The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting Minutes

Monday, January 19,2009




Officers Present: Laura Linton, Michele Medlin, Trey O’Quinn, Robert Schmedding

Officers absent: Hugh Cameron

Others Present: Joe DiBari, Margo Bills, Mary Ann Gunshefski, Maggie Ingram, Elizabeth Schmedding


 The January BOD meeting opened in closed session. Trey O’Quinn turned in his letter of resignation stating that he has taken a job in Sylva, will be relocating and selling his home in CV. Trey will remain as acting president until the sale of his home or sooner should the board request it.

I. Call to Order

  • Meeting at CV Clubhouse called to order at 6:3? PM

II. Establish Quorum of Board

4 members present, represents quorum 

III. Open Forum

  • Joe DiBari revisits the issue of speeders and concerns with the potential of accidents particularly at the Castleburg-Castleburg intersection.
  • Beth has spoken with an officer Jacques from the Apex Police department concerning the conversion of that intersection to a 3 way stop. He says the Town does not “believe in” 3 way stops.
  • Margo suggests taking the issue to the town council. But in the meantime she will approach town manager Bruce Radford about what other options we have at this point; lowering the speed limit, stop sign, speed bumps, what? She will email any findings to the BOD.
  • The Leland Cyprus trees at the same intersection still present a safety hazard. The ARB has presented the issue to the Board of contacting the HO and offering a mutually beneficial solution to the problem
  • Beth will contact the HO on behalf of the BOD

IV. Approval of Minutes.

Michele sent Beth the wrong minutes so October minutes approval will be tabled until March’s meeting.

V. Treasurers Report 

  • Bob says we are in “good shape”
  • Enough in reserves to cover 98% of expenses incurred in ’08
  • 16 HO past due
  • Do have some expenses coming up
  • Requests a copy of budget from Fincher, Beth assures she will provide a copy to Bob

VI. Committee reports


  ARB: Quiet winter, 1 request in 2 months


  Welcoming Committee: no report


 Pool: committee presents BOD with 3 quotes for resurfacing the pool.

  • Candler will not add tiles for fear of jeopardizing the concrete
  • Pool Professionals and Aqua Fortis do tile and quartz resurfacing
  • Chase has worked with Candler and can vouch for them
  • R&P recommended Aqua Fortis
  • After researching the pool committee recommends having Aqua Fortis do the work. BOD recognizes the effort the pool committee has done, Michele moves to award Aqua Fortis the contract for resurfacing the pool, Trey seconds, motion passes unanimously.
  • Beth requests that pool committee confirm that Aqua Fortis has a contractor’s license, since any work over $30k requires it.


  Swim Team:  

  • A new BOD has been installed, Laura Linton will be the president for the 2009 season
  • Practices will begin 1 week following the opening of the pool
  • Registration will be a little later than the previous 2 years
  • David Gahzaleh will again be acting as the head coach; details concerning assistant coaches will be announced at a later time
  • A request will be made to the ARB prior to the opening of the season to allow the temporary lighting to remain in place through the last home meet
  • Estimates are $20-30K for permanent lighting
  • Elizabeth Schmedding wishes to explore the idea of granting the head coach and his family pool privileges for the summer
  • Some communities already do this, but according to Beth they already offer outside “memberships” to their pool and if we choose to do this our non-profit status changes with the IRS
  • According to Beth 6-7 HO called Fincher last season complaining that the coach and his family were using the pool without being a guest of a current HO
  • Laura/Beth will follow up on the tax status and legal issues of this arrangement



  • Karen Bingham and MaryAnn Gunshefski worked together to purchase and display neighborhood Holiday decorations. They will add each year as the budget allows
  • All items are “carefully stored” in plastic containers in the attic of clubhouse
  • New landscape company takes control of the common property on Feb 1, 2009, SOS Landscaping owned by Steve Strauss
  • There are some items, like the bushes surrounding the pool that will look worse before they look better. He will offer solutions and estimates for leaning retaining wall at clubhouse
  • New basketball goal has arrived installer trying to find time to get it in the ground
  • Engineers are being contacted to give ideas for erosion at street near Castleburg Pond
  • Common area surrounded by homes on Templeton Gap, Keokuk Ct and Battlewood is in need of maintenance. The access issue has still not been resolved and will need to be readdressed soon
  • Joe will investigate the cost and viability of installing a light fixture on the brick column at the pool entrance



  • The question is raised (but not answered) if we even have anyone serving on this committee at the present time.



  • Shade structure and the brick wall connecting clubhouse and pool gate are in need of painting. Beth suggests it all needs to be painted.
  • G Double has given a quote of $6356.00 to paint the clubhouse, the wall and the shade structure. Bob motions to approve complete paint job, Trey seconds motion passes unanimously.
  • Beth will make the arrangements with G double.


Communications:  Newsletter in the works

  • It is suggested that a blurb should be included about the construction and maintenance issues that may appear unsightly in the beginning
  • Discussion about delivery method of newsletter, Michele is opposed to using $ to mail newsletter. Everyone else agrees that they prefer this method as offering maximum exposure so the newsletter will be mailed


Nominating: Nothing to report


VII. Management Company’s Report:

  • Most everything has been covered previously in the meeting
  • CD cashed out will cover upcoming expenses


VIII. Old Business:

  • Still in need of a quote on redoing pool bath showers


IX. New Business: covered


      Trey moves BOD into closed executive session


X. Adjournment:8:29 PM