The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting minutes

Monday, March 5, 2009      

Officers present: Hugh Cameron, Robert Schmedding, Michele Medlin

Officers absent: Laura Linton

Others present: Beth Harvey, Elizabeth Schmedding


I.       Call to order:

·        Meeting at the CV clubhouse called to order at 7:18 PM

II.    Establish Quorum of Board

·        Majority (3) Board members present quorum established

III. Open Forum

·        No one has anything to present

IV.  Approval of minutes

·        Minutes not available tabled until next meeting

V.     Treasurers report   

·        2 CD’s will mature this month. Beth has concerns that North State will soon drop their “no fee” policy

·        Bob Schmedding motions to roll CD over into 5 month CD, Michele Medlin seconds, motion passes with majority vote

·        No pressing issues with o/d dues

VI.  Committee reports


·        Only 1 request to report

Welcoming committee

·        No report

Pool committee/Swim team:

·        Swim coach pay needs to be less than $3000.00 in order for the association to maintain current tax status. A portion of his compensation will be the use of the pool for the swim season.(did we say all summer or just the season. I didn’t record it and I honestly am not 100%sure)

·        Aqua Fortis has secured their contractor’s license (#67632) from the ToA. This company remains the recommendation from the pool committee to provide resurfacing work to the pool.

·        Work should begin in March and completed by the end of April in time for Mother’s day weekend opening date. The work comes with a 10 year warranty and will be paid for in 3 disbursements.

·        It will take approximately a month for the shine of the quartz to become visible.

·        Pool committee will choose tile colors.

·        Hugh Cameron moves to approve Aquafortis to complete the job, Robert Schmedding seconds, motion passes with majority vote.

      Grounds committee:

·        Beth has provided one quote for replacement of the retaining wall between clubhouse and pool with tan keystone blocks. Michele would like more quotes to be obtained.

·        New mulch will be ordered for the playground area

·        David from Fincher will replace burnt out bulbs in the pillars at front entrance of neighborhood.

Social committee

·        No report

Clubhouse committee:

·        Board agrees to move forward with the AC repairs

Communications committee:

·        Robert Schmedding records director’s positions and e-mail addresses to deliver to David Randle for posting on the website.

Nominating committee:

·        No report


VII.           Management company report

·        The BOD needs to secure another member to fill vacant spot. Robert Nagle had the next highest number of votes at the annual meeting and as such will be asked to join the BOD.

·        Offices must be assigned; Hugh Cameron will act as President, Laura Linton will act as Vice-President. Robert Schmedding will act as Treasurer, Michele Medlin will act as secretary and Robert Nagle will be the member at large.


VIII.        Old business

·        None to report


IX.  New business

·        None to report


X.     Adjournment

·        Meeting adjourned at 8:01 PM