The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes

Monday June 23,2008




Officers Present:Michele Medlin, Trey O’Quinn, and David Randle

Officers absent: Laura Linton, Connie Friedline

Others Present: Margo Bills, Elizabeth Schmedding, Dawn Bradley, MaryAnn Gunshefski

I. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order by VP David Randle at 6:38 PM (Trey is running late from work)


II. Open Forum:

·        Dead pine trees removed from homes behind Passaic Drive, homeowner sent a personal thanks to Beth

  • Dawn Bradley: would like to address the idea of speed bumps again as she feels the speeding problem is not improving but worsening. MaryAnn will investigate with the Public Works dept. the option of putting them at CV's expense since memory from those present indicate that the reason the ToA will not fund them is we do not have enough traffic to  warrant the Town paying for their installation
  • discussion of other methods to slow down motorists included the installation of a second stop sign at Castleburg and Castleburg converting it to a 3-way stop, and the addition of bike lane like lines along both sides of the road
  • Trees on the lot at corner of Castleburg and Castleburg are impeding view when trying to turn onto Castelburg from the current stop sign. This issue is on the table in the ARB, with one current suggestion being that the HOA have our landscaping company remove the trees at the HOA's expense and provide some sort of compensation for the HO's of the property.  
  • The burm on Holt is again not being maintained by the HO's. There was discussion of ways to solve this continuing problem including: recommendations from the ARB to send letters warning of imposing fines, Asking Fontaine to take over the maintenance of this area (historically they have been unwilling to do this since the property is actually owned by the HO and no the HOA), Pursuing bids from other landscaping companies that might be willing to maintain the property (Haddon Halls landscaping company "Green Pro", Strauss outdoor services)
  • Michele presents for Laura: All committees (particularly Swim team, social, grounds) and HO's could benefit from the addition of pop up tents to the inventory of the CVHOA. the cost is approximately $100/each and she is recommending 4. There is also a need for a locking cabinet to store the sound system in order to get it safely in the clubhouse. These come in a variety of styles, the exact type and cost of which is yet to be determined but the recommendation is not to not exceed $300.
  • David moves to approve the purchase of 4 pop ups at $100 each and a cabinet up to the price of $300. Trey seconds Michele agrees motion carries. Michele will notify Laura to proceed with the purchases




III. Establish Quorum of Board:

  • 7:04 PM quorum established with the arrival of president Trey O’Quinn at 6:50 PM


IV. Approval of Minutes.

  • Minutes have not been formally documented yet for approval


V. Treasurers Report 

  • David Randle asks for clarification of :
    • 1) 2 exterminating services; Clegg handles the Termite contract while Aardvark handles pest issues surrounding the pool

2) Gazebo repairs have not been paid for yet.

3) The exact cost of the recycle bins: $7 deposit for each bin and an additional $2 per month fee 

for usage

4) $400 spent of newsletter. This was due to the mailing following complaints from HO about

receiving such items in his mailbox that were not postmarked. It was decided that distribution

volunteers were needed to avoid this cost in the future 5) Thomas Worth’s bill, which was carry

over and had not been previously paid



VI. Committee reports



·        4 requests in May 5 in June, July meeting is cancelled



  • attendant issues; not checking bags, rude, rough housing while on break
  • Pool chairs NOT interested in trying to replace management mid-season again

        Beth is leaning on Sean and Maggie and Elizabeth staying on him as well

  • Need to schedule vacuum days with no lap swims that morning because it stirs up too much "stuff"
  • Pool is in need of some serious maintenance soon; sand blasting, painting, etc.

       Cylinder was replaced



  • MaryAnn will follow up on who owns what property (CV vs ToA) in areas surrounding the creek and greenway
  • Hedges at entry need to be cut in order to see CV sign
  • Start thinking about decorations for holiday





  • Dawn recommends professional cleaning service every other month
  • Rentals are down from last year and earlier in the year, economy (?)
  • Problem rental this past month; did not leave cleaning list nor did they clean appropriately. Orange soda was sprayed all over the outside front, there was a burn mark and red sauce stains on the carpet in the back room, guests were entering the pool deck from the clubhouse and roughhousing on the deck

             refused to leave or stop going in and out when asked to do so

  • Board supports the committees recommendation to retain deposit but would still like to have documentation such as an incident report on record and a letter notifying the family of what the consequences would be
  • Door manufacturer has gone out of business, Drees nor is Charter able to offer any assistance in replacing these doors.



  • newsletter and e-mail lit will be updated
  • Laura has the bags to put newsletter in for distribution
  • Web site on a new server again. David is trying to find a better server than what we currently use

             Budget for all call system needs to be shifted to communication from social

  • Michele needs to resend minutes to David to post



VII. Management Company’s Report

  • 3 HO's in collection

             38 yard maintenance letters sent out

             8 burm letters sent out

  • 2nd basketball goal on way should arrive any time
  • Playground in need of re-mulching again. David motions to go ahead with this, Trey seconds Michele agrees motion passes.
  • Lights are scheduled to be added to the shade structure by the end of the week.
  • Next meeting July 28



VIII. Old Business: none


IX. New Business: none


X. Adjournment 8:48 PM