The Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Board of Directors meeting minutes

Monday, May 18, 2009   

Officers present: Hugh Cameron, Robert Schmedding, Michele Medlin, Robert Nagle

Officers absent: Laura Linton

Others present: Beth Harvey, Margo Bills


I.       Call to order 

· Meeting at the CV clubhouse called to order at 6:53 PM


II.    Establish Quorum of Board

· 4 of 5 members present, quorum established


III. Open Forum:

· Margo Bills offers that the lack of ground maintenance of the hill on Holt road remains an eyesore and continues to lower property values of the homes in CV.

· Beth continues to send letters telling the HO that they must follow CV architectural guidelines and maintain the property to avoid fines. Historically the area remains untouched until fines are threatened and then the tall growth is cut.

· Bob Schmedding offers that we have 2 options; continue to send the letters and fine the HO if they do not comply, or get the HO to deed the property to the association so that the association can maintain it. This of course would have to be agreed upon by ALL HO’s that own portions of the hill.

· Discussion followed over all the potential expenses, arguments and liabilities involved; attorney’s fees, more landscape maintenance, etc.

· It is decided that Beth will continue sending letters and draft a letter defining the option of deeding over the property to send to each HO involved.


IV.  Approval of minutes

·        Bob Schmedding moves to approve the January minutes, Hugh Cameron seconds. Motion passes with majority vote. March minutes unavailable, approval tabled until next meeting.


V.     Treasurers report    

·        Pool repairs/updates are not reflected in the current budget sheet. Actual expenses will probably be slightly higher than the amount budgeted.

·        Working with a surplus. Budget is fine.


VI.  Committee reports


·        2 requests for June, summer usually increases # of requests.

·        Margo Bills will be retiring as Committee chair and needs another member to step into the position. (No takers so far)

·        The need for more committee members will be addressed in the next newsletter.

·        Hugh Cameron extends a heartfelt Thank-you to Margo from the BOD as well as the community for the 13 years of service she has given to this committee.

Welcoming committee

·        5 new closings scheduled for this month. 2 new HO’s already recorded.

Pool committee:

·        Pool is open

·        Resurfacing is complete and looks fabulous.

·        A new rope is needed; clamps and buoys are broken. The pool company has quoted $195.00 for a replacement rope and installation.

·        There is concern that the pool company is “nickel and diming” CV to death. Many charges for incidentals not expected are showing up on invoices. It is decided the pool company is to make no further expenditures on our behalf without prior approval.

·        Discussion is presented on who can and cannot offer swim lessons in the CV pool. If a resident chooses to bring in an outside instructor they must bring the instructor as a guest and they must follow all CV pool rules. The resident must remain on the pool deck while the guest is present.

·        HO who want to offer swim lessons may not run a business out of the CV pool which is a private facility.

·        Anyone who provides lessons should be CPR certified and be covered by  liability insurance.

Swim team:

·        Practice will begin on Wednesday May 20, 2009.

·        First mock meet will be Friday June 5th against Brookstone.

Grounds committee:

·        Attempting to arrange a meeting with HO that border the Castleburg Pond to get their input on what they would like to see or not see happen around that area.

·        Beth and MaryAnn Gunshefski are talking with several engineers as well as the ToA about the erosion problem associated with the run off from the pond. We will need no approval from the ToA as long as the stream bed remains undisturbed.

·        Beth has supplied another quote for the retaining wall.

·        30 cubic yards of mulch has been ordered and will be placed in the playground area when the current mulch has an opportunity to dry out.

Social committee:

·        No report.

Clubhouse committee:

·        The garbage issue once again. The pool company will handle the task until the pool season is over. There have been issues with HO committing to responsibility for the free rental, then failing to follow through. Bob Schmedding suggests securing payment with reimbursement to HO when task completed. Beth explains we have attempted this and one HO put a stop payment on the check.

·        Michele again suggests hiring a neighborhood teen to do the job with discussion following over the liability involved. Bob Schmedding explains that is why we have liability insurance and believes we should pursue this solution. He will find money to pay a garbage hauler.

Communications committee:

·        Hugh would like to offer thanks and recognition of the great job MaryAnn Gunshefski has done with the newsletter.

·        The next letter is due out in August

Nominating committee

·        No report.


VII.           Management company report

·        Garbage cans are not being stored properly out of the line of sight from the road, nor are they being removed from the road in a timely manner.

·        Mailboxes and posts are in a state of disrepair.

·        Grass/yards need to be maintained.

·        35 letters were sent reminding HO of these responsibilities.

·        Next meeting will be July 27, 2009.


VIII.        Old business:

·        HO on corner of Castleburg and Castleburg are opposed to removing the Leland cypress trees that obstruct the view. Neither the Apex police nor the ToA can help until an accident happens.


IX.  New business:

·        Robert Nagle reports that the hedge at the sign at the Templeton Gap and Castleburg intersection is also in need of trimming as you can not see past it when stopped at the stop sign. Beth will report this to landscape company.


X.     Adjournment:

·        Bob Schmedding moves to adjourn, Michele Medlin seconds, motion carries with majority vote. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM (I didn’t actually record the time is this close to correct?)