The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting

Board of Directors minutes

Monday,   November 2, 2009    

Officers present: Hugh Cameron, Laura Linton, Bob Schmedding, Michele Medlin


Officers absent: none

Others present: see sign in sheet



I.        Call to order: 7:15 AM Hugh announces that there are not enough home owners present to establish a quorum, we will wait a few more minutes before calling the meeting to order.

·        While we wait Patti Baker of 2031 Battlewood drive addresses the HO with the idea of beginning a Community Watch program. 

·        Captain Mark Flaugher (spelling ?) with the Apex police department is also present to discuss the results of his speed study conducted in CV in Sept 2008, January 2009,and June 2009.

            The speed box was placed on Castelburg Drive

                June 1st 6 vehicles were recorded at speeds in excess of 36mph in a 24 hr period

                June 3rd 6 vehicles were recorded at speeds in excess of 36mph in a 24 hr period

                June 4th 2 vehicles where recorded at speeds in the 50-60 mph range in a 24 hr period

                September 23rd 3 vehicles where recorded at speeds in excess of 36mph in a 24 hr period

         and Templeton Gap on 6 occasions

                June 25th 1 vehicle was recorded at speeds in excess of 36mph in a 24 hr period

·        Capt. Flaugher states that citations will not be written until speeds exceed 10mph over the posted speed. 60 % of the vehicles were recorded at speeds between 21-30mph, thus in the eyes of the police department CV does not have a huge speeding problem.

·        From December 9, 2008 to October 12, 2009 18 citations were written in CV (mostly on Castleburg drive) some for stop sign violations at Battlewood and Castleburg. The vast majority of these tickets were written to HO within the community. Capt. Flaugher believes our traffic issues are not people using CV as a cut through, but those that live within the community.

·        A speeding violation costs $130.00 for court costs and a stop sign violation will cost 3 points on your license in addition to court costs

·        Fire department and EMS “hate” speed bumps because of the potential to cause damage to the vehicles

·        Studies/and Capt. Flaugher experience show that drivers actually increase there speed between speed bumps

·        3 way stop would create the same issue possible. Apex Police not responsible for placement of Stop signs, the Town Engineer Russell Dalton would be the contact

·        Capt Flaugher offers radar training with him to anyone in the community. He works Mon-Thur 6 am to 4pm, call Apex Police dept to schedule.


II.     Establish Quorum of Board: unable to establish quorum thus unable to conduct official business.

III.   Adjournment: Annual meeting rescheduled for November 23, 2009 at 7:00 pm in the CV clubhouse