The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Annual Meeting (take II)

Board of Directors minutes

Monday,   November 23, 2009   

Officers present: Hugh Cameron, Laura Linton, Bob Schmedding, Michele Medlin


Officers absent: none

Others present: see sign in sheet


I.       Call to order: 7:10 PM President Hugh Cameron calls the meeting to order     

II.     Establish Quorum of Board: Proxies and those present represent quorum, board can proceed with business

III.   President’s report: Many things done in the community over the last year.

·       Clubhouse was painted

·       Repairs were made to the women’s bathroom to correct leaking

·       Pool was resurfaced and retiled under the leadership of Elizabeth Schmedding and Maggie Ingram, pool committee co-chairs

·       Swim team had continued to advance and excel and grow in numbers

·       Drainage issue along Castleburg at Housatonic was corrected

·       New Landscaping company in place has taken over grounds keeping well

·       Social committee has organized many events; Easter egg hunt, Fall festival, Halloween parade, toy drive and, food drive

·       The gazebo is slated for repairs in the next few weeks

·       Mulch will be added to the playground area in 2010

·       Treasurer’s report: Bob directs HO to the budget proposal.(I’m sure we voted/approved the budget but I do not have it in my notes…anyone want to help out with who moved, seconded etc…)

·       Revenue is steady from assessments and clubhouse rentals

·       Reserves are effected by the dropping CD rates, with an estimated $1,700.00 in interest from those investments

·       Experienced a small increase in management fees

·       Increased clubhouse improvement budget to replace the French doors adjacent to pool area at an approximate cost of $6,000.00

·       Pool budget changes reflect the need for new furniture

·       “Bottom line” surplus ahs shrunk, expenses have risen, revenue is less…but we ares till in the black and do not foresee any changes in that area. HO dues will remain the same. The board is committed to cutting expenses before raising dues.

IV.  Committee report:

ARB: Margo Bills stepped down as Chair. Willliam Ferrell has taken over that position. He expresses gratitude to Margo for her service to the community for so many years. Phil Stork, Maggie Ingram, Joe DiBAri, Laurie Stella are the current members of the ARB.

      2009 had 29 applications submitted. 19 were approved, 10 are still being “tweaked” for approval.

Welcoming committee: absorbed by the communication committee

Pool committee: Current pool committee chairs have stepped down and the community is in desperate need of someone to volunteer to head up the pool committee.

·        The shift to a new pool management company, Chase, has gone as smoothly as can be expected

·        Only 2 closures for rule infractions in 5 month pool season

·        The exiting committee chairs recommend renewing their contract for the 2010 pool season, or begin securing bids from others ASAP

Swim team

Grounds committee: Renewed the landscaping contract with current company

·        Drainage from Castleburg pond corrected

·        December 5th any interested HO are invited to join the committee in putting up Holiday decorations. They will be meeting at the clubhouse

·        Boy scouts planted some seedlings in areas that tend to retain water

Social committee: Fall Festival received loads of positive feedback

·        Halloween parade did not have as many as expected

·        Would like to implement a Holiday decorating contest with gift card prizes again this holiday season

Clubhouse committee: reviewing warranties and prices in replacing French doors.

·        Investigating costs of blinds as well

·        Would like to replace prints on walls and a few other “updates”.

·        Contact Fincher to rent the clubhouse and don’t forget a free rental is available for commitment to handle trash/recycles for clubhouse for 1 month.

Communications committee: Newsletter offering a variety of new advertising options to attempt to raise revenue/offset costs

Website offers many password protected lists such as babysitters, petsitters, lawncare, house sitters, etc.

Neighborhood watch materials available on line at our website, or through Patti Baker 2031 Battlewood drive

You may have a CV email address if you wish, or if you would like something posted to the website just contact David Randle as webmaster.

Nominating committee: non existent at the current time

V.     Open Forum: Kelly Queen of Housatonic Court expresses interest in the land and ponds within the community and their use by HO. Michele offers to send her all info from past attempts.

VI.  Approval of minutes: William Ferrell (2010 Battlewood) moves to approve annual meeting 2008 minutes Kelly Queen (Housatonic) seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

VII.           Management company report

VIII.        Old business

IX.  New business: Bob Nagle of 2011 Templeton Gap has been serving on the Board, but needs to be officially elected. Votes are cast and counted by management company, Bob is unanimously voted in as the newest CVHOA Board Member.

X.     Adjournment: David Randle (2010 Ironsides court)moves to adjourn, Bill Ferrell (2010 Battlewood) seconds the motion. Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm