 hours/week. Committed to “accident free” season since

the H2O restrictions could leave the possibility of not being able to “top off” water levels or

refill. Planning to open around mother’s day weekend. 

  • Need approval for new pump & switch system for chlorine that will result in less water waste. Cost aprox. $346.00
  • Joe DiBari questions whether or not the “idea of memberships to Sutton Place” is being entertained. Explains that other Boards investigated the idea. Laura Linton “unless further research indicates otherwise. Insurance expensive would make the idea cost prohibitive”
  • Joe Pinkus asks about the addition of a slide. In past research the depth of the pool and insurance make this idea also cost prohibitive.

  Swim Team: Registered over 100 swimmers this season. (Aprox 83 last year). All children live in

CV with the exception of the Head coaches children.

  • Swim team will make alert the community to home meet schedule and remind them as they approach.
  • Effort to reduce the length of meets can be made by the competing teams by running all 6 and under events first if both teams agree.
  • Trying to arrange some meets against beginning/smaller teams to allow the crocs to be more competitive.


Grounds: Trey moves to approve Bill Iori as Grounds committee co-chair, Michele seconds,

motion passes unanimously.

  • Jodi cass would like to know if there is going to be more maintenance to the pond on Castleburg Drive. Will the homeowners who border be consulted? Bill and Michele explain it is on the agenda of the GC, a STRAW is being drawn that will be formalized then presented to the HO’s.
  • Joe Pinkus would like to have input form Bill on the “path between Ironsides and Templeton Gap” since his property abuts the property. Bill says no one is objecting to the use of common property. Emotions are high and that there has been a lot of speculation. Many did but because of the “buffer zone” behind their home.
  • Recap of Council meeting, and the idea that it had previously been proposed to divide the property in questioning to 1/3’s.
  • Town (per John Brown) has claimed they would maintain the drainage part/easement regardless of who holds title.



Social: John Hamilton has stepped down as chair, Allison Mosley and Kristy Long have stepped

up to co-chair. Trey moves to approve as chairs, Connie seconds, motion passes


·        Currently do not have anyone willing to take on the responsibility of movie

night (which averages 10-15 kids ranging in age 7/8-13/14)

  • Voice system has been moved to the communication committee’s control/budget.


  Clubhouse: Dawn would like to replace doors that exit to pool deck. Condensation in between

            Panes. Joe Pinkus and Joe DiBari suggest may still be under warranty. Contact Drees and

            find out who manufacturer is and contact them about warranty.

·        Question about hiring new cleaning staff and the amount of liability coverage they must carry. 1 million dollar coverage is requirement. Any company that can provide certificate of insurance in that amount is hirable.


  Communications:  Newsletter went out

  • Forum has been busy. David trying to walk the fine line between censoring and being the webmaster. HO called and complained of “flaming”, harassment on Forum. David removed the comment in question
  • All believe flyers still most productive way to reach the community about community evnts
  • Laura proposes Plastic sleeves as solution to the “NO MAILBOX” complaint/law. 5,000 cost roughly $120, which will supply the community 15 times.
  • Another alternative could be the addition of distribution box in central location
  • Or addition of another info. box on mailbox post


  Nominating: Nothing to report


VII. Management Company’s Report: There have been a few Gnome crimes in the neighborhood

  • 8 collection letters sent out
  • Beth has been researching prices on fixed in ground basketball goals. Adjustable more expensive starting around $1400 w/ lifetime guarantee
  • New sign on Castleburg pond should be installed this coming week
  • Kudos to the clubhouse committee for all their work in updating our clubhouse


VIII. Old Business:----


IX. New Business: covered


X. Adjournment: Trey moves to adjourn, Michele seconds unanimous AYES meeting adjourned

8:28 PM