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Charleston Village's Annual Luau... Huge Success
Social Committee Update

Charleston Village's Annual Luau was held on Saturday, June 8, 2002. It turned out to be a huge success! Many residents dressed up in their best Hawaiian attire and enjoyed an afternoon out by the pool complete with a game of Limbo. The food was excellent; everyone brought a covered dish to share with fellow neighbors. A BIG thank you goes out to Drees Homes for providing a beautiful cake and leis for everyone to wear. We look forward to your participation with next year's luau!

Keep your eyes open for upcoming event flyers and community information on the Charleston Village website! We are already planning a "Back-To-School Bash" pizza and pool party in August for the kids. In the fall we are hoping to schedule an Oktoberfest celebration with food and fun for the whole family! Towards the end of the year, look for holiday festivities and decorating contests.

As always, we are Welcoming New Members to join the social committee! If you would like to become a social committee member, please contact Brittainy Schwartz.

In the Summer, the Pool Rules!

Thank you for all the positive response to our pool attendants. They are there to make sure all the rules are followed so we can keep our pool open and safe. Please remember they are employees of New South Pool Management. We do not have full-time attendant coverage at this time due to the cost. As we have done in the past, please keep an eye out when they are not there. Just a few reminders:

(1) Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 or older) at all times. Children under the age of 14 cannot be at the pool without an adult. Please watch your children in the pool; They are your responsibility. You are also responsible for anyone you bring with you to the pool. Remember, we do not have a lifeguard!

(2) All guests must be accompanied at all times by a homeowner. Please do not leave your guests at the pool and DO NOT lend out your key! You are responsible for your guests and their actions.

(3) Please accompany your little ones to the restrooms. We have had trouble with boys "peeing" in the corners of both the boys and girls restrooms (not in the toilets). This is causing the restrooms to smell.

(4) And, one safety issue, please do not allow your children to "surf" into the pool on their boogie boards. We do not want anyone to get hurt and want boogie boards to still be allowed in. Remember, blood in the pool will shut it down for super chlorination!

Ever get the lunch all packed up, the kids sunblocked up, get to the pool only to find that someone had an accident and the pool is CLOSED!! Those days are gone! The Pool Committee is pleased to announce our new pool hotline. Just call 919-367-8262 and listen to the recorded message as to pool closings (both unscheduled accidents and scheduled maintenance will be on the message). Just a reminder - do not leave a message - no one will return it.

Where Did We Get Street Names Like Keokuk, Passaic, etc.?
We've researched the origins of the Charleston Village street names and have created a short trivia quiz to test your knowledge, or, with some of these street names, your luck. Visit for a link to the quiz.

Bulletin Board
Be sure to check out the bulletin board on our site periodically. Recently, one resident posted a request for a piano teacher. Another posted a request for clothes for someone in need. The bulletin board can be used for this type of request, announcements, etc.

New Site Design Selected
The Web Committee is working on a new site design based on responses to our recent Web poll. For the poll, two new site designs were presented along with the current design. Residents indicated their preference with a vote and open comments. You are welcome to add your comments. Visit the Web Committee page from for links to the alternative site designs and information on the new design.

Please e-mail the CV Webmaster with any comments or to join the Web Committee. Sign-up sheets will also be available for joining committees, in general at the annual Home Owners Association (HOA) meeting this fall.

Safety on the CV Grounds

Three important safety issues arose from the last committee meeting. Complaints of speeding throughout the community by residents and particularly construction personnel, were presented. Captain Adams, with the Apex Police Department, sent patrol cars to stand watch. As a result, they installed a radar sign for several days to deter speeding.

Additionally, a pedestrian safety issue was cited. Captain Adams is researching the possibility of having a pedestrian walkway and signs installed at the crossing from the pool area and Battlewood Rd. He is working to determine if the area merits the project and if the Township has the budget to perform the project. The developer may also have some responsibility in this matter.

Lastly, several residents have voiced concern about the construction sign at the Old Jenks Rd. entrance. Upon exiting the community, the sign blocks the field of vision and should be moved back for safety reasons. I am awaiting a response from Drees Homes.

Fontaine Landscaping has been doing a great job. They trimmed all of the hedges at the pool and watered the plantings at Templeton Gap Dr. and Castleburg Dr. and the Holt Rd. entrance. Fontaine Landscaping has agreed to replace the plants that did not make it through the drought this fall.

Lastly, when the weather cools down, I will be putting together a volunteer group to stain the new fence at the Holt Rd. entrance. I will also collect quotes to hire someone in case we do not have enough volunteers.

As a reminder, we meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in the Clubhouse. Please attend and bring a friend!

Contact Franc DiBari, Grounds Committee Chair.

Did You Know?

"In 1994 Apex was named the state's # 1 Small Town in economic vitality by Business North Carolina magazine?." Learn why at

"The current town motto 'Apex, Peak of Good Living' not only captures the name's historical significance, but refers to the fact that in places along the main street of Apex water which falls on one side of the street flows to the Neuse River, and on the other side it flows to the Cape Fear River." Find out more about Apex at

Triangle residents voted the best place to get ice cream as Goodberry's Frozen Custard on Kildaire Farm Road in Cary and the best public golf course as Finley Golf Course in Chapel Hill. Find out other Triangle favorites along with movies, upcoming events and more at

You could become a volunteer with the Apex Volunteer Fire Department. Call 919-362-4001 or stop by and pick up an application.

Recreation Lot - The Home Stretch

We are glad to see that the recreation area is already being enjoyed by so many Charleston Village families!

Based on our original plans, the remaining items to install are: cement walkways, handicap access ramp/curb, irrigation system, and landscaping (including grass). We hope to finish the project within the next four to six weeks, with the possible exception of the trees and shrubs due to the drought. They may be on hold until autumn, depending on rainfall in the coming weeks.

We were grateful for your patience while we addressed problems with our original fence contractor. We ultimately switched contractors which pushed back our timeline by four weeks. This subsequently affected the installation of all other items as well. In the end, we were pleased with our decision and what has turned out to be a better quality fence.

Finally.... it's true that "many hands make small work!" We want to thank all of the homeowners who helped us move the mulch piles over the past several weeks. Your time and energy were appreciated!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Karen Randle.

Interested in This Newsletter?

As the new editor for The Charleston Villager, I would like to extend a special thank you to Laura Trubey for her fabulous work on this publication over the past 2 1/2 years!

"A special thank you to Laura Trubey for her work on The Charleston Villager over the past 2 1/2 years!"

Currently, The Charleston Villager is printed and delivered to your mailbox four times a year (January, April, July and October). If you are interested in helping with the delivery of this or with the other logistical details, please let me know! The more involvement, the better the outcome. We may even be able to offer the newsletter more often!

We are now taking small ads to help offset the cost of printing. These ads are for businesses and services of homeowners only, and a nominal fee will be charged. If you have a home based business, this is a great way to reach your neighbors. To be included in the August issue, artwork or copy should be submitted via email by August 1. We also welcome all community awareness and event information. Please make all article submissions in writing and send those via email to the Editor.

More Neighborhood Activities...

Do you like to work on scrapbooks? If so, come join us at the clubhouse on any or all of the following dates:

Wed., July 10th from 6pm - 10pm
Sun., July 28th from 11am - 4pm
Wed., Aug. 14th from 6pm - 10pm
Sun., Aug. 25th from 11am - 4pm

Beginners are welcome. We would love to help you get started! Bring your supplies and get some work done. It is a great time to share tools, ideas, and conversation! Contact Theresa Rubes for more information or if you plan to attend. There is no fee to attend and no selling-- just fun!

It's not too early to start thinking about HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!! So, mark your calendars for Friday, September 20! Join us at the clubhouse for the 2nd Annual Holiday Open House featuring home based businesses of our neighbors! Those already committed are Creative Memories®, DISCOVERY TOYS®, Longaberger Baskets®, Southern Living at Home®, and a woodworking neighbor featuring creative wood products! If you wish to participate as a vendor or just have questions please contact Melissa DuCharme or Wanda Hanley. Look for more details soon!

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